Shin Dark Magician the Mystic Miner

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Dark Magician
Submission Date: September 26th 2021
Last Updated: September 27th 2021
Author: UnrealPH
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Nothing unusual. Just Dark Magician deck with some twist or you could call this deck a Mystic Mine deck.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterDark Magician x3
Keeper of Dragon Magic x3
Magicians' Souls x3
Magician's Rod x1
Eldlich the Golden Lord x1
SpellsDark Magical Circle x2
Final Countdown x1
Super Polymerization x3
Polymerization x2
Upstart Goblin x1
Pot of Prosperity x3
Pot of Duality x3
Card Destruction x1
Card of Demise x1
Terraforming x1
Demise of the Land x3
Field Barrier x2
Mystic Mine x3
TrapsEternal Soul x2
Metaverse x1
ExtraDark Magician the Dragon Knight x3
Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon x2
Predaplant Triphyoverutum x1
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon x2
Invoked Elysium x1
Mudragon of the Swamp x2
El Shaddoll Winda x1
Elder Entity N'tss x1
Invoked Mechaba x1
Cyber Dragon Nova x1
SideAmano-Iwato x3
Dark Ruler No More x3
Lightning Storm x3
Solemn Judgment x3
Dark Bribe x3
Id#created by I am Mystic Mine x1


Meta? What's meta? Only waifu reigned supreme!!!

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