TCG Meta Snapshot: Mekk-Knight Invoked April 2018

The TCG Meta Snapshot is a project by some of the writers at YGOPRODeck that aims to encapsulate the state of the meta during a specific format. The TCG Meta Snapshot aims to rank decks in a somewhat looser tier system than the one used on Pojo. The tiers that we will use are as follows:

Tier 1: Highly Competitive Meta Decks. 10% or more of tops, as ranked by Pojo. This will roughly correspond to Pojo’s Tier 1, with some overlap into Pojo’s Tier 2.

Tier 2: Semi-Competitive Meta Decks. Less than 10% of tops, as ranked by Pojo. Corresponds to the rest of Pojo’s Tier 2, Pojo’s Tier 3, and Rogue.

Tier 3: Semi-Competitive non-Meta/Rogue decks. 1-2 tops. Specifically includes decks that only top small events or get lower rankings at medium events. Can also include decks that can potentially top but have not yet in a given format.

Tier 4: Casually Competitive non-Meta decks. Decks that can compete at the locals level, but cannot top an event.

Archetype Explanation

Invoked Mekk-Knight is the logical conclusion of decks going second. Engineered from the ground-up to lose the die roll, this handtrap-heavy strategy rewards efficient, cautious gameplay. By taking advantage of the Invoked fusions’ flexible material, the deck can turn a poorly-placed Ghost Ogre or a mismatched Master Peace into material for Mechabah. The Mekk-Knights, a suite of powerful beaters, add OTK potential to this otherwise reactive strategy.

Tier Ranking

Despite its consistent linear play and disruption, Mekk-Knight Invoked has ended up at the bottom of tier one.


This list placed first at the March 2018 Ottowa, Canada regional.

This list was built for a metagame of almost entirely Magicians and True Draco. The Evenly Matched in the main deck are exclusively for the latter. While the build does devote a few side deck slots to rogue matchups (Dark Hole, Dimensional Barrier), by and large it is designed to remove backrow and tribute over problem monsters. The 3 Artifact Lancea were included to prevent any FTK shenanigans as well as to stop Invocation in the mirror.

Kendall Cox piloted this list to a twelfth-place Mekk-Knight Invoked build from the March 2018 Louisville, Kentucky regional.

As you can probably tell, there’s not a lot of build variety within this archetype. Kendall elected to play Instant Fusion, an incredible card for individuals who want access to the handtrap-negating Millennium-Eyes Restrict. It also allows access to a flexible extra deck package, and is good enough when set for columns. Kendall also attempted to shore up the deck’s inability to go second by playing Anti-Spell Fragrance in the side deck.

Tech Choices

The prominent deckbuilding philosophy with Invoked is to go second and use handtraps to hinder your opponent’s plays. Afterwards, you can OTK with a boardwipe and some combination of Invoked Purgatrio and Mekk-Knights.

After side-boarding, make an informed choice about going either first or second. Choosing second can force an opponent who assumes you’re selecting first onto awful reactive cards, like Kaiju, while choosing first can punish opponents who boarded out of their handtraps. To go first, you’ll need to pick a powerful, linear strategy to assemble your own unbreakable defense. With the release of Called by the Grave, Invoked can now play 6 copies of handtrap negators. Instant Fusion is a fantastic card to set for Mekk-Knights, and can become either Millennium-Eyes Restrict or Invoked Raidjin.

Even more explosive versions of the deck include Brilliant Fusion to make powerful Link-4 monsters. Saryuja Skull Dread can sculpt a hand of 3+ handtraps alongside an Invoked Mechaba. The consistency of Mekk-Knight Invoked means you’re probably not losing more than a few percentage points by including potential bricks like Gem-Knights.



While not a fantastic matchup, a skilled pilot can like navigate it with ease. As Magicians has begun dropping handtraps from lists, it has become harder to wield the strength of Mekk-Knight Invoked’s resilient strategy. Despite this, there is arguably no better deck at playing through Magicians’ 3-negate turn 1 boards. With tons of ways to both find its combo pieces through negation and attack over utility XYZ monsters, it’s just going to be a resource war until one pilot pulls ahead.

Make sure you’re playing the best handtrap suite possible after boarding. Kaiju are right at home in this matchup. They can simultaneously clear one of their problem monsters and get you the appropriate typing in GY as well. If you’re able to use Invoked Purgatrio and some backrow removal to clear out a board, don’t be afraid to do so. Finally, remember that Invoked Elysium doesn’t discriminate between main deck monsters and extra deck monsters, so long as they were summoned from the extra deck. A Mind Control can make your boss monster regardless of how safe they play.

True Draco

As arguably the only other deck capable of going blind second, it’ll screw up a lot of your game 1s by picking the draw. Amano-Iwato builds, which are now all but standard, will prevent the handtraps and Invoked Mechaba activations you rely on to get started. A well-timed Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King can clear the zones you need occupied for Mekk-Knight summons. What’s more, their monsters can actually attack over Mekk-Knights – horrifying.

Since you’re likely going to be playing at least 9 handtraps from the Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit/Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring/Droll & Lock Bird/Effect Veiler package, board into the first three for this matchup. Make sure you have stocked up on Kaiju and boardwipes. You’ll have to steal games wherever possible.


Trickstar is exactly the type of deck Mekk-Knight Invoked is poised to defeat. Droll & Lock Bird, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, and even Effect Veiler can occasionally end the turn. They routinely end up with LIGHT-monsters in their GY, and they can’t possibly hope to attack over our Mekk-Knights. Even their link monsters – Borreload Dragon, Firewall Dragon, etc. – don’t match up well with a 3500 attack Invoked Mechaba or a Borreload Dragon of our own.

One of the only ways to lose this matchup is to get Droll & Lock Bird-ed out of the game, so make sure if you’re still planning on going first after sideboarding, you have cards like Called by the Grave available to prevent your standby-phase death.


A simplistic strategy with an incredibly high ceiling, Invoked Mekk-Knights can steal games from even the most competant player. While it’s far from the most explosive deck in the format, its consistent disruption packages allow for patient control players to shine.

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