Trinity Format – June 2019 Top Deck Profiles

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The June 2019 Trinity Cup was held this month with 25 participants, and the results are in!

1st: Giant Skyhawk
2nd: Drain Gang Pakistan
3rd-4th: AlphaKretin
3rd-4th: KrasherV

5th-8th: yugitom
5th-8th: guiltygearxx
5th-8th: Lt. Labcoat
5th-8th: MBT

Congratulations to all who topped! The following optional deck profiles were all written by the respective tournament participants.

1st Place: Giant Skyhawk’s Jurassic Park


What deck did you play and why?

I played Jurassic Park, which is a hybrid of Dinosaur and Giant Ballpark. The original idea for this came from LilShpeeThatCould when he played it in the last tournament, but I thought that his list wasn’t very optimized and left out a few power cards that make the synergy good. I usually always play pure Dino, and after testing I felt that this might be the way to play against the meta right now rather than pure Dino. I also tailored the deck to be able to easily make either Hi-Speedroid Chanbara or Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier to abuse Giant Ballpark. I won the tournament, so I was probably right to play this!

What tech choices did you play?

You’ll notice that the main deck is exactly the same as in MBT’s famous Trinity Pick n’ Mix series, and that’s because I’m largely the author with help from other members of the discord as always. Special shoutouts to Prawnwizard and meepmoto27 for their constant help with lists.

The biggest change to the deck is Survival’s End. If you open a way to get to Lost World or Giant Ballpark, this card is likely to win you the game, and it also serves as access to your dinosaur engine if you draw it and any normal monster. You’ll pop the monster, summon a baby dino from deck, and then either use the grave effect of End to pop a card and summon Soul-Eating Oviraptor or a Dinowrestler Pankratops to get your other engine rolling.

The other two tech cards are Pseudo Space and Unknown Synchron. Unknown Synchron is a level 1 tuner that special summons itself from the hand, so it lets me make Chanbara easily to abuse Giant Ballpark for cheesy otk’s or bigger damage.

Pseudo Space is here because often in G2 and G3 your opponent is going to side into field spell removal, so having this in order to use either the effects of Lost World, Giant Ballpark, or even Chicken Game again is very strong. It also serves as a backup target for Set Rotation if your don’t want to give your opponent Chicken Game or an extra copy of Giant Ballpark. It also came up multiple times during the tournament where I would open Pseudo Space and Foolish Burial Goods, so I would use Goods to send whichever field I wanted to use that turn and then use Pseudo Space to act as that field.

How did you prepare for the meta, and would you change anything going forward?

Firstly, I’d cut Brionac and Dinowrestler Coelasilat. The theory was that I could clear out backrow and push for game with a Giant Ballpark, but I found that too often people had the disruption to make me go very hard into the minus for no gain at all. Secondly, I’d adjust the extra deck and add a boss monster like Borreload Dragon because I found monster removal lacking in the Extra Deck. I’d also find room for Gagaga Cowboy, as too often the 800 burn damage would have been enough to end games much earlier.

The Side Deck was tailored for Salamangreat and decks with heavy backrow, as those are the two largest problems for both Dinosaurs and for Ballpark. Cosmic Cyclone and Night Beam are the specific options against Salamangreat. Cyclone can banish either the Rage or the Roar so that it can’t be recycled, and Night Beam is a bit of a stopgap measure so that Rage can’t be chained to a removal spell. Chain Hole was to stop handtraps, as a lot of my power cards lose hard to Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring or Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. As well, in Trinity Format it’s a lot more likely that you’re going to resolve the banish effect because multiples are less likely. I opted to keep the Cyber Dragon package in the side to out problematic extra deck monsters and I played Pop-Up for the Ballpark mirror match.

How were your matchups?

Round 1 was against Hero, and it was a tight match. I ended up just generating more beatsticks than he could out of 3 games.

Round 2 was against guiltygearxx on Pendulum, and since this matchup is very high roller I definitely needed to end games fast. I opened poorly G1 and he otk’d me, and in g2 and g3 I had the cards to clear his resources.

Round 3 was against KrasherV on Salamangreat, and I lost this 2-1. It’s another high-roller matchup, and I couldn’t kill him fast enough to out the intense resource recycling of his deck.

Round 4 was against MBT on Weather, and frankly this was a massacre. He didn’t draw a way into any weather monsters, so I just beat him really badly G1 with Ballpark and G2 with Dino.

