U.A. Eldlich

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Eldlich the Golden Lord
TCG/OCG: ocg
Submission Date: August 2nd 2020
Author: Hoden
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So I've been trying to combine Eldlich with other decks to create a working hybrid of sorts, this is my Eldlich and U.A. combo. I have included a side deck that I would use with this deck.

Check out my Eldlich Generaider combo deck......



Also check out what I think is my most competitive Eldlich deck......



Thank you, If you have any recommendations or any other Eldlich combo deck ideas for me, leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterEldlich the Golden Lord x3
Red-Eyes Black Dragon x1
Dark Magician x1
U.A. Playing Manager x2
U.A. Dreadnought Dunker x2
U.A. Libero Spiker x3
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
SpellsRed-Eyes Fusion x1
Super Polymerization x3
Terraforming x1
U.A. Stadium x3
U.A. Signing Deal x3
U.A. Locker Room x2
Eldlixir of Black Awakening x2
Cursed Eldland x2
TrapsU.A. Penalty Box x1
Eldlixir of Scarlet Sanguine x2
Conquistador of the Golden Land x3
Huaquero of the Golden Land x2
ExtraNumber 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora x1
Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max x2
Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe x1
Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos x1
Knightmare Phoenix x1
Knightmare Unicorn x1
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon x1
Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon x1
Predaplant Dragostapelia x1
Predaplant Triphyoverutum x1
Trishula, the Dragon of Icy Imprisonment x1
World Chalice Guardragon Almarduke x1
Predaplant Verte Anaconda x1
Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon x1
SideU.A. Playing Manager x1
U.A. Perfect Ace x1
U.A. Rival Rebounder x1
U.A. Hyper Stadium x3
Golden Land Forever! x2
Infinite Impermanence x3
U.A. Powered Jersey x3
Set Rotation x1
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