60 Cards Kozmo Artifact Demise Palozoic Part 1: The Profile

Over the last weekend or so, I took a deck, in this current meta of Paleozoic, Zoodiac, and friends to Timonium Regional here in Maryland with around 330 players.

It was the most unorthodox deck you’ll have probably seen in a while; 60 Cards Kozmo Artifact Demise Paleozoic.

I’m gonna be splitting this into 2 parts; part 1 will be my profile on the deck and the explanations of the deck while part 2 will be my actual tournament report.


I’ve already gotten my invite back during Blue-Eyes format, so I decided to play this deck for fun to see how far it goes and plays.

With Paleozoic winning 2 YCS back-to-back, and after the TCG April F/L 2017, showing that Zoodiac and 60 cards Infernoid still being a provident threat. I knew those would be the 3 strongest deck coming into this meta.

Despite Kozmo being hit with Kozmo Dark Destroyer being at 1, Kozmo’s big ship are still a powerful threat, due to their huge body and not being able to be targeted and their ability to float down.

The idea of running 60 cards was to counter against 60 cards deck that mains That Grass is Greener, since Paleozoic and Infernoid can’t pick up steam if they don’t resolve it.

Running the Card of Demise and Artifact Engine is nothing new to Kozmo playstyle, as it was a main build for Kozmo for some time, albeit in a smaller deck count.

The inclusion of running the Paleozoic engine was for two things; their effects of being able to disrupt the opponent’s plays and to counter against other Paleozoic deck to prevent their Paleozoic in grave from activating.

I was mainly inspired to play this deck after seeing a profile by Uri Diaz and my build primarily resemble his build, albeit with some changes.

Monsters (20)

2x Kozmo Dark Eclipser – Most Kozmo builds only run 1 of this card due to its effect of not being able to float down to another ship. But with Paleozoic still being a popular deck to run due to their matchup against the meta because of their disruption and the most toadally-awesome card ever; Toadally Awesome. I played 2 Kozmo Dark Eclipser because of that. Being able to stop all their traps due its effect of negating it. Along with Kozmo Dark Eclipser also being able to stop Paleozoic traps cards from being activated in the grave as well, which made him a big threat against all my Paleozoic matchup all day.

1x Kozmo Dark Destroyer – Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Kozmo Dark Destroyer the Wise? Despite being at 1, Kozmo Dark Destroyer still proved to be a powerful card over the weekend for me. Most deck I played against had to played around Kozmo Dark Destroyer with it either being in my hand or in the grave waiting to be revived. Kozmo Dark Destroyer’s ability to still destroyer 1 monster on the field is still a powerful thing that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially with being a 3000 ATK body.

1x Kozmo Forerunner – Another untargetable big ship. Kozmo Forerunner 2800 ATK still makes it’s a strong card with being to recover 100 LP each turn was also a very good thing, especially  when going in time.

1x Kozmoll Dark Lady – The stander 1-off. Kozmoll Dark Lady’s effect of stopping a monster’s effect didn’t come up that often over the weekend, but when it did. It did come in clutch.

2x Kozmo Sliprider – Kozmo Sliperider didn’t come up that needed over the weekend. But still a standard to have just in case to stop opponent’s backrow.

2x Kozmoll Wickedwitch – For the simple cost of 1000 LP, you can protect Kozmoll Wickedwitch from any form of destruction this turn. Her protection’s effect did come through a few times, either for protection or for comboing off to a OTK. I ended up not being a fan of playing her at 2 and would always sided out the 2nd copy each game.

1x Kozmo Farmgirl – More like Kozmo Bestgirl. Kozmo Farmgirl was at one point $80 and a core card of the deck. However as the Kozmo archetype and deck evolved, playing her at 1 was the way to go. If you were able to resolve her effect of searching a “Kozmo” card after dealing damage, you would usually have the OTK, which did come up a few times for me.

1x Kozmo Strawman – A basic 1-off in the deck, the ability to pay 500 to summoned back a banished Kozmo monsters allowed to to bring back a big ship and then in the endphase it gets destroyer, thus triggering its effect to climb down into another Kozmo monsters.

3x Kozmo Tincan – “Tincan, set 5, endphase pay 500, DD, Eclipser, Forerunner?” This phase has always been one of the bane of facing against Kozmo and who could blame them? After summoning Kozmo Tincan and setting your backrow, the ability to have a big ship at the ready to be summoned during the opponent is a scary thing to have.

1x Fairy Tail – Snow – The spicy tech. Fairy Tail – Snow has been seeing plays in nearly every 60 cards deck now. And why not? Being able to flip a monster face down and stop plays is an amazing thing due to Fairy Tail – Snow. And when you resolve Kozmo Tincan, you’ll most likely never get those cards back unless you have Call of the Hunted or Kozmo Dark Eclipser, but with Fairy Tail – Snow, you’re able to recover them back with Kozmotown or Kozmo Strawman, by banishing them from the grave to bring back Fairy Tail – Snow from the grave.