Round 5 was against yugitom, a fellow Hotel Dusk: Room 215 enthusiast on Kozmo. I lost 2-1, but I disconnected in G1 before we even began playing, won G2, and was about to win G3 when I disconnected again. I’m confident that Kozmo is a very strong matchup for this deck.

I got to prove it by squeaking into top cut for a rematch with yugitom, and I managed to win 2-1 in a very close match!

My Top 4 match was against AlphaKretin on Weather. Game 1 I just played Megalosmasher X beatdown, Game 2 I got blown out by the snowballing power of the Weather Canvas cards, and G3 I played around Timelords really well.

My final match was against Drain Gang Pakistan on Salamangreat. I opened well both games and was able to read and react to my opponents backrow in order to deal damage. Number 101: Silent Honor Ark came in clutch as always in G1, and in G2 I just played correctly and used Lost World to cut off a read Super Team Buddy Force Unite! and the grave effects of Salamangreat Falco and Salamangreat Foxy.

2nd Place: Drain Gang Pakistan’s Salamangreat

Drain Gang Pakistan (Get Head with No Seatbelt in last month’s tournament) was banned shortly after the cup concluded, and was unwilling or unable to give insight into his build.

3rd-4th Place: AlphaKretin’s Weather

What deck did you play and why?

I played Weather. There’s a variety of reasons you might imagine I chose it – it’s an actually good deck, I netdecked it from MBT’s channel – but none of them are actually true. The only reason I chose to play Weather was because June was Pride Month and as The Weather Rainbowed Canvas shows, Painters Rainbow and Aurora are the cutest couple in Yugioh.

What tech choices did you play?

The main departure my build has over others was main decking a Timelord package. It’s hard to evaluate fairly how good they were, I certainly bricked on them once or twice, but it definitely also “won me games bro”.
A lot of the rest of the deck was goodstuff normal traps in conjunction with Absolute King Back Jack (which gets sent off Armageddon Knight if it’s not needed to set up the Tour Guide from the Underworld engine or Mana Dragon Zirnitron). A common thread between a lot of these traps (e.g. Torrential Tribute, Blind Obliteration) and the Timelord package is the theory that since I can banish my monsters at will, I can get a clear board. Interestingly though, I never used either this way once in the entire tournament, I always wound up using them to stall until I started drawing Weather cards.

How did you prepare for the meta, and would you change anything going forward?

I can’t honestly say I did prepare for the meta, I’m atrocious at building and using side decks. To point at specific flaws, I overprepared for the mirror and Pendulum which I never faced, and way underestimated Salamangreat which turned out to be one of the deck’s worst matchups. Future improvement would definitely focus on learning how to prepare for that better.

How were your matchups?

After the bye in Round 1, Round 2 saw me getting stomped by Salamangreat as mentioned. I had little idea what either I or my opponent were doing at this point.
In Round 3 I managed to eventually eke out a win against Witchcrafter after a couple of super long, grindy struggles to out Verre.
After my opponent fell victim to a scheduling conflict in Round 4, Round 5 saw me facing HERO. I honestly don’t remember too much about how this one went, but I guess I won in the end.
In Top 8 I faced Lt. Labcoat’s Machine deck. Besides the fact that The Weather Thundery Canvas is a pretty rude thing to Trains, I blew out one game when he opened 5 backrow and I opened Zaphion, the Timelord.
Finally, Giant Skyhawk brought me down in Top 4 with his Jurassic Park deck. Weather has a pretty good matchup against pure Crickets, I think, but I struggled to deal with the Dinosaur portion.

3rd-4th Place: KrasherV’s Salamangreat

What deck did you play and why?

Salamangreats, because I felt they were the most consistent deck of the format. Although slow, once they go off they’re almost unbeatable, thanks to their recur-able disruptions.

What tech choices did you play?

I focused my deck on consistency, by playing every Salamangreat Gazelle tutor I could think of (even UFO Turtle, which had the advantage of protecting Gazelle from disruption). I also played One for One, since 1for1+Gazelle is your best opening, ending on Reincarnated Wulf+Rage/Roar+Salamangreat Parro.

How did you prepare for the meta, and would you change anything going forward?

