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ROKKET-DRAGON LINK - why do you use galactic spiral dragon but not a rank 8? do you just use it as an extender? by Isaac Hur 2 hours ago.

Red-Eyes Rokket Dragon Link - THank you so much for this deck list and the combos. Make more you r awesome by EndymionPlaya 4 hours ago.

S0 Numeron wall - Forgot avarice was a 3 lol by Themadhatter 5 hours ago.

NECROFACE INFERNO 2020 - Yep, and the most important thing: the face of the opponent when you use inferno tempest ahah by Jackwing1990 9 hours ago.

Adamancipator with jet synchron combo - I expierienced the same thing when I was testing the deck. On Dueling Nexus you have to click "1: Destroy 1 card on the field" for it to work I believe it is just a glitch or a fault in the programming. by landguy 10 hours ago.

2ND TURN DRAGOON KAIJU FTK - Simple and Easy to Use by kyo23 12 hours ago.

Fluffal/Frightfur Deck - Replying to FlipStar Union Carrier is used as an extra combo to equip Edge Imp Chain to Frightfur Sabre-Tooth. This is just an extra combo, not used in the main combo. Hope this answered your question. ~Creator by Soulburner_Mana 14 hours ago.

Elemental HERO Deck - 60-card deck? by NovaDragon9618 20 hours ago.

Under The Sights: Possible Targets for the New Banlist - you realize both buster and o-lion are getting reprinted soon so they DEFINITLY wont get banned. come on, do ur research by EndlessWanderer 1 day ago.

Kaiju Fur Hire - I think the author is summoning Link Spider with Scapegoat. by landguy 1 day ago.

1st Thunder Dragon Meta 2020 - that buster welp though by Yamato_Ishida 1 day ago.

The Phantom Thieves of Time (Time Thieves/Phantom Knights) - Yeah, it is kinda straightforward, but the way you can retaliate against your opponent's attempts to disrupt you or try and force their powerful tools down your throat can go a variety of different ways if you chain your effects just right. Plus, the only expensive cards here would be Jackalope? and Nessie! as far as I can tell, and maybe a Link monster or two like Unicorn, Phoenix, or Fortress Megaclops which I plan to add once I get this particular deck swapped out to comply with the current Limited/Forbidden list. And yeah, Phantom Knights are surprisingly good with this deck! The engine may seem kinda archaic, but it'll make more sense when you notice how it goes down. If you normal summon Ancient Cloak or Silent Boots, nine times out of ten you'll be able to summon Silent Boots for free from your hand at the same time, and that'll let you make Break Sword which destroys itself and any of your opponent's cards, in the process reviving the two Phantom Knights used to summon it and boost their levels by one so you can immediately Xyz summon again for a Rank 4. It only locks you into summoning DARK monsters afterwards, but since the deck is almost entirely DARK-based (hence the inclusion of Allure of Darkness) this is barely a restriction, and you can totally go into either Redoer or Perpetua or even Dark Rebellion. What's more, when you send those materials to the grave again, you can banish them to get searching for cool cards like Rank-Up Magic Launch to make Blaze Falcon or Dark Requiem or Fog Blade for some more negation. Overall there's a lot of ground to cover as far as how to go about playing the deck and pulling fast ones on your opponent, but my best advice would be to try it out yourself on say, Nexus or YGOPRO and see how you can make it work for you, personally. Experience is the best teacher, and I can say that for this deck entirely. by ChupiTrooper 1 day ago.

[M.P.] Machine Dissociation | April 20, 2020. - I've never seen someone using Xing Zhen Hu Replica in a competitive Deck, this Deck is frightening. by Fah'Crystal 1 day ago.

salamangreat meta full - Is this trinity format lol, because if not this looks terrible by Themadhatter 1 day ago.

PSY-Frame - looks legit by SchmaderD6666 2 days ago.

Salamangreat Deck Profile 2020 (Remake) - i mean, yes, a draw two for the discard of a cyberse is a nice effect, but I don't want to have the potential of not getting an eXceed or an Micro Coder, or Lady Debug, which are some starters/extenders you definitley want in your hand hopefully often by SchmaderD6666 2 days ago.

Ojama Deck - :D Gonna give it a try, love using Ojama and wacky decks lol, if i have any questions about the deck iíll make sure to ask, you for help. by SolLuka03 2 days ago.

Dragma, Shaddoll, and Invoked. Oh, My! - I see this a lot with ďnewerĒ deck builders, but you donít want that many two ofs. Like I donít understand why people do this. Itís a fine deck just work on consistency by Themadhatter 2 days ago.

Cyber Dragon 2020 (Better One?) - Definitely a lot better my dude, the only thing is you play to many 2 ofs. So just work on consistency issues and you have a decent cyber dragon deck. The extra is a lot better, and the side isnít what I would be playing, but it the side deck is more of a personal thing. So all in all great job man, keep Improving by Themadhatter 2 days ago.

DON'T LOOK IT'S FUCKED UP - So... i am going for a reupload and a better version xD by AxelKaptoe 2 days ago.