Virtual World

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu
Submission Date: January 14th 2022
Author: ImNotCheatingUrGFIs
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Going First: I always just know the combo when seeing my hand so probably gonna be bad explaining it

Normal summon nyann and activate qinglong/Kauwloon for chuche

Activate lulu target chuche and send qinglong to gy and add lao lao to hand

Activate a level 3 virtual world and target qinglong and send Xuanwu

Synchro summon into either coral or stardust depending on if you need tuners or normal

Syncrho into the other if possible and use both of them as material for ultimaya

Set a spell or trap and activate ultimaya for crystal wing

Activate laolao and send a lili and special summon any level 3 monster preferably non tuner

Activate qinglong and draw lili and activate lili and target a monster and send chuche and xuanwu

Using lili and laolao final sigma syncrho summon in ed (That turn 1 zeus is so tempting on god)

Using the 2 level 3 one being a non tuner and other a tuner syncrho summon muddragon and activate and go into caliga using ultimaya

Toggle Deck List
MonsterVirtual World Kirin - Lili x3
Virtual World Roshi - Laolao x3
Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu x3
Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan x2
Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji x3
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion x3
Effect Veiler x1
SpellsVirtual World City - Kauwloon x3
Pot of Desires x3
Called by the Grave x1
Forbidden Droplet x3
Emergency Teleport x2
Virtual World Gate - Qinglong x3
TrapsVirtual World Gate - Chuche x2
Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu x2
ExtraInvoked Caliga x1
Geomathmech Final Sigma x1
Ultimaya Tzolkin x1
Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen x1
Vermillion Dragon Mech x1
Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys x1
Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon x1
Coral Dragon x1
Stardust Charge Warrior x1
Muddy Mudragon x1
Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder x1
Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger x1
Number 39: Utopia Beyond x1
The Phantom Knights of Break Sword x1
Number 49: Fortune Tune x1
SideGadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju x1
Artifact Lancea x3
D.D. Crow x3
Harpie's Feather Duster x1
Dark Ruler No More x3
Cosmic Cyclone x3
Imperial Order x1

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