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Shaddoll - This is literally just a copied version of team samurai's shaddoll invoked mekk knights list Literally card by card by Deckmaster3k 1 hour ago.

Neo Yusei Fudo - np by DragonBOK 15 hours ago.

Dark Dragon Force - This deck is going to be changed soon cause after some further research I've found some better monsters to make pendulum and synchro summons easier with a few more tuners and an odd-eyes pendulum card. by DragonBOK 15 hours ago.

Destiny Board | Spirit Message - seems like a pretty legit updated bakura deck. by kappzr 19 hours ago.

Black Rose Dragon 2020 - Ofc Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of a New Era you'll find me there. Write to me in chat in the game or just challenge me in chat options. by CerBal 19 hours ago.

Best Deck - wait is this a regular deck or s speed dual or is it just a bunch of toon cards? by coolmanguy 1 day ago.

best deck ever - i understand it is about dark monsters but what are the combos? by coolmanguy 1 day ago.

Gaia deck - hi, i using spade for dispatch, it is rare in a duel to use 3,I specify ocg / tcg because the banlist on which I base myself is the tcg while including ocg cards, I do not take it badly, especially not against constructive criticism, thank you for expressing yourself by coolqueval 2 days ago.

@Ignister - You should really consider maining some board breaking cards instead of relying on the @ignisters to do all of the work. Stuff like Kaijus, Nibiru, Lightning Storm all are great at breaking established boards making your OTK more consistent and easy :) Also is there a reason Lady debug isnt at 3? Its your best normal summon in this deck cause it'll get you achichi or pikari depending on what you need. Also keep in mind you could run limited draw spells like into the void or upstart to increase consistency. You're blinding second and trying to OTK so you shouldnt care if your hand is gone at the end of the turn since you're trying to end the game ASAP. I'd cut the mathmechs, they're not enabling your engine. Consider pot of desires or pot of extravagence for added consistency :) by SoulKing13 2 days ago.

phantom knights - HOLD UP! No Dark rebellion?! I'm confused by PurpleUniTurtleMan 2 days ago.

destiny hero - Why side deck Pyro clock? You should replace an end dragoon with cross crusader by PurpleUniTurtleMan 2 days ago.

vwxyz-dragon - take out the poly's, these are contact fusion ONLY by PurpleUniTurtleMan 2 days ago.

Lunalight Danger! - please leave a coment what u think. if u have any sugestions please comment them. by ThIcC bOi 2 days ago.

cat deck - if you want to read this don't me and senor turtlebits have been friends for a long time and this is just a reply so unless you are Mr.Purple turtlebits then don't read this. senor turtlebits 1 there are 9 lv2 monsters in the deck and can create 8 lv2 tokens. 2 i have the majespecters for their pendulum count. 3 i have the gravekeepers to increase chances of getting a fusion monster on the field. 4 scapegoat last time i checked was semi limited. 5 gravekeeper's supernaturalist can be summoned there are two gravekeeper monsters. 6 i meant to take nine-lives out. 7 it isn't a full blown cat deck its supposed be used just for the giggles senor turtlebits. 8 yes we can but you need to look at some of the cards before you judge the deck senor tutlebits. by phantomknights sword 2 days ago.

shaddoll showdown structure deck 2020 - If this is meant to be a direct list of the new structure deck it is actually missing a few cards. There are more extra deck cards in the set then the ones shown by Ultafireblast 2 days ago.

Competitive!! Heavy Machine Boys - I'll definitly try this out. But I am missing Bashing Shield, so I'll focus on the skill card and use more control effects. by HeldenTaverne 2 days ago.

Flint!! Flintlock Deck Profile - Overall I like it and flint was fun to play at the sneak peek. But what's with the Pendulum Machine? Which part do I miss? by HeldenTaverne 2 days ago.

Turbo Kairyu Shin!! Kairyu-Shin Deck Profile - I almost forgot that Summoner's Art is already released! And Cost Down is awesome! Thank you very much, this helps a lot. We have some younger players at our Locals and they wanted to play the Kairyu shin deck. by HeldenTaverne 2 days ago.

First deck - Definitely listen to PurpleUniTurtleMan, he offers good advice. - If you want to build a speed duel deck (since you included a skill card) then look up the list of legal speed duel cards: - If you don't want to build a speed duel deck: you need a minimum of 40 cards in your deck. by YGOPRODeck 3 days ago.

Digital Bug | Spider | Insect Xyz - This is amazing my dood by Vhorm 3 days ago.