Salamangreat Ablaze 2.0

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Avida, Rebuilder of Worlds
Submission Date: August 19th 2019
Last Updated: September 6th 2019
Author: Maguszero
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Salamangreat deck that has many strategies, tech and options in order to turbo/bait/disrupt and control your opponent. This go around wanted to make it more Salamans in it to make it close to pure salamangreats as possible with a few tech/search cards in order to make it easier and faster to bring out your links/disruption cards/negates as possible while controlling your opponent and the pace. Also I added a fowl to make it easier to bring out your abyss dweller. I originally had Nibiru in here but after play testing it and playing against it I have moved on. (Especially when I had a situation where my opponent dropped a Nibiru on me sacrificing my monsters only to give me a 6600k + attck token with over 3k def that couldn't be swung over, you can imagine the LOL)

Toggle Deck List
MonsterAvida, Rebuilder of Worlds x1
Cataclysmic Scorching Sunburner x1
Salamangreat Beat Bison x1
Salamangreat Parro x2
Lady Debug x1
Salamangreat Falco x1
Salamangreat Fowl x2
Salamangreat Jack Jaguar x1
Crusadia Reclusia x1
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x2
Salamangreat Fennec x1
Salamangreat Foxy x3
Salamangreat Gazelle x1
Salamangreat Spinny x3
Widget Kid x1
Salamangreat Mole x1
Salamangreat Raccoon x1
SpellsFury of Fire x1
Raigeki x1
Salamangreat Recureance x1
Cynet Storm x1
Salamangreat Sanctuary x1
Rising Fire x1
Salamangreat Claw x1
Will of the Salamangreat x1
Called by the Grave x2
Salamangreat Circle x1
TrapsDrowning Mirror Force x2
Salamangreat Rage x1
Black Horn of Heaven x1
Debunk x1
Salamangreat Roar x2
ExtraAbyss Dweller x1
Salamangreat Miragestallio x1
Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze x1
Knightmare Phoenix x1
Salamangreat Balelynx x3
Salamangreat Heatleo x2
Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix x2
Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf x2
Topologic Zeroboros x1
Transcode Talker x1
SideDinowrestler Pankratops x1
Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay x1
Flame Bufferlo x1
Ghost Sister & Spooky Dogwood x1
Salamangreat Coyote x1
D.D. Crow x1
Effect Veiler x1
Salamangreat Violet Chimera x1
Security Dragon x1
Update Jammer x1
Cynet Mining x1
World Legacy Succession x1
Salamangreat Transcendence x1
Super Polymerization x1
Judgment of Anubis x1

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