1x Maxx “C” – Oh Maxx “C”, what went wrong with you now that you’re at 1? Maxx “C” is still a staple cards in this meta, even at 1. Despite being at 1, I still manage to open it nearly every other game in my opening hand and even at 1, it still proves it power.

2x Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit – When Maxx “C” went to 1, I looked to other handtrap to fill in the gap left by Maxx “C”, I decided to go with playing Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Overall, she was subpar the day. I often sided her out with D.D. Crow instead since D.D. Crow would hit more target compare to Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.

2x Artifact Scythe – Finally, the final monster is Artifact Scythe, the Artifact engine is still very strong in locking your opponent’s out of their Extra Deck during their turn. I ultimately decided to only run 2 Artifact Scythe only just that it’s the best Artifact monsters to run. I didn’t feel the need to run Artifact Moralltach since I already had that option due to Kozmo Dark Destroyer.

Spell (15)

3x Kozmotown – Still one of the best card released for the Kozmo archetype, the ability to get back any Kozmo monsters such as Kozmo Dark Destroyer or Kozmo Farmgirl is crazy. And the ability to mulligan your hand and get rid of your dead Kozmo monsters to be replaced with traps cards is a unfair play.

3x Card of Demise – Card of Demise in Kozmo is nothing new, we saw it when Card of Demise was first released and Demise Kozmo was a deck, you can easily recover the Kozmo monster you lose to Card of Demise’s discard effect with recover cards. Besides, who doesn’t like “Tincan, set 5”?

2x Pot of Desires – Is Pot of Desires a -9? Who knows, but when you play a 60 cards deck, playing Pot of Desires doesn’t really hurt the deck and just give you more cards. While most of the time I did banish my 1-off Kozmo monsters, such as Kozmoll Dark Lady or Kozmo Farmgirl, I was lucky to never banished my 1 Kozmo Dark Destroyer.

2x Pot of Duality – Being a control deck, Pot of Duality has a place here, especially when you go first, it just gives you more options to get into your traps quicker.

1x Emergency Teleport – Emergency Teleport serves 2 purposes in this deck, either it gets you into Kozmo Tincan faster or to swing for game, which it did all day for me.

1x Foolish Burial – Was mainly used to dump Fairy Tail – Snow to the grave to set her up. I did at times decided to dump a big ship to be brought back.

1x Raigeki – Destruction is good in this format when you go up against a big board set you by your opponent. Raigeki was also helpful for me by setting up potential for OTK with Kozmo Farmgirl.

2x Dark Hole – I played 2 Dark Hole to max out on my generic field while. Destroying my own big ships with Dark Hole did come up a few times over the day to provide me with a OTK.

Trap (25)

1x Kozmojo – Was only running 1 copy of Kozmojo and I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I did played it a few times, but it was never when I really need it. I ended up most time siding decking it out for game 2

3x Call of the Haunted – A staple in Demise Kozmo, able to bring back your ships that were sent to the grave off Kozmo Tincan.

2x Oasis of Dragon Souls – Essentially another Call of the Haunted, except it brings the monster back out in Defense position and makes it Wyrm.

2x Solemn Strike – You’re probably thinking why I only played 2 Solemn Strikes. Was it because I was trying to make run? Or that I felt that I didn’t need to run 3 copies? The answer is simple; I couldn’t get a 3rd copy in time and only had time to only put 2 on my list.

1x Solemn Warning – Stop any summoned monsters I face.

1x Imperial Order – I like how we traded a broken floodgate for another broken floodgate card. Imperial Order all throughout the day was a disgusting card, easily shutting down my Invoked match up I faced.

1x Compulsory Evacuation Device – Literally a last-minute addition, when I realized I couldn’t get a 3rd Solemn Strike in time, I just gave up and decided to play Compulsory Evacuation Device to fill in the 60th gap.

3x Storming Mirror Force – Probably the best out of all the “Mirror Force” traps right now. It resets your opponent’s board, thus giving setting you up for a potential OTK for next turn.

3x Artifact Sanctum – The other part of the Artifact engine. Artifact Sanctum allowed you to summoned Artifact Scythe during your opponent’s turn to prevent them from summoning anything from the extra deck.

3x Paleozoic Olenoides – The “Mystical Space Typhoon” of the Paleozoic archetype. Paleozoic Olenoides allowed me to destroyed any backrow cards on the field. Was very useful with disrupting my opponent’s backrow.

3x Paleozoic Canadia -The “Book of Moon” of the Paleozoic archetype. Paleozoic Canadia is probably one of the best generic Paleozoic card to be splashed. Able to disrupt your opponent’s plays by flipping the monster facedown.

