Structure Deck: Roba

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Jinzo
Submission Date: April 28th 2019
Last Updated: October 1st 2019
Author: William Boseman
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The psychic Espa Roba channels the energies of the universe to read his opponent's hand during a Duel - or so he claims. Unfortunately, Joey debunked his cosmic powers as a hoax during Battle City. But what isn't fake are his Dueling skills, punishing Joey with his ace monster "Jinzo".

Toggle Deck List
MonsterSwordsman of Landstar x1
Jinzo - Lord x1
Gadget Hauler x1
Jinzo x1
The Fiend Megacyber x1
Cyber Esper x1
Cyber Raider x1
Jinzo - Jector x1
Morphtronic Boomboxen x1
Morphtronic Radion x1
Morphtronic Slingen x1
Morphtronic Staplen x1
Morphtronic Videon x1
Reflect Bounder x1
Jinzo - Returner x1
Morphtronic Boarden x1
Morphtronic Datatron x1
Morphtronic Magnen x1
Gadget Arms x1
Jinzo #7 x1
Morphtronic Cameran x1
Morphtronic Clocken x1
Gadget Driver x1
Morphtronic Celfon x1
Morphtronic Magnen Bar x1
Morphtronic Vacuumen x1
SpellsBrain Control x1
Junk Box x1
Magical Mallet x1
Mesmeric Control x1
Mind Control x1
Morphtronic Accelerator x1
Peeking Goblin x1
Morphtronic Map x1
Amplifier x1
Break! Draw! x1
Megamorph x1
Morphtronic Cord x1
Morphtronic Engine x1
Morphtronic Repair Unit x1
Morphtronic Rusty Engine x1
Power Pickaxe x1
Rocket Pilder x1
Factory of 100 Machines x1
Limiter Removal x1
Twister x1
TrapsAltar for Tribute x1
Morphtransition x1
Morphtronic Mix-up x1
Morphtronics, Scramble! x1
Psychic Shockwave x1
Sixth Sense x1
Morphtronic Bind x1
Morphtronic Monitron x1
Morphtronic Forcefield x1

William Boseman

Hoping that Kanomi would get my ideas.
William Boseman

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William Boseman

Hoping that Kanomi would get my ideas.

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