Salamangreat Code Talkers

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Accesscode Talker
Submission Date: May 23rd 2020
Last Updated: May 25th 2020
Author: DashJovis
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Salamangreat deck I'm working on. The goal is to set up as many interactions as you can in the early game, then eventually follow up with a 1 card Accesscode Talker, a 5k beatstick with 2 attacks thanks to Update Jammer, and 3 targeted destructions as well to break boards.

I'm running 6-8 normal summons. 3 Lady Debug and 3 Formud Skipper are both full combo with Accesscode Talker. Lady Debug is also the start to a pretty good Salamangreat board, since it searches Gazelle or any other extender you need. Formud Skipper only has one target, Parallel EXceed. This should help you start Salamangreat plays while also getting you easy access to Abyss Dweller. 2 Foxy are backup starters, okay normal summons in a pinch, but they're also relatively free extenders and lines of interaction. I decided to skip One For One, as I don't want Skipper bad enough to pitch a card for it.

3 Parallel EXceed make full combo with any other monster, which is the main draw to them, and give easy access to Abyss Dweller. Not much else to say, just a powerful Cyberse monster that is an engine requirement and a combo piece all in one.

We've got a lot of 1 ofs in the the deck, since I'm skipping Desires. Gazelle makes the deck tick, a total engine requirement that is at 1 for a reason. Micro Coder helps make Code Talker combos possible and can search Cynet Conflict or Cynet Mining. Seems good as a 1 of. Falco, Spinny, Mole, and Jaguar are all Salamangreat extenders with various upsides. Seems worth it to run a single Mole to make the combos easier.

For hand traps I have 3 Ash, 3 D.D. Crow, and 3 Called By The Grave. Ash is not amazing right now, but the deck can recurr it, and Ashing ever turn is actually still pretty good. D.D. Crow is essential against Adamancipators, and still super clutch against Eldlich. Called is likewise useful in both of those matchups, and also protects our search heavy deck from Ash and any spicy Droll out there.

3 Cynet Mining can find either combo (which use different cards) or any extender, and can also pitch cards you want in the GY there, as well as be searchs with Micro Coder. Salamangreat Circle is also limited for a reason, both effects are stellar, and having you pick of them is insane. Salamangreat Sanctuary is an engine requirement, basically a total brick if you draw it, so even though you need it I'm only running 1. Will of the Salamangreat is essentially a free extender in any situation, and a very good one. I'm only running 2 because I don't want to see 2 copies together as often. The last spicy, spicy choice is 3 Pot of Avarice. People told me not to do this, but in testing I'm liking it a lot. Basically all of the deck's combos put 5 or more extra deck monsters in the GY off of 1 or 2 cards, and the deck is full of free extenders that remain useful as your turn goes on. This also lets you recycle used Salamangreat Monsters to continue making plays after you would be out of gas. It's insane this card is at 3, and I think more decks should take advantage of that. The downside is it won't find you a starter in a hand full of bricks, but in testing this basically never comes up. The deck is full of 1 and 2 card combos.

For traps I have 2 Rage, 1 Roar, and 1 Cynet Conflict. Conflict could basically be Roar #2, I might be wrong to run this, it's just here so Microcoder can search it as part of the Accesscode combo. It does help in that circumstance. Good traps are good, getting multiple lines of good interaction I can search is helpful to surviving to OTK with Accesscode. Might switch to 2 Roar.

For the extra deck we have 3 Balynx, insane card, must run 3. It starts all of your combos by searching Sanctuary. 3 Sunlight Wolf. With Pot of Avarice you'll easily go through more than 3 of these in a game. This can recurr Ash, recurr your traps making Gazelle even better, recurr combo pieces or extenders. 2 each of Heatleo and Pyropheonix. This give ways to interact with your opponents and Salamangreat beatsticks, very good for doing what Salamangreats do best. I'd love more of these, but that's what Avarice is for. Update Jammer, Transcode, and Accesscode are for the Accesscode combo. 2 Transcode is for the Code Talker trap - you can often end on Pyro Phoenix and Transcode Talker with both counter-traps.

Against Eldlich, side 3 D.D. Crow, 3 Cosmic Cyclone, and 3 Called. Very similar to normal set up. Against Adamancipators side 3 Nibiru, 3 D.D. Crow, and either 3 Called by the Grave or 3 Dark Ruler No More, depending on whether you're going first or second. Against Altergeist side 3 Cyclone, 3 Lightning Storm, 3 Evenly. Against combo going second, side 3 Evenly, 3 Dark Ruler, and 3 of any relevant hand trap or Lightning Storm if you know they end with backrow/attack position monsters such as links. We're basically counting on a recurrable Ash being good enough against everything else (along the other lines of interaction like Roar, Circle, etc).

1 card Accesscode Talker combos

Lady Debug Combo

  1. Summon Lady Debug, searching Gazelle.
  2. Link Lady Debug into Baleynx, searching Sanctuary. Linke Balelynx into Balelynx, chaining Gazelle, summoning itself and sending Jack Jaguar, Spinny, or Foxy.
  3. Play Sanctuary. Summon a Salamangreat monster from your GY.
  4. Link Gazelle and your other monster into Update Jammer
  5. Link Update Jammer into Transcode Talker, ss Update Jammer
  6. Make Accesscode talker with 3 pops, 5300 ATK points and 2 attacks.

Formud Skipper Combo

  1. Play Formud Skipper
  2. Link Formud Skipper into Baleynx, searching Parallel EXceed and Sanctuary.
  3. Play Sanctuary. Link Baleynx into Baleynx. ss EXceed, ss EXceed from your deck
  4. Link 2 EXceed into Update Jammer. See steps 5-6 above.

Lady Debug Negate Combo

  1. Normal summon Lady Debug, searching Gazelle.
  2. Link into Balelynx adding Salamangreat Sanctuary to your hand. Link into Balelynx, Chaining Gazelle, sending Salamangreat Roar.
  3. Link into Sunlight Wolf. Link into Sunlight Wolf. Wolf effect sets Roar (this could also be Rage or Circle).

Most of your actual plays involve using multiple cards, but it's nice to have some solid 1 card combos. Note that Accesscode is best saved for a turn you can OTK with it, and that generally, you're still using Formud Skipper to make Salad plays.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterAsh Blossom & Joyous Spring x2
D.D. Crow x3
Formud Skipper x2
Lady Debug x3
Micro Coder x2
Parallel eXceed x3
Salamangreat Falco x1
Salamangreat Fowl x1
Salamangreat Foxy x1
Salamangreat Gazelle x1
Salamangreat Jack Jaguar x1
Salamangreat Spinny x1
SpellsCalled by the Grave x3
Cynet Mining x3
Pot of Avarice x3
Salamangreat Circle x1
Salamangreat Sanctuary x1
Will of the Salamangreat x2
TrapsCynet Conflict x1
Infinite Impermanence x2
Salamangreat Rage x2
Salamangreat Roar x1
ExtraAbyss Dweller x1
Accesscode Talker x1
Salamangreat Balelynx x3
Salamangreat Heatleo x2
Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix x2
Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf x3
Transcode Talker x2
Update Jammer x1
SideNibiru, the Primal Being x3
Cosmic Cyclone x3
Dark Ruler No More x3
Lightning Storm x3
Evenly Matched x3
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