1x Paleozoic Dinomischus – The “Karma Cut” of the Paleozoic archetype. I wasn’t a big fan of this card through the day, always side decking it out game 2. The ability to banish a opponent’s card is nice, but didn’t come up that much for me.

1x Paleozoic Leanchoilia – A pseudo-“PSY Framelord Omega” of the Paleozoic archetype. In theory, Paleozoic Leanchoilia is god to have in case if you ever banished your Kozmo Dark Destroyer of Pot of Desires, but I barely resolve its effect at any moment throughout the day and would always side deck it out

Extra (15)

I only want into my extra deck  2 times throughout the day. Kozmo has always never been an extra deck-based deck, unless you were playing the Fire King Island Build.

1x Daigusto Phoenix – Played as an option for a Rank 2 to be made with Paleozoic after I summoned them back.

1x Sky Cavalry Centaurea – Played as an option for a Rank 2 to be made with Paleozoic after I summoned them back.

1x Number 39: Utopia – Was only made 1 time throughout the day and was only made to be Ranked up into Number S30: Utopia the Lightning.

1x Number S39: Utopia the Lightning – A 5000 ATK Armades, Keeper of Boundaries, was only made throughout the entire day once to get over an indestructible Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon.

1x Number 61: Volcasaurus – Played as an option for a Rank 5 that can be made with either Artifact Scythe or Kozmo Sliprider.

1x Cyber Dragon Nova – Played as an option for a Rank 5 that can be made with Kozmo Sliprider.

1x Cyber Dragon Infinity – Played as an option to be Ranked up from Cyber Dragon Nova.

1x Constellar Pleiades – Played as an option for a Rank 5 that can be made with either Artifact Scythe or Kozmo Sliprider.

1x Constellar Ptolemy M7 – Played as an option to be Ranked up from Constellar Pleiades.

1x Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger –  Played as an option to be Ranked up from any Rank 5.

1x Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon – Played as an option for a Rank 7 monster that could be summoned from Xyz Universe, since I was side decking the deck for my Zoodiac match up.

1x D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga – Played as an option for a Rank 8 monster that could be summoned from Xyz Universe, since I was side decking the deck for my Zoodiac match up.

1x Black Rose Dragon – Since I was main decking Ghost Ogre & Ghost Rabbit and that she was a tuner, I figure I should cover all my option and have a Level 7 Synchro that I could make if I ever decided to make it.

1x Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree – In theory, the same with Black Rose Dragon, a Level 1o Synchro that could be made.

1x Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine – Played at the chance if my opponent ever decided to Solemn Warning or Solemn Strike or destroyed my Cyber Dragon Nova for whatever reasons.

Side (15):

1x Kozmo Forerunner – Was decking another copy of Kozmo Forerunner in case of going into game 3 against time being called.

2x Artifact Lancea – Was side decked in case of going against Infernoid, which I did go against all day. Could also be summoned from Artifact Sanctum in case I needed to respond with it during my opponent’s turn.

2x D.D. Crow – Possibly one of the best side deck card I sided in all day. Would’ve always sided D.D. in every game and wish I mained deck D.D. Crow over Ghost Ogre & Ghost Rabbit.

1x Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju – Played as part of the Kaiju engine. The medium of the Kaijus to either give yourself or your opponent.

1x Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju – Played as part of the Kaiju engine. The strongest of the Kaijus to have.

2x Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju – Here, have a turtle. The weakest Kaiju you want to give to your opponent.

2x Interrupted Kaiju Slumber – A Dark Hole that also acts as a Reinforcement of the Army that also summoned a strong monster to your side of the field, while a weaker monster to your opponent’s side of the field, geez wiz. Side decking the Kaiju engine was used to go against monsters I thought I could’ve get rid off with big ships, thought I did sided in the engine multiples times throughout the day, it never really came up as a I needed.

2x Twin Twisters – Played in case if I ever needed to go into more backrow removal. Didn’t sided into it that much through the day.

2x Xyz Universe – I played this mainly for my Zoodiac or rogue Xyz match. It did come up handy once against Zoodiac match up.  

Writing this ended being longer than I originally expected, so that’s why I split this into 2 parts. I hope you enjoy reading my profile of the deck and next time, in part 2. I’ll go over my tournament report throughout the day with the deck.
So thanks for reading all this. Until next time, k, thanks, bye.


I am man of waifus and a player of this game.

When not playing the game, you can find me on youtube, where me and my friends play video games and some other things: https://www.youtube.com/user/RedTableProduction


I am man of waifus and a player of this game. When not playing the game, you can find me on youtube, where me and my friends play video games and some other things: https://www.youtube.com/user/RedTableProduction

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