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Cyberse Extra Link 2019 - by geraldzkiejj 21 hours ago.

Cyberse Talker 3.0 - by Maguszero 22 hours ago.

Blackwing Competitive Deck 2019 (Post July Ban list - Updated) + Combos - Evilswarm Nightmare, I decided to cut. I agree with you, it barely comes out in optimal play and can be substituted with an Abyss Dweller or other Meta Extra Deck monster by VASKAS 1 day ago.

My version of the Elemental Hero deck. - I hope u all like my deck. Be honest about what you think and don't be scared to tell me what u guys and gals think.[color=red][/color] by Vengeance 2 days ago.

IGNISTER NEW ARCHETYPE 2019 - FULL POWER - Yeah the cards weren't added to our database when this was uploaded. by YGOPRODeck 2 days ago.

Mya-nee Cloudian - ... no smoke ball and turbulence.... WHY? by Linkhell122 3 days ago.

Blue Eyes White Dragon 2019 Pure Build - What I usually do for my blue eyes, I summon spirit first then summon another tuner next turn. Then spirit's effect sending it to the grave yard to summon black rose moonlight. Then you can use the tuner you summoned earlier with Black Rose Moonlight to synchro summon for Crystal Wing. by SpeciqlWolfy 4 days ago.

Fun Orcust counter deck with Van'Dalgyon - Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord is definitely an interesting addition. Gonna playtest to see how it works out. by YGOPRODeck 4 days ago.

I play, you quit, I win - soulking13 we all know that but he atleast made it and posted it here by Shad0wfr0st 4 days ago.

Budget Lunalight/Orcust Sept. 2019 - shit by Shad0wfr0st 5 days ago.

Rokket Revival - Finally was able to film while play testing by Maguszero 5 days ago.

[TCG] MARCH 2019 META PREDEPLANT COMPETITIVE DECK - [quote=clarkbarnaby post_id=12586 time=1568566358 user_id=14801] Umm, there's 3 instant fusions but no fusion monsters in the extra deck that are lv 5 or below. Te card is just a brick [/quote] Yeah not entirely sure how you are supposed to use Instant Fusion here by YGOPRODeck 5 days ago.

Link Tutorial - Thanks for letting me know! They seem to be using an invalid ID for the card which is really strange :o by YGOPRODeck 5 days ago.

Heart Of The Duelist - I am looking to see if I can maybe have Palladium Oracle Mana to my deck. But i don't know what card i should switch out for her. leave a comment, i will only see the first one who comments. by SSJETHAN 6 days ago.

Best Timelord LP-Drain - Congrats on first submission! by YGOPRODeck 1 week ago.

Rokket Revolution - Few notes to help you on your way! - Mirror Force isn't really used anymore. If you do want a Mirror Force type card, there are much better alternatives these days: - Mirror Force Launcher is just not good. - 100% replace Polymerization with Super Polymerization. by YGOPRODeck 1 week ago.

TeamSamuraiX1|Dark Magician September 2019 Format| - NOTE: For some reason whenever I uploaded this to YGO Nexus, Nibiru, The Primal Being was removed from my deck and had to be added in manually. by Outis_ 1 week ago.

Mermail Crystron Synchro Turbo OTK - Great write up! Love me some water decks <3 by YGOPRODeck 1 week ago.

D/D/D 2019 - Number 11: Big Eye might be a good inclusion? by YGOPRODeck 1 week ago.

Cubic- 2019 (REMAKE) - I meant the cubic seed card whatever it is by CubicMaster 1 week ago.