The Multiplying Might of Mathmechs

“Mathmech” is a new archetype of Cyberse monsters introduced in Mystic Fighters. They are warriors based around mathematical symbols and concepts. The Main Deck monsters have effects tied to their namesake. These effects synergise to power up the Extra Deck monsters. Mathmechs have a simple playstyle that focuses on a single win condition. They also boast powerful removal and control effects. This level of versatility makes the deck able to clear the field while also inflicting massive damage with one attack. For this reason, it is prudent to discuss how this deck will remain mighty in the game’s changing landscape.

A Great Divide

Mathmech Division
With the new revision coming to Master Rule 4 in April, the format will become divided. The opportunity to use decks that have seen major success in the past is tempting. These powerhouses return in full force, as decks will no longer be restricted by Links. Link monsters were necessary to run in order to achieve similar results as the prior Master Rule formats. As the reliance on this mechanic fades, the meta will be split between Link and non-Link decks.

It is unclear which side of this great divide will emerge victorious. If non-Link decks become preferable, we may see a move away from the newest mechanic entirely. Over the past few years, there have been a lot of incredibly powerful Link monsters introduced. These cards are good enough to be implemented into these non-Link decks. When it comes to Mathmechs, this includes Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax. Not only is it a Cyberse monster, but it also remains as a backup if your standard combo does not prevail.

Mathmechs benefit from this new revision because the archetype does not require Links. It also rewards the player for choosing when to use the Extra Monster Zone. This ensures that Mathmech Sigma can always be Special Summoned with its effect. It is a critical combo piece for turboing into its final form. This rule is important as it means that the powerful Synchro and Xyz Mathmechs can be summoned without restrictions. Currently, Mathmech Division is needed to clear the Extra Monster Zone to make way for Geomathmech Final Sigma. Sigma is unaffected by other card effects and deals double battle damage while in the EMZ.


Geomathmech Final Sigma

Sum Like It Hot

Mathmech prefers to start second, with the main goal to enable an OTK with Geomathmech Final Sigma. One of the deck’s strengths is the ability to swarm the field with Level 4 monsters, including in-archetype Tuners. If you are able to set up Mathmech Nabla and Mathmech Multiplication, their effects will trigger when sent to the GY for the Level 12 Synchro. With a 6000 ATK beatstick that inflicts double damage and can attack twice, nothing should stand in the way.

Added to this, the Mathmech Xyz monsters are essential tools for your arsenal. Primathmech Alembertian can search out any Spell/Trap card, including Mathmech Superfactorial. If you need another turn to push for game, this Trap allows you to immediately summon Primathmech Laplacian during your opponent’s turn. This Xyz is effective in removing your opponent’s cards before they set up a lethal board.

Salamangreat can use a Mathmech engine in order to take advantage of the FIRE-Attribute Synchros. Mathmech Sigma serves as a generic Cyberse Tuner and an essential three-of in the Salamangreat build. While it would still be tricky to navigate the Salamangreat Links, it is possible to achieve the Final Sigma OTK. This is one way of giving Salamangreat the push it sorely needs. An extra Level 4 summon can also help the deck consistently bring out Abyss Dweller.


Fatal Subtraction

Primathmech Alembertian
When playing against other going second decks like Orcust, you may lose the advantage. However, if you are made to go first, this deck can still perform well with its defensive Link strategies. By utilising the effect of Cyberse Wicckid to banish your Balancer Lord in the GY, you can gain more resources. It would then be possible to end on Geomathmech Magma or I:P Masquerena to gain back the advantage on your opponent’s turn.

A weakness of this deck is its commitment to spending many resources. This can be interrupted by Nibiru, the Primal Being, which cripples your ending board. Also, even if Geomathmech Final Sigma is summoned to your Extra Monster Zone, it can still be removed by a Kaiju. The various Kaijus have already returned to popularity and this further proves how useful they are in any Side Deck.

One of the cards expected to become a staple for the next format is Dimensional Barrier. With access to your Extra Deck monsters disabled for a turn, the power of the deck would be limited. A similar floodgate which is already a problem for Cyberse decks is There Can Be Only One. This means Mathmech decks need to rely on backrow removal like Cosmic Cyclone.


Mathmech Superfactorial

Factor the Future

As the new revision draws near, the potential for Mathmech to become viable increases. The return to decks focused on other mechanics leads the way for this deck to further prove itself. More support from future sets like Ignition Assault can expand the power and versatility of the deck.

One card that can be adopted by Mathmech strategies is Lightning Storm. With the effect of Primathmech Alembertian to search any Spell/Trap, this can help to cover one of the deck’s weaknesses. Although, you must first remove either the Xyz or the monster it floats into before you can use the Spell. Compulsory Evacuation Device helps bounce your own monster and recurring the Mathmechs that have hand effects. While it is slow to resolve, the payoff from the Spell might be worth it.

Another card to consider would be Armored Bitron – similar to Lonefire Blossom but for Cyberse monsters. This card’s first effect can tutor a Level 4 Mathmech as an extra body for Extra Deck summons. Deciding to run the Update Jammer OTK in your Link toolbox means its second effect can assist you. If Transcode Talker is destroyed by your opponent, you can return the beefed-up Bitron as a desperate defender to protect yourself.



Mathmech is a powerful deck that excels in a wide range of areas. It will continue to improve as the new Master Rule 4 revision approaches. It is great at consistently putting out multiple monsters with effects that power up the stronger ones. Link monsters are not necessary for the deck but can be used to great effect. While it is easy to OTK with Mathmechs, the advantage could be lost if you lose the die roll. Floodgates and interruptions also limit the power of the deck. They can, however, be dealt with by adopting newer cards. Mathmechs can multiply their might and add resources when they need to. While your attention may be divided amongst other decks, you should not subtract this one from your view. This is a notable deck that deviates from the standard.

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