Tenyi Swordsoul

Deck Information
Deck Type: Tournament Meta Decks
Deck Master: Crystron Halqifibrax
Submission Date: May 4th 2022
Author: Renren
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Tournament Meta Decks

Category: Tournament Meta Deck

Tournament Meta Decks are current-level Meta Decks that are capable of going up against the best of the best. These are curated lists that cannot be uploaded by regular users.

Creator: Walter Jule
Tournament: YCS Guadalajara - May 1st 2022
Placement: Top 16


Toggle Deck List
MonsterAsh Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Effect Veiler x3
Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion x3
Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous x3
Swordsoul of Mo Ye x3
Swordsoul of Taia x1
Swordsoul Strategist Longyuan x3
Tenyi Spirit - Adhara x3
Tenyi Spirit - Ashuna x3
Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda x3
SpellsCalled by the Grave x1
Pot of Desires x1
Swordsoul Emergence x3
Vessel for the Dragon Cycle x3
TrapsInfinite Impermanence x3
Swordsoul Blackout x1
ExtraAdamancipator Risen - Dragite x1
Baronne de Fleur x1
Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing x2
Chaofeng, Phantom of the Yang Zing x1
Draco Berserker of the Tenyi x1
Swordsoul Grandmaster - Chixiao x2
Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign - Qixing Longyuan x1
Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign - Chengying x1
Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing x1
Monk of the Tenyi x3
Shaman of the Tenyi x1
SideD.D. Crow x3
PSY-Framegear Gamma x3
PSY-Frame Driver x1
Cosmic Cyclone x3
Night Beam x2
Anti-Spell Fragrance x3


Senior Article and TCG Meta Snapshot Writer + Tournament Meta Deck Archiver. I'm also a part of OzoneTCG! My favorite decks are Splight Frogs, Tri-Brigade, Marincess, Melffy, and Ancient Warriors! Computer Science undergraduate. Follow my Twitter! https://twitter.com/Renren_YGO

One thought on “Tenyi Swordsoul

  • May 5, 2022 at 1:56 am



    I feel like Taia at 2 is better, but honestly it’s fair to put it at one

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