Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Revendread Slayer
Submission Date: April 24th 2020
Author: VCY
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I'm supposed to write  a deck strategy over here. However, as usual i prefer to go for the visual approach since it's much easier to GRASP and follow than the boring writings. Thus, i left a video on the youtube channel (VCY [Vendread-Combo-Ygopro]) via the link bellow that emphasizes this deck's muscles and capabilities :

have fun :)

Toggle Deck List
MonsterImpcantation Talismandra x2
Impcantation Bookstone x2
Vendread Revenants x1
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands x1
Impcantation Candoll x1
Vendread Houndhorde x1
Impcantation Penciplume x3
Vendread Anima x1
Lord of the Red x1
Vendread Battlelord x3
Impcantation Chalislime x2
Revendread Slayer x2
SpellsPre-Preparation of Rites x3
Pot of Extravagance x3
Extra-Foolish Burial x3
Preparation of Rites x3
Revendread Evolution x3
Impcantation Inception x1
Revendread Origin x3
Vendread Nights x1
ExtraElder Entity N'tss x3
Herald of the Arc Light x3
Yuki-Onna, the Absolute Zero Mayakashi x1
Nephthys, the Sacred Flame x1
Shiranui Skillsaga Supremacy x1
Vampire Sucker x2
Avendread Savior x3
Puzzlomino, the Drop-n-Deleter x1
SideNibiru, the Primal Being x3
Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon x1
Nekroz of Unicore x1
Lightning Storm x2
Dark Ruler No More x3
Twin Twisters x1
Evenly Matched x3
Red Reboot x1
Id#created by Player x1
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