Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: blue eyes white dragon
Submission Date: January 24th 2021
Author: proygo
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MonsterBlue-Eyes White Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Black Dragon x1
Beast of Talwar x1
Luster Dragon #2 x1
Meteor Dragon x1
Alexandrite Dragon x1
Archfiend Soldier x1
Battle Ox x1
Ryu-Kishin Powered x1
Alligator's Sword x1
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman x1
Mystical Elf x1
Baby Dragon x1
Flame Manipulator x1
Tyrant Dragon x1
Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon x1
D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon x1
Odd-Eyes Dragon x1
Harpie Lady Sisters x1
Cyber Dragon x1
Vice Dragon x1
Goblin Elite Attack Force x1
Axe Dragonute x1
Bright Star Dragon x1
Gearfried the Iron Knight x1
Herald of Creation x1
Mad Archfiend x1
Birdface x1
Fabled Ashenveil x1
Mirage Dragon x1
Maha Vailo x1
Amazoness Swords Woman x1
Amazoness Chain Master x1
Theban Nightmare x1
Little-Winguard x1
Ancient Dragon x1
Amazoness Sage x1
Harpie Lady 1 x1
Harpie Lady 2 x1
Exploder Dragon x1
DUCKER Mobile Cannon x1
Skelengel x1
The Calculator x1
Grave Squirmer x1
SpellsBanner of Courage x1
Axe of Despair x1
Black Pendant x1
Malevolent Nuzzler x1
Dark Hole x1
Smashing Ground x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Rush Recklessly x1
TrapsCall of the Haunted x1
Negate Attack x1
Dust Tornado x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Mask of Weakness x1
Mirror Force x1
Pinpoint Guard x1
Trap Hole x1
ExtraThousand Dragon x1
Flame Swordsman x1
Alligator's Sword Dragon x1
SideHarpie Lady 3 x1
Lord of D. x1
Twin-Headed Behemoth x1
Kaibaman x1
Time Wizard x1
Copycat x1
Amazoness Heirloom x1
Cyber Shield x1
Amazoness Village x1
Harpies' Hunting Ground x1
Mountain x1
Sogen x1
Polymerization x1
The Flute of Summoning Dragon x1
Graceful Dice x1
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