Weevil Underwood-Insect deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Insect Queen
Submission Date: December 28th 2018
Author: sam50
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Weevil Underwood

Weevil Underwood, known as Insector Haga in the manga and Japanese version, develops into a rival and becomes jealous of Yugi Muto. He displays an adoration for insects, and as such his Deck is based on Insect-Type monsters.





Insect (Japanese: こんちゅう Konchū) monsters are a versatile, and somewhat well-supported Type of Monster that go hand-in-hand with Plant-Type monsters. The common attributes associated with them are EARTH and WIND. They typically act like their namesake by swarming the field, and can sometimes prove to be quite an annoyance to players by using their unique abilities. There are not many extremely powerful high-level Insects besides "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth", but at lower Levels, Insects can completely dominate the field, due to the high ATK their lower-Level monsters often have for their Level as well as their ease in summoning. The list of support cards for this Type include: "Verdant Sanctuary", "Pinch Hopper", "Insect Imitation", and "Gigaplant".

Insect cards are most notably played by Weevil Underwood, Missy, Lenny, Roman Goodwin, Jesse Anderson, Kyoji Yagumo, and Shinji Weber.



Deck List
MonsterBasic Insect x2
Big Insect x2
Gokibore x2
Hercules Beetle x2
Kamakiriman x2
Killer Needle x2
Cocoon of Evolution x2
Great Moth x2
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth x2
Larvae Moth x2
Kuwagata Alpha x2
Girochin Kuwagata x2
Pinch Hopper x2
Insect Queen x2
Parasite Paracide x2
SpellsInsect Armor with Laser Cannon x2
Forest x2
Laser Cannon Armor x2
Polymerization x2
Multiplication of Ants x2
TrapsInfinite Dismissal x2
ExtraKwagar Hercules x2
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