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ZOMBIE COMBO *NEW BANLIST APRIL 1ST* - Well after I made Exterio with curious and cyber-stein the next step is to summon Union-Carrier and find a way to dump Glow-up Bloom in the grave either with foolish, needlefiber, Beatrice, Gozuki, Uni-Zombie or try to draw it with Saryuja. But remember to summon i:p or Apollousa if you can before you send bloom to the grave because you get locked into zombies. Finally you activate Union-Carrier and equip Buster Dragon on Doomking. Maybe try again I changed the deck a little bit and I added Allure of darkness which gives the deck more consistency. by Curly 11 hours ago.

tournament fur hire deck - I mean its fine as it is, I want to play this deck with my play group, and they don't exactly have the best decks, I just really play for fun with this deck. by Fang9029 18 hours ago.

Jaden Yuki (WC 2008) - [quote=maximus34 post_id=18752 time=1585509108 user_id=20221] hey man love these decks! any chance you could do similar character decks? [/quote] Sure, I'm totally in for character decks. Is there anyone in particular you like to see? by NexxOmega 1 day ago.

Satellarknight Master rule 5 (Master rule Revision 2020) - I think Serpephs work better then teller nights do for their own extra deck monsters. They spam a lot more, and are more consistent by Themadhatter 1 day ago.

Graydle King - You could just get rid of skreech, the water spells, and put in a kaiju engine. You will have a decent deck, no offense to the person who made this but it isnít the greatest by Themadhatter 1 day ago.

Altergeists - THANK YOU! by cristian36 1 day ago.

SUPER QUANTUM deck 2020 - Really Like this build! I will definitely be using it for inspiration! by theSAZman 1 day ago.

Weather Painter Control - Mystic Mine is an interesting choice, have you found any success with it? I've personally tried testing it in a few different variants of the deck and always found it tends to work against them far more often than helping. by JustInCaseD 1 day ago.

Gren Maju Banish Deck 2020 - Why is soul absorption in the deck by Joe 1 day ago.

2020 Dark Magicians - Hey guys this is my rl deck profile i know i have some cards missing but thought it would be fun to add it on here for now let me know if you want my up to date deck profile with cards that im missing just comment below if you have any questions! thanks RushingGames. by RushingGames 1 day ago.

Salamangreat Deck - I'll add some counters to it. Thanks for the ideas by Nickoftime 1 day ago.

Stardust Deck - Good Feedback. Thanks. I'll tinker with it by Nickoftime 1 day ago.

TENYI Dragon Cycle deck 2020 - there's too many hand traps 1st time i tried the deck out i drew 3 hand traps on my 1st turn & couldnt do anything, so i edited it down some & changed a bunch of cards out by Yamato_Ishida 1 day ago.

Budget Shaddoll Deck - my friends plays this kind of deck and eradicates me and others by coolmanguy 2 days ago.

d/d/d meta MR5 - how did you manage to pull lightning storm? by SchmaderD6666 2 days ago.

Duel Academy Aki Izayoi (Tag Force 6) - She uses plants in Tag Force 4. But since Tag Force 5, her Duel Academy Version variant uses a psychic Deck. by NexxOmega 2 days ago.

Rex Goodwin (Arc-V) - I'm working on my Rex Goodwin one now, i must say not bad dude, not bad at all. by meecho96 3 days ago.

Neo Ishizu Ishtar - fiend comedian is actually decent against today's decks so why does no one use it? by coolmanguy 3 days ago.

Vendread - Did They Have Potential? - You're absolutely in need to check "VCY [VENDREAD-COMBO-YGOPRO]"s YouTube channel. he's making one of the craziest "Vendread" combos that you'll ever see up to date. Apparently all of this archetype's restrictions and disadvantages didn't hold him down from making something out of this deck. Also he dedicates a huge portion of his channel just for "Vendread" combos. by VCY 3 days ago.

Best ! MR5 MathMech by Future Hack - In the OCG harpies feather duster is at one. For TCG players just replace it with other S/T removal cards. by darkalicization 3 days ago.