Tenyi Masterduel

Deck Information
Deck Type: Master Duel Decks
Deck Master: Berserker of the Tenyi
Submission Date: March 29th 2022
Author: Tran Masterduel
YGOPRODeck File Download


Toggle Deck List
MonsterPSY-Frame Driver x1
PSY-Framegear Gamma x2
Deskbot 001 x1
Chiwen, Light of the Yang Zing x1
Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing x1
Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion x2
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x1
Tenyi Spirit - Ashuna x3
Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda x3
Tenyi Spirit - Nahata x2
Tenyi Spirit - Mapura x1
Tenyi Spirit - Shthana x3
Tenyi Spirit - Adhara x3
SpellsVessel for the Dragon Cycle x3
Raigeki x1
Monster Reborn x1
Lightning Storm x1
Called by the Grave x1
Forbidden Droplet x1
Heavenly Dragon Circle x2
TrapsInfinite Impermanence x1
Fists of the Unrivaled Tenyi x3
Solemn Judgment x1
Nine Pillars of Yang Zing x1
ExtraChaofeng, Phantom of the Yang Zing x1
Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing x2
Denglong, First of the Yang Zing x1
Borreload Savage Dragon x1
Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon x1
Berserker of the Tenyi x2
Monk of the Tenyi x3
Herald of the Arc Light x1
Crystron Halqifibrax x1
Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax x1
Accesscode Talker x1

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