Tech Side Cards for Yugioh’s June 2020 Meta


There are many different decks running around the current online meta right now. This is due to the access to every card, giving room for experimentation without monetary loss. While Adamancipator, Eldlich, and Crystron Halqifibrax decks are still the primary meta decks, many fewer meta strategies utilize interesting techs to combat them.

Gozen Match

Gozen Match

Gozen Match is a classic floodgate that halts many of the current top decks. Adamancipator consists of different attributes for their combos and end boards. Also, most Halqifibrax combos are not water-based. With Altergeist Multifaker now unlimited and the deck on the rise in the PPG and LCS meta, Altergeists have difficulty summoning multiple monsters. Furthermore, Sky Striker and Invoked decks do not appreciate being stuck to one attribute. However, Gozen Match is worthless against Eldlich. Gozen Match is a fantastic side card for mono-attribute decks like Salamangreat and Mekk-Knights.

Gozen Match has a brother card named Rivalry of Warlords, and it is a useful side card as well. It is available to more decks but is weaker against Adamancipator, Salamangreat, Altergeist, and Dinosaurs. If possible, prioritize Gozen Match over Rivalry of Warlords in the side deck.

Token Collector

Token Collector is useful against Halqifibrax decks utilizing Linkross and Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon. It destroys all Tokens when summoned and prevents other Tokens from summoning. This means Token Collector stops further extension. It also combos with Nibiru, the Primal Being as an additional extender, and gets rid of the Token Nibiru provided. Token Collector is a niche pick, but may fulfill this role well in this specific meta.

Silent Graveyard

This card is an accessible Abyss Dweller. Its discard cost is light and sometimes beneficial for future GY plays since Silent Graveyard negates your own GY effects as well. Silent Graveyard may not be a staple side deck card, but it is very safe and hits every deck to an extent.

This card prevents Raye recursion, Altergeist Meluseek, and Silquitous grave effects, Block Dragon searches, Halqifibrax combos, and even Invocation‘s recycling. Eldlich the Golden Lord and his traps also suffer from Silent Graveyard. The card is useful against every current meta deck.



With so many options in the online meta, it is difficult to choose the best cards in the side deck. However, it is important to consider the current best decks when selecting side deck cards, especially if one plans on piloting rogue. Gozen Match, Token Collector, and Silent Graveyard are good and plausible tech options to help combat the meta.



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