Tech Idea – PSY-Frame Infernoids

Today, I shall bring you an idea from the OCG that TCG players might be able to incorporate into their decks. Behold, it is PSY-Frame Infernoids.
Don’t worry, the idea is still relevant, despite Cyber-Stein‘s forbidden status in the TCG, as OCG Infernoid players has long dropped that card from their list and focus more on abusing Void Dream. PSY-Framelord Omega‘s existence in Infernoids is nothing new. Not only can it be easily synchro-summoned, it helps in the deck by recycling banished resources. Its own effect stands as a temporary minus 1 in terms of card economics for your opponent and potentially disrupting their plays. In addition, it also allows Infernoid players to pilot Pot of Desires with more ease, as Omega ensures them that should their most important key monsters be banished, it can still be recovered.

But our topic for the day isn’t about the PSY-Framelords, it is about the PSY-Frame gears itself. That’s right, you heard the little voice in your head reciting this article right. You read it right. But I repeat: The Gears!

Get geared up!

Infernoids are now more likely to go second. Not only do they get to enjoy an additional draw, which increases their chances to draw into their game-opening and graveyard-filling playmaker cards – Monster Gate and Reasoning, they also have the ability to deal more damage and empty their hand to abuse Left Arm Offering. Despite their two main cards being recently limited in the OCG, the ease and ability of playing Left Arm’s offering in Infernoids still makes this deck playable and thus, hang onto its Tier 2 deck status.
Due to the nature of the Infernoids’ deck playing style, it is near impossible to include staple hand traps such as Effect Veiler or Maxx C. The gears, however, despite serving as a hand trap, separate themselves from the norm with their own effects.
Notably, PSY-Framegear Delta and PSY-Framegear Gamma serves as the optimal choices to include, as they provide extensive coverage to deal with your opponent’s likely first turn plays. PSYFramegear Beta can also be selected for a more defensive option in later stages of the game. PSYFramegear Alpha does little to nothing in a deck like Infernoids, as the search isn’t that much appreciated. Due to game mechanics and thus the inability of PSY-Framegear Epsilon to negate counter traps, I would also recommend against playing it.

Other reasons supporting the viability of such an engine in a deck like Infernoids are as follows:

  • Late game stages, it is still likely for Infernoid players to have an empty field. Thus, your gears can still be usable in mid to late stages of the game.
  • Furthermore, should your PSY-Frame Driver already be banished, and dead copies of gears are in your hand, they can serve as banish fodders for the resolution of Left Arm Offering.
  • There also lies the option of recovering the banished Driver, to make your gears usable again, with the help of PSY-Framelord Omega.
  • Both Monster Gate and Reasoning special summon monsters that can be normal summoned. Gears, as stated in their text, can’t be. Thus, the only non-infernoid card you may end up accidentally summoning is PSY-Frame Driver, which at this point I would like to console you is that it is at least a 2500ATK beatstick, and Level5 is one of the last levels your opponent will declare against you.
  • Finally, the final and best reason to run a mini PSY-Frame engine in Infernoid is that you can now call forth Omega with an alternative method, and arguably faster. That is of course when you manage to land the gear and driver down during your turn, which is not at all impossible, be it a quick-play spell or a dumping of Maxx C.

In my humble opinion, don’t include more than a total of three gears, as it is likely to hurt consistency. Also, a single copy of PSY-Frame Driver would suffice, as you probably end off with using their negation effect once per turn. Of course, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT play PSY-Frame Circuit. You are after all, running an engine, not a PSY-Frame deck.

Personally, I think it is an interesting idea worth testing out, as I am a PSY-Frame fan myself. May not be niche, but at least it can be surprising enough to act as a curve ball. After all, who else can negate a spell card’s activation on the first turn?

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. But on an ending note, do not forget: Negation first, Omega later. Summoning Omega is nothing but a bonus. With the engine, you would want to abuse the negation effect and not let your opponent do as they want and all you do is watch and wait as they setup and finish their turn. Final disclaimer: The deck may not work out the way you want it to, just don’t FRAME me for not telling you so.


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