SpellBook Dragma

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Ecclesia the Dragma Saint
Submission Date: April 13th 2020
Author: anadroll10
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Use the spellbook engine to search and use powerful effects whilst using the dragma cards to enable and make use of them whilst abusing you and your opponents extra deck for resources.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterCardinal of Dogma Tetradragmatton x1
Fleur de Lis the Dragma Knight x3
Maximus Dragma x2
Albus the Nullius Filius x2
Ecclesia the Dragma Saint x3
Adin the Dragma Oracle x2
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy x3
SpellsSpellbook of Knowledge x2
Spellbook of Power x1
Spellbook of the Master x2
Spellbook of Eternity x2
Spellbook of Secrets x3
Disciple of the Nadir x3
Called by the Grave x2
Spellbook of Fate x2
The Grand Spellbook Tower x1
Dogmatic Nation Dragma x1
TrapsDragma Punishment x2
Dragma Encounter x3
ExtraDragon Master Knight x1
Five-Headed Dragon x1
Predaplant Triphyoverutum x1
Borreload Furious Dragon x1
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon x1
Bastard the Ashen Dragon x2
Elder Entity N'tss x3
Mudragon of the Swamp x1
Toadally Awesome x1
Knightmare Phoenix x1
Knightmare Cerberus x1
Salamangreat Almiraj x1
SideGhost Reaper & Winter Cherries x3
Magicians' Souls x3
Invoked Mechaba x1
Dragun of Red-Eyes x1
El Shaddoll Construct x1
Junk Speeder x1
Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess x1
Crystron Halqifibrax x1
Super Polymerization x2
Secret Village of the Spellcasters x1
Id#created by Aki x1
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