Subterror Guru Control

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Subterror Guru
Submission Date: June 7th 2019
Last Updated: June 10th 2019
Author: Punk5Hitz
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if you control any 2 monster (except "Subterror Guru") and not using "Pot of Extravagance" yet, summon your tuner such as "Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring" or "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit" and use this combo :

any monster card + "Ash blossom & Joyous spring"/"Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit" = "Crystron Needlefiber" + "Effect Veiler"

"Effect Veiler" -> "Linkuriboh"

"Linkuriboh" + any monster = other link 2 monster

"Crystron Needlefiber" + other link 2 monster = "Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax/Astram"

what I talking about it doesn't matter...
it was your extra draw...
enjoy it...

Toggle Deck List
MonsterSubterror Fiendess x3
Subterror Nemesis Archer x2
Subterror Guru x3
Subterror Behemoth Umastryx x2
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x2
Effect Veiler x3
SpellsPot of Extravagance x2
Terraforming x2
The Hidden City x3
Subterror Cave Clash x2
Called by the Grave x3
TrapsHeavy Storm Duster x2
Subterror Final Battle x3
There Can Be Only One x3
Summon Limit x2
ExtraLinkuriboh x3
Crystron Needlefiber x3
Knightmare Phoenix x3
Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax x3
SideMetaverse x2
Infinite Impermanence x2
Gozen Match x2
Solemn Strike x2
Pot of Duality x2
Id#created by ygopro2 x1
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