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Cubic Deck 2019 - Oh also, Crimson Nova says Cubic CARDS not MONSTERS. Meaning you can also reveal the Cubic spells and/or traps. by Nohbody 3 hours ago.

Danger! Odd-eyes - I had played again with this deck, this time having a better knowledge of the combos, and I have to say it works just fine and is quite competent. There I apologize for my previous negative review, since at that time I didn't know much of the many combos this could do, and was quite biased back them, I'm sorry for that, and I hope you continue posting more decks. by AzureRikaZangetsu 1 day ago.

Yang zing Foes 2019 - Awesome deck bro by Landon 1 day ago.

Relinquished deck - Big fan of this deck, would also side Dark renewal as it complements the deck well. by Bibing 2 days ago.

Crystron control - [quote=e.Lopez02 post_id=11126 time=1563549885 user_id=14879] Hi I want to build this deck for the tcg. There are cards such as dragon ogre diety of tenyi and crystron needlefiber that are not readily available. Do you have any alternatives I might be able to use? [/quote] Yo To play Crystrons in TCG since Needlefiber isn't released you have to play a more offensive build with starters such as True King Barastos and the a little engine with the water Genex. So you can play Trishula on Deity. But this version is inferior P.S you can now use monster gate x3 to have regular +1 and more spam potential, I updated my build with them and it became better by Onisan 2 days ago.

In2 The Void (July 2019) - Yep Mask Change II allows you to summon Masked HERO Dark Law. There are a handful of low level DARK monsters you can use this on in this deck. by YGOPRODeck 2 days ago.

Red Nova Resonator Deck - I think Scarlight would be a better option rather than Red Dragon Archfiend, its pretty inconvenient to have all your monsters eradicated if they didn't attack, which in this case are mainly tuners. by DuelReaper 2 days ago.

Red Dragon Archfiend Deck 2019 - Hi, I am the creator of this deck, DragunOG, and if you prefer to put the guardragon engine in the deck, feel free to use, but remember that if you do, you're vulnerable to handtraps, but if you really want to play with the guardragon engine, go ahead, and I hope you guys that liked the deck :) by DragunOG 2 days ago.

Don Cheat v1 - also i wasnt clear enough having multiple copies of contract and throne on the field if you drew em is good by Yeeter 3 days ago.

Demise & Ruin - Couldn't decide who belonged in the main deck, Levianeer or BLS. by Bibing 3 days ago.

Warrior Aggro - Great to see more Goat format decks! by YGOPRODeck 3 days ago.

Mystic Mine - Just so you guys know, if you remove the actual hyperlink to the youtube video and have it on it's own line then it will embed the video into the deck post for you :) by YGOPRODeck 3 days ago.

Sky Striker banlist 7/2019 TCG - Infinite Impermanence is a good card ,you don't should substitute it ,it's a hand trap if you go later :v by DaxuaGankTem 3 days ago.

Dark Magician(Crusadia Engine) - Nice deck, crusadia speed up DM alot but seem it's a little outdated, Would you please to update the deck ? I really like this build by Namonaki 3 days ago.

Raidraptors Meta July 2019 - Good explanation except for Booster Strix description its effect says destroy not send to the graveyard. by KarmaKun 4 days ago.

NEW AROMAGE SUPPORT DECK 2019 - I think once your main deck only has five of the cards in the deck name, you should change that name. This is not an Aromage deck in anyway, shape or form. by UnnervingShadow 4 days ago.

DANGER! EXODIA FTK 2019 - [YGOCard][color=#804000][/color][/YGOCard]Pretty freakin' sweet, not gonna lie. I love the notion of just drawing so hard you either deck out or win. If I may suggest something, though, since Soul Charge, Gumblar and Tomahawk now banned anyway, as well as some other cards being at least semi-limited? You could attempt to fit in some of the lvl 8 Dangers and put in an awesome first turn draw monster called Coach King Giantrainer. 3 lvl 8 monsters to XYZ into, detach up to 3 times in a turn, draw a card for each detachment. If it's a monster, reveal it and burn your opponent for 800. Odds are you'll burn 'em for the full 2400 with your monster ratio. Daigusto Emeral would be another great choice at 1, now that it's back. In a nutshell, I would suggest; Taking out - Grinder Golem, 1 Jack, Nessie and Snek, 3 Dogman, 1 Monster Reincarnation and 1 Soul Charge as well as 1 Gumblar, 1 Tomahawk and 1 Linkuriboh To put in - 3 Ogopogo (since he can help fuel Beginning of the End in a pinch), 1 Bigfoot, 1 Thunderbird, 2 Chupacabra (to special summon lvl 8s or 4's where necessary), 1 Danger! Response Team (not only extend your first turn draws, but also give you a great primary target for Ogopogo) and 1 Upstart Goblin, since your strategy doesn't really revolve around caring how many life points your opponent has. Then in the extra deck, 1 Daigusto Emeral and 1 Coach King Giantrainer. This is, of course, just my own personal opinion. If your original build works for you, awesome. by Old Man Torm 4 days ago.

Impcantation; Blue-Eyes Chaos Max-Attack - A god damn 60 card Impcantation Ritual deck containing only 7 ritual monsters. Bold move. But I really can't wrap my head around some of these ratios. If you're gonna run only one copy of a lot of these cards, why bother running them at all in 60 cards? The odds are against you ever seeing them, or worse, seeing them at a very inopportune time. Between that and Pot of Desires maybe banning single copies of cards anyway, it seems a bit silly. [color=darkred][/color] by Old Man Torm 4 days ago.

Salamangreat July 2019 - deck perfeito pra mim, testei ele sem as cynet mining já que não as tenho e ainda assim funcionou muito bem. by Aion 4 days ago.

Pendulum Magician Guardragon - May/2019 - have you tried the mythical beast engine in here? by MemeLord9001 5 days ago.

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