To infinity and beyond

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Tyranno Infinity
Submission Date: August 10th 2019
Author: ZertyF7
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Boost tyranno infinity by banishing as many dino, it will aslo help other monsters less significantly.

I Put the jurrac archetype in here too, one of each for creating diverse oppening hand, they can be usefull if you go into synchros as an other win condition.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterTyranno Infinity x3
Miscellaneousaurus x1
Evilswarm Salamandra x3
Giant Rex x3
Stegocyber x3
Overtex Qoatlus x1
Jurrac Stauriko x1
Jurrac Gallim x1
Jurrac Ptera x1
Jurrac Brachis x1
Jurrac Monoloph x1
Jurrac Dino x1
Jurrac Guaiba x1
Jurrac Iguanon x1
Jurrac Velo x1
Jurrac Protops x1
Jurrac Herra x1
Jurrac Tyrannus x1
Jurrac Spinos x1
Jurrac Titano x1
SpellsCard of Sanctity x2
Gold Sarcophagus x1
De-Spell x1
Remove Trap x1
Left Arm Offering x2
TrapsSurvival Instinct x3
Jurrac Impact x1
Elemental Absorber x1
ExtraHiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze x1
Grenosaurus x3
Jurrac Velphito x3
Jurrac Giganoto x3
Jurrac Meteor x3
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