Weapons have changed

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Shield & Sword
Submission Date: June 11th 2019
Author: ZertyF7
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Switch the atk and def of your monsters  and fusion summon even bigger monsters and go otk with limiter removal.

Found out fun way to use the jinzo cyberD and warriors

Toggle Deck List
SpellsWeapon Change x3
Shield & Sword x3
Megaroid City x3
Limiter Removal x3
Power Bond x1
Cybernetic Fusion Support x1
Polymerization x3
TrapsInverse Universe x3
Emergeroid Call x1
MonsterBig Shield Gardna x1
Millennium Shield x1
Rescueroid x1
Ambulanceroid x1
Mixeroid x3
Truckroid x2
Expressroid x2
Drillroid x2
Stealthroid x1
UFOroid x1
Submarineroid x1
Superheavy Samurai Prepped Defense x1
Battle Footballer x3
Cyber Dragon Nachster x1
Jinzo - Returner x1
Jinzo - Jector x2
ExtraSuper Vehicroid - Mobile Base x3
Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine x3
UFOroid Fighter x1
Cyber Eternity Dragon x1
Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union x2
Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill x1
Ambulance Rescueroid x1
Pair Cycroid x3
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