The Green Sky Deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Simorgh, Bird of Divinity
Submission Date: October 30th 2018
Author: sam50
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WIND (かぜ Kaze) is an Attribute commonly associated with Winged Beast-Type monsters, though Insect, Fairy, Dragon, and Psychic-Type WIND monsters are not uncommon. Notable WIND monsters include "Raiza the Storm Monarch", "Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms", "Windrose the Elemental Lord", "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon", "Stardust Dragon", "Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer", "Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin", "Mariamne, the True Dracophoenix" and "Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack".

Also, there are many cards for the removal and/or destruction of Spell and Trap Cards that make reference to the Natural Phenomena related to Wind like "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Twister", "Typhoon", "Tornado", "Dust Tornado", "Heavy Storm", "Cyclone Boomerang", "Malevolent Catastrophe", "Harpie's Feather Duster", "Pendulum Storm" etc.

WIND archetypes include: "Harpie", "Mist Valley", "Mecha Phantom Beast", "Dragunity", "Gusto", "Yosenju", "Ritual Beasts", "Speedroids", "Windwitch", "Lyrilusc", and "Majespecter". Structure Deck: Lord of the Storm is focused on WIND monster, and Structure Deck: Dragunity Drive/Dragunity Legion Structure Deck is themed around "Dragunity" monsters, which are WIND


Deck List
MonsterSpirit of the Fall Wind x2
Wind Effigy x2
Strong Wind Dragon x1
Hunter Owl x2
Garuda the Wind Spirit x2
Storm Shooter x1
Simorgh, Bird of Divinity x1
Sonic Shooter x2
Sonic Duck x2
Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds x2
Spirit of the Winds x2
Djinn the Watcher of the Wind x2
Sonic Jammer x2
Cyber Falcon x2
Winged Sage Falcos x2
Spear Dragon x2
Troop Dragon x2
Wingtortoise x2
Oxygeddon x2
Desert Twister x1
Skystarray x2
Kujakujaku x2
SpellsFollow Wind x2
Gust Fan x2
Divine Wind of Mist Valley x2
Rising Air Current x2
United We Stand x2
TrapsLost Wind x2
Fairy Wind x2
Windstorm of Etaqua x2
ExtraTornado Dragon x3
SideKazejin x1
Swift Birdman Joe x1
Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi x2

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"Number" (Japanese: No. Nanbāzu, "Numbers") is an archetype of Xyz Monsters that are the focus of the story in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime and manga series. Each "Number" monster has a corresponding natural number included at the start of its name after "Number" (and occasionally a letter, such as C).

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