Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Melffy of the Forest
TCG/OCG: World (TCG & OCG)
Submission Date: September 7th 2020
Author: juvenile
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No, we wont use the Evil Twin engine for Melffy of the Forest, as the payout for it is super weak, but we still can tho lol. We use the engine for card advantage and interruption with the Kisikil Lilla extra deck monsters. Start with Live Twin monster, make Evil Twin Kisikil, revive Live Twin, make Evil Twin Lilla, revive Evil Twin Kisikil for draw, make Evil Twin Kisikil again so we can summon Evil Twin Lilla during opponent's turn for free pop. Turn 3 we can trigger both the draw and pop. If we have Puppy in hand, we can summon it during the end phase. Monster Reborn allows us to link climb for Unchained Abomination because it re-summon Evil Twin Kisikil.

Obedience Schooled combo is what we do to utilize Melffy the best. By summoning Melffy+Kalantosa+random (the random can be another Melffy, since we only run small pool of beast) will have 2 interruptions right away. If we draw Kalantosa, we have to summon Fenny instead of Puppy. Make Melffy of the Forest using Melffy + random, use Forest detach Melffy add Melffy Tag, use Tag ss Melffy, make Excited Melffy. During opponent's turn, we can use Excited to re-summon Melffy and Kalantosa, making us can trigger 2 Kalantosa.

Main Deck: Evil Twin engine, 12 starters (3 Kisikil, 3 Lilla, 3 Entrance, 3 Cynet Mining). 3 Melffy Puppy (best Melffy, 3 because you wanna see it the most together with Evil Twin engine), 1 Fenny (for Obedience Schooled play), 1 Tag (combo piece, extender), Hide-and-Seek (protection and recursion, because we play control). 2 Kalantosa (Melffy partner in crime, 2 because you can trigger both) and 1 Valerifawn (can re-summon Kalantosa and triggering it, also as extender for follow-up). 3 Obedience Schooled (best Melffy starter lol). Monster Reborn for link climb/xyz material. The rest is just staple.

Extra Deck: 3 Kisikil and 3 Lilla (play the most copies as spare). 2 Forest (generic, gives plus) and 1 Excited (combo piece, also allows Negalogia play). Unchained Abomination and Knightmares are just generic good fiend extra deck monsters. Sky Cavalry Centaurea (great rank 2 xyz with non-target, non-destruction removal, and allows Negalogia play) and last but not least, Negalogia (wipe boards).


Pros: Super consistent in putting 2 interruptions, big staples.

Cons: Low atk problem.

Cards to think of: Melfy Catty + Hop Ear Squadron (Catty returns to hand to add Hop Ear, it means Catty-Hop Ear cant work by themselves, so I cut it), Nimble Beaver or other rank 2 engine (good but as I stated Melffy of the Forest turbo is weak after testing), Tribrigade (eats resource too much and requires beast discard, we don't wanna discard our Melffy), Melffy Playhouse (possible multiple interruption, but is a win-more because Puppy and Obedience Schooled already do the same), other Melffy monsters (don't do much as Puppy/Fenny).

Toggle Deck List
MonsterNibiru, the Primal Being x1
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x2
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x1
Live☆Twin Kisikil x3
Live☆Twin Lilla x3
Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest x1
Melffy Puppy x3
Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest x2
Melffy Fenny x1
Effect Veiler x2
SpellsCynet Mining x3
Upstart Goblin x1
Obedience Schooled x3
Monster Reborn x1
Cosmic Cyclone x2
Called by the Grave x1
Melffy Tag x1
Crossout Designator x2
Live☆Twin Entrance x3
Melffy Hide-and-Seek x1
TrapsInfinite Impermanence x3
ExtraNegalogia AA-Zeus x1
Excited Melffys x1
Sky Cavalry Centaurea x1
Melffy of the Forest x2
Unchained Abomination x1
Knightmare Unicorn x1
Knightmare Phoenix x1
Knightmare Cerberus x1
Evil★Twin Kisikil x3
Evil★Twin Lilla x3
SidePSY-Frame Driver x1
Nibiru, the Primal Being x2
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x1
PSY-Framegear Gamma x3
Lightning Storm x2
Forbidden Droplet x3
Evenly Matched x3
Id#created by mike x1
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