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Mathmech combo sleeper deck - yup but the combo searches the trap card to send the normal summon to the GY before they can link 2 by Onisan 1 hour ago.

hero's next generation 2.0 - [quote="proygo"]are you trying to tell me how to use this :?:[/quote] I'm just trying to give advice as a fellow HERO player. by xcr27 1 hour ago.

Guru Control - Crackdown and summon limit are good options for this deck. BTW "Subterror Behemoth Umastryx" it a excellent card to use in this deck, but just one. by Dani1ele 2 hours ago.

Structure Deck: Don Thousand - ^^^Its one of konami's structure decks so dont expect much. If konami made this 1 year ago, they would make so much money off of this by GioGio 4 hours ago.

Cyber Dragon ft. Wattfox - [quote=jobe04051993 post_id=44228 time=1611619393 user_id=13072] [quote=GioGio post_id=44207 time=1611609209 user_id=37288] [quote=jobe04051993 post_id=44206 time=1611608874 user_id=13072] Have you ever tried the Dark Magician Cyber Dragon Deck??? [/quote] You're kidding, right? [/quote] ACTUALLY..... The deck sounds dumb but actually works very well DM. [/quote] DM-Spellcaster/ CD Machines DM-lvl 7/ CD-lvl 5 DM-Slow/ CD-OTK DM-Bad/ CD-Decent NO SYNERGY by GioGio 4 hours ago.

Shaddoll Invoked - [quote=Yugituber post_id=44218 time=1611611810 user_id=31277] [quote=henrystick post_id=44211 time=1611610531 user_id=29373] you want el shaddoll at 3 all the time tuber to increase the grind game [/quote] I was talking about a combo shaddoll deck not control and schism is a better card to surprise the opponent [/quote] that's called wasting your resources by henrystick 5 hours ago.

Who Do You Think Should Get A Archtype - Launcher Spider already has "newer" version of itself. Hyozanryu would be interesting to make into it's own archetype. It would probably be something like this: Plasmion Level 4 LIGHT Dragon/Effect 1700 ATK/ 2200 DEF If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: you can tribute this card; Special Summon 1 "Hyozanryu" from your Hand, Deck, or GY, and if you do, it's ATK and DEF becomes doubled. by Samm99663 6 hours ago.

BA and Chill - Sekka's light was limited because of danger thunder guardragon playing it as the only piece of backrow because pot of greed. by BorgarTimeYGO 6 hours ago.

The best Toon deck i could think of ._. - Pot of acquisitiveness can’t pull face down cards due to public knowledge. You wouldn’t be able to use it with the cards banished with toon kingdom. by Jovial Jester 8 hours ago.

Ignister Deck - hope we get ocg firewall by toe 9 hours ago.

Psy-Frame december 2020 - Yo, Threader is kinda bricky and there are Psychic Feel Zone and Squadron to take back banished Drivers or prevent them to be banished during the end phase so it isn't reliable in general If you want to try the deck the one Mine is important to slow down duels if you brick and keep the field under control by Onisan 9 hours ago.

Dark Magician deck - eye has no targets by GioGio 9 hours ago.

pack open 1 - k by namesarehard 11 hours ago.

War Rock - [quote=Zaen- post_id=44132 time=1611557420 user_id=40943] these archetype is dog shit, its like back to early day yu gi oh [/quote] this* by henrystick 12 hours ago.

Atlantean Mermails V2.0 - oh, ok, I can be an idiot at times by amorphage 13 hours ago.

War rocks the mountain - Abyss dweller and bagooska are both strong rank 4 options. by BorgarTimeYGO 13 hours ago.

Adamancipator Dragoon - oops my mind was not in the right place when typing this out I meant to say Seeker every time I wrote Analyzer. I updated it with the correction. by WaveCaller 13 hours ago.

tell me your advice - ok ill make sure i book this and make an new one by proygo 13 hours ago.

Subterror control v3 - gio super poly is sided, you would know that if you took more than 5 seconds analyzing the deck by henrystick 16 hours ago.

OP Shaddoll deck - this isnt op this is the structure deck +swords by GioGio 16 hours ago.