Deck Information
Deck Type: Rush Duel Decks
Deck Master: Sevens Road Mage
Submission Date: June 19th 2021
Author: angelkof14
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A standard-ish spellcasters deck. Sevens Road Magician is your main beater with potentially 3900 ATK, Mystic Dealer helps with consistency and speed, and Dark Liberation is probably the best trap in the game being a Mirror Force like card.

Un mazo más o menos estándar de lanzadores de conjuros. Sevens road Magician es el atacante principal con potencialmente 3900 de ataque, Mystic Dealer da consistencia y velocidad, y Dark liberation es probablemente la mejor trampa del juego haciendo lo mismo que la Fuerza del Espejo.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterLight Sorcerer x3
Doriado (Rush Duel) x3
Spell Archer x3
Sevens Road Magician x3
Windcaster Torna x2
Sevens Road Witch x2
Mystic Dealer x3
Sparkhearts Girl x3
Sevens Road Mage x3
SpellsPiercing! x2
Hammer Crush x3
Wind Spirit's Blessing x3
Magical Stream x3
Pot of Greed (Rush Duel) x1
TrapsDark Liberation x3
SideDark Sorcerer x3
Windcaster Torna x1
Ancient Barrier x3
White Foam - Bleach Motor x2
Call of the Earthbound (Rush Duel) x3
Curtain of Sparks x3
Id#created by Ángelkof x1

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