Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Shooting Quasar Dragon
Submission Date: January 10th 2020
Author: CerBal
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TACTIC - We are starting from "ib the world chalice justiciar" combo. SS "crystron needlefiber" we use his effect SS "Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest" and we use "ib the world chalice justiciar"effect SS "world chalice guardragon" on him "guardragon elpy". Then "world chalice guardragon" in GY, SS Guardragon Pisty. Nowe "guardragon elpy" effect SS "omni dragon brotaur" select  "Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest" and add "rescue ferret". We are using "world legacy guardragon" to change positions "omni dragon brotaur" and we use "Guardragon Pisty" we use SS "world chalice guardragon". We are leaving "omni dragon brotaur" and "Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest" . From the rest SS "saryuja skull dread" we using draw effect and his SS effect to SS "rescue ferret". "Rescue ferret" effect then SS "Beast of the Pharaoh","Glow-Up Bulb", "Plaguespreader Zombie".  On  "Plaguespreader Zombie" and "Beast of the Pharaoh"  we SS "ib the world chalice justiciar" ( we use effect  "Beast of the Pharaoh" in GY  every time   until I write don't use). On "Beast of the Pharaoh"  and  "Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest" we SS  "assault blackwing sohaya the rain storm". On  "omni dragon brotaur" and "Glow-Up Bulb" we SS "Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain Hide". Now on  "Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain Hide",  "assault blackwing sohaya the rain storm", "ib the world chalice justiciar" we SS "shooting quasar dragon". Then "Plaguespreader Zombie" in GY. On "Beast of the Pharaoh" and "Plaguespreader Zombie" we SS  "assault blackwing sohaya the rain storm" and we use his effect, we SS  "assault blackwing sohaya the rain storm" from GY, and we STOP use "Beast of the Pharaoh" effect in GY. On  "saryuja skull dread" we SS "Linkross" and we SS 1 token. Then  "Glow-Up Bulb" effect in GY. On token and "Glow-Up Bulb" we SS "celestial double star shaman" and we use her effect we SS "Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain Hide". On two  "assault blackwing sohaya the rain storm" and "celestial double star shaman" we SS "Cosmic Blazar Dragon". Then if we have "monster reborn" or "world legacy succession" in hand, we SS "ib the world chalice justiciar" and we use "assault blackwing sohaya the rain storm" effect in GY. On "assault blackwing sohaya the rain storm", "ib the world chalice justiciar", "Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain Hide" we SS "stardust sifr divine dragon". I thought for a long time, how to do this combo without spell. But probably it's  not possible for now [ if  I would have 1  monster zone more that wouldn't be a problem ;)]. Going second: I would recommend using "satellite warrior".

All mine decks are well tested and optimized in terms of draw power, dead hand, synergy. balance & combo.  All this to give you the best possible version of selected deck.

Please check my other decks. You will not regret. Something nice for everyone will be found.

In my opinion completely crazy draw deck with happy end ;)  My completely new unique idea, how to get Exodia in 1 turn.

This deck is a trial insertion Toon archetyp in 2020 year [ or maybe the first serious attempt to introduce it in XXI century ;) ]

With this deck you can do a lot of amazing combos. Is like  Fifty Shades of Grey. I will show you some examples. The rest is up to you.

The Last Warrior From Another Planet returns more effective and stronger than ever. Take your opponent spell or trap (with good hand both). Block monster  when you have the advantage on the field. With only the possibility SET monsters  opponent should not threaten  using monsters effects ;)

You like brute force and OP effect ? Since banning RHONGO this is the most powerful effect in the game. There is no draw phase or battle phase fortunately only for the opponent ;)

Or mayby you wont win with finesse and class, using only cut monsters ? With this deck we not afraid super poly, dark ruler no more or evenly matched. We are not afraid also monsters effects.

You miss a simple game. Tons oponent effects and 5 minutes round bother you. Here you have the answer.

Do you like Gren Maju, banish cards gain a lot LP and ATK. But you think in these times with this deck I won't win with anyone. Nothing more wrong, with a good idea you can do a lot. And this is the most beautiful in YGO new life old cards.

You need deck with whom you will counter your oponent almost no matter what he have and no matter if he starts. Counter your oponent and do much more.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterSouleating Oviraptor x3
Draconnet x3
Mathematician x1
Carboneddon x1
World Chalice Guardragon x1
Omni Dragon Brotaur x1
Galaxy Serpent x1
Beast of the Pharaoh x1
Plaguespreader Zombie x1
Glow-Up Bulb x1
Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest x1
Flamvell Guard x1
Rescue Ferret x1
SpellsFossil Dig x3
Dark Ruler No More x3
Cynet Mining x3
Called by the Grave x3
World Legacy Guardragon x1
Twin Twisters x2
Monster Reborn x1
World Legacy Succession x3
TrapsRed Reboot x2
Evenly Matched x2
ExtraIb the World Chalice Justiciar x2
Crystron Needlefiber x1
Guardragon Pisty x1
Guardragon Elpy x1
Saryuja Skull Dread x1
Assault Blackwing - Sohaya the Rain Storm x2
Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain Hider x1
Shooting Quasar Dragon x1
Linkross x1
Celestial Double Star Shaman x1
Stardust Sifr Divine Dragon x1
Cosmic Blazar Dragon x1
Satellite Warrior x1

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