Vanilla évolution

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Metamorphosis
Submission Date: June 25th 2019
Author: ZertyF7
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Summon Fusion monsters with Metamorphosis and necro fusion and ritual monsters with advanced ritual. Make use of the normal monster levels and the fact they are material of the fusion monsters.

Ritual foregone and instant fusion gives you a quick monster to use as you wish (metamorphosis,ritual,tribute or even links)


Toggle Deck List
SpellsAdvanced Ritual Art x2
Earth Chant x2
Ritual Foregone x2
Preparation of Rites x2
Metamorphosis x3
Instant Fusion x2
Heat Wave x3
TrapsNecro Fusion x2
Tyrant's Tirade x1
Curse of Anubis x3
Breakthrough Skill x3
MonsterCrab Turtle x1
Javelin Beetle x1
Super War-Lion x1
Skull Guardian x1
Hungry Burger x1
Performance of Sword x1
Giant Soldier of Stone x1
Ancient Elf x1
Gaia The Fierce Knight x1
Curse of Dragon x1
Red-Eyes B. Dragon x1
Meteor Dragon x1
Skull Red Bird x1
Faith Bird x1
The Snake Hair x2
Dragon Zombie x1
Blackland Fire Dragon x1
Invader from Another Dimension x1
Lord of the Lamp x1
ExtraGaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow x1
LANphorhynchus x1
Traffic Ghost x1
Meteor B. Dragon x1
Bickuribox x1
St. Joan x1
Gaia the Dragon Champion x1
Mystical Sand x1
Crimson Sunbird x1
Great Mammoth of Goldfine x1
Skelgon x1
Soul Hunter x1
Darkfire Dragon x1
Flame Swordsman x1
Gagagigo the Risen x1
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