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No-Archetype-Yu-Gi-Oh!-Deck - The first event of the Boxgods Championship Series is free, all on Duelingbook and has a format similar to this. The prize support is good, too. by Solember 6 hours ago.

Infernity - "yeah more like pure unadulterated ego" by twistedbird09 7 hours ago.

Speedroids - do u have discord if so I can duel ur speedroids someday when I am free. My discord is Rondasrich #5269 by Rondasrich 8 hours ago.

Plain scraps - Now with artifacts - Why did you drop Scrap Searcher in this build? by Trox 8 hours ago.

Awesome RA! - Good deck bro, it works really well! by MrFartDude 8 hours ago.

Orcust Eldlich June 2021 - The deck is definitely good. It can pivot, it can survive hand traps, it has immediate recursion. One thing to note - Babel and Scarlet conflict. Using Orcust effs in GY lock you into DARKs, while using Scarlet locks you into Zombies, none of which are DARKs. by somek 11 hours ago.

Thorjama Invader Beatlockdown - to send ojama duo to the gy mostly by w4ste_ 11 hours ago.

SSS Ė Second Sky Strikers (July 2021) - [quote=FeeshSlayer post_id=71993 time=1624536031 user_id=25116] No offense, but comparing what Striker can do to what current meta decks can do is kind of... underwhelming. It's probably because I wasn't around during the Eternal format that I don't know this, but what kinds of strengths would Striker have over other prevalent decks this format, like Dragon Link, Zoo-Brigade, and Drytron, and over other decks boosted by the banslist, like Salamangreat and Pendulum? [/quote] Itís known to be one of the most grindy and controlling decks of all time by amorphage 15 hours ago.

Photon Light LV2 - You should probably remove all the non-essential and situational stuff and get the deck to 40 cards for consistency. Also, if you wanted to save the list, you could have exported it in the deckbuilding tool as either a url or a .ydk file and just saved that on your computer. Also, I would have to say Starliege Lord Galaxion is a better way to cheat out Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, as basically the entire Photon archetype is Level 4 (aside from the big dragons) and they summon themselves. It would also allow you to use Eternal Galaxy as a follow-up on a future turn, giving you a free rank 8. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to test this deck out to see what would be optimal. Hope this helps! by FeeshSlayer 16 hours ago.

Budget Salamangreat - You should probably cut Torrential Tribute for Solemn Strike. After that, Trap Trick will be virtually useless (as now the only target is Salamangreat Rage,) so you should play Parallel eXceed for better access to your rank 4s. by FeeshSlayer 16 hours ago.

Hazy Flame Deck - [quote=Dani1ele post_id=71916 time=1624463132 user_id=35574] @StalkingVengeance is fantastic as always. I was search for hours for a good build for Hazy flames and i think that I finally found it. Thank so much for post it.^^ [/quote] You're very welcome, happy to hear that this list helps someone. ^^ I might add the new "Piri Reis Map" to the list in the future, since it gives further consistency to "Evoltile Megachirella" and therefore allows the player to start with the double "Hazy Flame Hydra" more often. by StalkingVengeance 20 hours ago.

COUNTER FAIRY DECK 2021 - Trap Trick doesn't belong in here. It only has a single target (Storming Mirror Force), and that is run at only 2 copies. by Solember 20 hours ago.

Sky Striker Post Ban List TCG (June 2021) - Exodia by SoulTrainer96 1 day ago.

Buy the Big Dipper - Ursarctic Deck Introduction - It works for black luster soldier by amorphage 1 day ago.

Virtual world - June 2021 - [quote=iloveoranges post_id=71926 time=1624468398 user_id=33361] If you're going to play Necroworld Banshee, you might as well also play Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal. It's better than praying that you happen to open the one foolish burial in the deck. [/quote] OMG!! You are right!! I definitely forgot about Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal, about her effect and that she is a rank 6 monster. Thank you so much mate. by Dani1ele 1 day ago.

New Card: Utopia - this is kinda nuts by BorgarTimeYGO 1 day ago.

Danger Blue-Eyes - No point in running Pisty, in order for you to use it properly you need more than one link monster.. by Jaxx206 1 day ago.

Relinquished-Kaiju - $$ by pimet800 1 day ago.

Strikers Engage! - Deck updated as testing continues and more changes may come as we get closer to July. Decided to move TCBOO into the side deck and main Evenly Matched instead. by Yubel is Bae 1 day ago.

Rose Scrap Synchro Striker - What sort of combo path would you take, and what do you end on? by FeeshSlayer 1 day ago.