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Thunder Dragon Link ft. Nocotovision Dragon - #freecolossus by Dani1ele 2 hours ago.

Ban and Unban - Most Disputed Forbidden List Takes - I realllyyyy hope colossus comes off the Banlist man, my guy has been imprisoned for far too long by Yugituber 3 hours ago.

Mildly Threatening Sharks - In my previous builds I was running Shtana as a 2 of, than as a 1 of before ultimately being removed. That card has caused me issues in certain scenarios where xyz remora is my saving grace and well, it needs to target 2 fish, and Shtana is certainly not one lol. by SassyCoffee 5 hours ago.

Brave Marincess - Glad you like the Brave Token engine. I think it's going to be a pretty solid engine to splash in the upcoming future decks. Yeah, now that I'm looking at it Pasculus can probably be dropped to one and Sea Archiver can probably be removed. Wonder Heart, I only really used cause of that floating effect seems semi-alright, but it's probably just better to go into Accesscode or something. I'll consider running three Wave, tbh the card feels like a brick to me and more of a win more card. Tenyi - Shthana, I don't like that card. I have had games where that card cost me games. Mudragon is a cute tech, might add it to my Extra deck since I'm probably cutting Wonder Heart. Thanks for the advice I'll be sure to re-edit this deck at some point. by SassyCoffee 5 hours ago.

Penguin Icejade 2021 - last card is "ice barrier" (the trap) by Old Box 6 hours ago.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW SIX SAMURAI FTK!!!!!!!! - > The information on the wiki about infinite loops is outdated and still says you can't do anything that would result in a no net change loop and the gamestate is rewinded if it's done on accident. On page 41 of this document, there are instructions on what to do if an infinite loop happens that make it clear you CAN perform actions that would result on a no net change infinite loop. You can also see it on the first and third examples used. by Shiqui 9 hours ago.

Bravelich - play the dragon equip spell that brave has. you can search it, discard it for eldlich, pop a card for eldlich's effect, then it equips to the token and removes another card plus its free material for eldlichs graveyard effect by GioGio 9 hours ago.

Odd-Eyes Performapal - [quote=RedEyesCommando post_id=78719 time=1631894727 user_id=23777] Why do people [i][b]Always[/b][/i] ignore my ideas. I even made a forum for people to share ideas for new appliancer cards. [/quote] your ideas are out of touch with the current state of yugioh by GioGio 9 hours ago.

Salamangreat v.4 | Still July - awesome thanks for the insight on why you chose the cards by yayuiooo 10 hours ago.

Dragravion [Galaxy Eyes Felgrand] Deck - Looks good. I never thought 💭 of this before so ty for the idea 💡 by Starro 11 hours ago.

Brave Token Engine: The Talk of the Town - I'm not sure if this is an insult, but I think the brave token engine needs some throttle. Also, we already have archetypes for "weeblords" like you, those being: magician girl, marincess and exorsister. by RedEyesCommando 12 hours ago.

THE ULTIMATE DECK (Devine Beasts, Exodia, Evil Eye...) - There is no way this works. About 80 percent of the deck is a brick by Yamikage 13 hours ago.

Beetrooper - Is there a reason to run Killer Needle instead of Gokibore? Goki has better defense, same attack. I could maybe see it if you're up against a Barrier Statue or Gozen Match to help with attribute, depending on what your board is. Just a thought... by savagegalaxy101 14 hours ago.

Salamangreats on a budget ($150) - Wow, this is such a good write-up. Thank you! I will tinker with the list with these suggestions and update the deck accordingly! by tspringer9054 14 hours ago.

Regarding the October 2021 OCG Limit Regulations - Wow, I'm actually really surprised OCG banned Mystic Mine, before the TCG did by Hazy_Dayz 14 hours ago.

SLIFER THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER!!! - I love how this has 41 cards but one of them being upstart XD by SegedinGolaz 15 hours ago.

[ODD-EYES] (No Magician) Deck Profile (Pure) - That leaves clear wing by RedEyesCommando 15 hours ago.

Predaplant Control - Triphyoverutum you probably need at least one and for verte any link 2 with a mid-game effect will do by JoeriOrochi 15 hours ago.

Flundereeze X Dogmatika - In Depth - Cherry reaper is a really neat tech by EggJoe 18 hours ago.

Fun Beast Beat Down with 6+ Raigeki - Man...Flying elephant seems really cool by Dani1ele 18 hours ago.