Rush Spellcasters (Pure)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Rush Duel Decks
Deck Master: Sevens Road Magician
Submission Date: September 6th 2020
Author: Kiss My Ash Blossom
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Rush Duel Decks

Sevens Road Magician / Spellcaster

Missing cards are: 1 Shield & Sword, 1 Block Attack


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MonsterFaith Bird (Rush Duel) x3
Dark Sorcerer x3
Dragolite x3
Feral Imp (Rush Duel) x1
Magical Beast Wolfram x3
Stray Familiar x2
Sevens Road Magician x3
Windcaster Torna x3
Sevens Road Witch x2
Mystic Dealer x3
Luminous Shaman x2
SpellsWind Spirit's Blessing x3
Magical Stream x3
TrapsDark Liberation x1
Curtain of Sparks x3
SideDark Magician (Rush Duel) x1
Mask of Volos x1
Sonic Jaeger x1
Medium Octopus x1
Piercing! x1
Recovery Force x1
One-Side Flip x1
Call of the Earthbound (Rush Duel) x1
Id#created by gotta go fast x1
160201009 x1
160201011 x1
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