I added a small Timelord core on the Side Deck, plus Maxx “C” to counter faster decks, but in the end it proved not enough. I would probably side more hate cards against fast decks, since you want get to the late game, where you’re usually the stronger deck, but you’re very vulnerable in the first turns of the duel. I would need to adapt the list to the most recent banlist. Thankfully, that doesn’t affect too much the deck – it only loses one of its powercards, but it does not affect the consistency. I also would cut Fennel and the TGU engine, since I felt they didn’t do enough (maintaining Sangan, since it’s a good searcher and you can normal summon it, then make Salamangreat Almiraj for a search). The rest of the deck is pretty similar, and the philosophy of the deck is the same: consistency and winning the grind game.

How were your matchups?

R1 vs Caroman (Shaddoll Flufals) Really tough matchup against a fast deck. In the end I only managed to win thanks to my opponent attacking in the wrong order.
R2 My opponent dropped.
R3 vs Giant Skyhawk (Jurassic Park) I lost G1 after a long game, then won G2 and G3 by opening Gazelle+1for1 in both games.
R4 vs Yugitom (Kozmo) I lost 2-0, since yugitom was playing a really fast deck that I couldn’t handle. Also, Kozmo Dark Eclipser not being OPT helped.
R5 vs Sunshine (Mirror) Lost G1, then won G2 because Fusion of Fire is bonkers on the mirror, and won G3 because Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay is real good.
T8 vs MBT (Weather) G1 I lost to huge advantage, G2 I won thanks to rage being so broken, and G3 I won thanks to stopping MBT from playing.

5th-8th Place: yugitom’s Kozmo

What did you play, and how did it perform?

The main reason I decided to run Kozmo in this cup is because I love the deck, in general. Also, any pilot-ship (Psychic-Machine) combination in my hand gave me inevitable access to Kozmo Tincan. Without Dragonic Diagram, I believe this is the correct way to play Kozmo, as it forces my opponent to use resources to pop one of my ships and then I can freely float down into whatever I want. I feel like this playstyle really plays well to the nature of the Trinity format because I’ve noticed (as this is only my 2nd cup) that decks tend to snowball in terms of resource accumulation and matches last quite a while. With Kozmo, you start to force your opponent’s hand early whilst never having to worry about resource accumulation because all your ships are doing that for you. And, of course, being able to sit on untargetable ships that can be revived easily from the grave is a massive plus, too. Sadly, that means I struggle against other decks that come strong out the gate, such as Dino Ballpark, which gave me the most trouble in Swiss and, ultimately, knocked me out in top cut.

5th-8th Place: guiltygearxx’s Pendulum

What did you play, and how did it perform?

Basically a standard pend build, but heavily optimized to go first. I added some additional negate monsters in order to solidify a formidable board. U.A. Perfect Ace is interesting since he is Sangan searchable turn 1. Endymions exist as flex space and consistency, being able to search the relevant scale ratings is helpful (though I worried 3 mastery would brick in 35). They are also the easy non-engine requirement side outs. Cherubini, Ebon Angel of the Burning Abyss is quite handy due to his protection effect and working quite well with the Metalfoes spells and traps. Playing 35 puts a limit on sack factor but increases overall consistency and post side consistency. I kinda miss Baobaboons, though, and Hallohallo might be cute. The deck worked about as expected, you can win versus anything if the opponent doesn’t see hate. :biblethump:

5th-8th Place: Lt. Labcoat’s Orcust Trains

What did you play, and how did it perform?

This deck combines several different Machine archetypes into a singular deck, with a focus on XYZing into Rank 8 or Rank 10.

But, while the combos work great, the overall deck isn’t particularly strong. Utopic Dark Infinity is severely hampered by the summon limit, as is Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator. It did well, but mostly by just being lucky and not facing any threatening decks.

5th-8th Place: MBT’s Weather

What did you play, and how did it perform?

I played Weathery, because no one played it last month (despite my direction) and I’ll be damned if it escapes banlist judgement. Unfortunately, I scrubbed out at the first opportunity in Top 8. The deck is fantastic once it gets rolling, but finding and resolving The Weather Painter Snow is a tall order. I played a larger engine of fiend goodstuff than my fellow Weather pilots, but it didn’t improve the deck much. While The Weather Rainbowed Canvas is undoubtedly strong, I think the deck is too reliant on the resolution of Snow to be a top contender in a metagame with decks that live to interrupt, like Salamangreat.



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