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Pure Tenyi - [quote="xoneon"]This looks great, and you seem to have much experience. Since I am also interested to build Tenyi in real life, what would you think about maybe running taia? I know you don't want it to be synchro heavy, I have just watched some youtube vids and taia at least seems nice, although it will lock you into synchro plays. Swordsoul Blackout seems to be strong, you would only need wyrms on the field ^^[/quote] Hi! Thank you for asking, and sorry for replying like 8 days late. Taia, Longyuan, and Mo Ye all work extremely well with the Tenyi cards (especially Longyuan and Mo Ye) so you can for sure run Taia if you'd like. I personally think Longyuan and Mo Ye would have more synergy as Longyuan can set up the grave for your Tenyis and Mo Ye doesn't require a banish to activate. But don't go buying either of those cards just to play Tenyis. If you do end up running Taia, just make sure you add a few synchros to the extra deck so you aren't stuck with three options. There aren't a lot of wyrm synchros so just try and run some generically good level 8s or 5s like Cyber Slash Harpie Lady, Chaos Ruler, Borreload Savage, Hot Red Dragon Archfiend, Dragite (if you're feeling confident enough to bank on having Shthanas in the grave consistently), Dark End Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Stardust Spark Dragon, or Denglong if it ever gets unbanned. Blackout would also be a really good card in the deck, I just tend to include as few other archetypes as I can, and the Yang Zing synchros felt like more of an important include to me than the Swordsouls. As for your comment about Baxia, I'm almost certain I included it as it's a really really good level 8 option for the deck. If I missed it though, definitely include the card especially if you run Taia as synchros would be much more accessible. I hope that all helped, and just let me know if you have any other questions about the deck. by JMan1008 4 hours ago.

Numeron fun - why 3 pot of greed and not 6? by Dondo 4 hours ago.

Pure P.U.N.K. post May 22 banlist (semi-budget) - Honestly what a great review of the deck. Its super helpful that you included the reasons why you added the cards you did, and I could see this being used competitively! I might have to steal this deck idea if you don't mind lol by GorillaManK 21 hours ago.

Master Duel Invoked Shaddoll Dogmatika - nice list, very similar to mine, but why arent you playing gravity controller? getting schism online is the whole point of the shaddoll package. by Aurantic 22 hours ago.

New Card: EARTH Machine - I really enjoy this card, you can get a bonus if your opponents outs it too, which is pretty hilarious by amorphage 1 day ago.

Exodia Jank - You could play ED either as a bluff or cards like linkuriboh, ones you might make. by Yura 1 day ago.

Dragon Link - Interesting ratios by Yura 1 day ago.

RED DRAGON ARCHFIEND - Engl.: Deck that has given me very good results and that I consider very easy to play and to quickly learn the combos. The main engine is the RESONATORS along with the dark demon cards that complement them perfectly. I consider from my point of view that the Resonators as an engine are the easiest to use and in combination with cards like; Red Sprinter, and Wandering King Wildwind will always have a hand to play and summon. Obviously we will try to protect ourselves with Ash but we also added Skull Meiser to negate the effects coming from the graveyard, in addition to that it can help us to make summons. TO BE CONTINUE... by Uik 1 day ago.

despia (2022) v2 - Very solid list overall. I like how you are not using the patchwork version because I find it restricts your deck building and lessens your deck building freedom with despia. I do suggest D.D.Crow in your main deck because banishing an important part of your opponents card from their grave is always fun by Kessler 1 day ago.

Trinity Starter Deck Fish - Thanks by laganbailey 1 day ago.

Noob - Neat little deck, could definitely use some tweaks. odd couple of choices in there, blitz could work to add layers onto the combos. by shadowstriker31 1 day ago.

StarWars in Diamond - Kozmo Deck profile Master Duel - To be honest I wanted more Machines in the deck as it feels awkward af to have Kozmojo to target a psychic. When Kozmojo targets a machine since the machine gets us another kozmo the trade becomes a net neutral instead of a neg 1 for us. I've notice with this deck the games are often very tempo based and losing early trades makes it very hard to keep up. I Think Dog Fighter could be cut for another darklady perhaps or land walker, I generally like landwalker though as its a good option to protect your board and it also can search out dark lady with its effect as well. Surprisingly Dog fighter has been really good in long games where we are both struggling for resources as the card is a 1 man army and activates on Both players turn. the tokens have fat bodies and can be used to link climb as well. I do like the idea of extravagance, I will try it out and see how it is with the deck. I just get so unlucky in MD with exiles so I have a bit of PTSD, just hoping it doesn't make my dogmatika punishment targets worse. I'll test out some of the suggestions and see how they perform. by FATZOIDDGAMES 1 day ago.

Dogmatika Thief - yjgghj by Aikia 2 days ago.

Splight - can you explain how that splight combo ends on a non target banish?? by restlessdeity 2 days ago.

Virtual Zombie World - Ngl you canít run zombies AND Heroís in the deck Itís either one and the other, you also donít have sprite of the blessing in order to summon your ritual monster you will brick with this deck by Amunra 2 days ago.

Branded Despia - [quote=Bagamundo post_id=99634 time=1653237684 user_id=109482] How are you summoning Dragoon aside from Hex-Sealed Fusion? Is that the only way you can get it out aside from having superpoly and a Dark Magician on the enemy field? [/quote] Hi, if you want to make a build that turbos out/have multiple access to Dragoon, you could also try incorporating the Magicians' Souls engine. Also the reason why Hex-Sealed Fusion is used more than Dark Magician is because of its LIGHT attribute and nothing else, really. by Grayewick 2 days ago.

Gem-knight V. Fairy 2022 - have fun by Old Box 2 days ago.

Every Loss is Your Fault: Proper Mindset for Improving Your Play - Please, no Johns by 23edbrya 3 days ago.

Pure Adamancipator - [quote=my3rd post_id=99851 time=1653410821 user_id=31436] The deck isn't pure, this is a lie. It has Koa'ki Meiru Guardian which is apart of the "Koa'ki" archetype which means it isn't pure [/quote] there isn't enough to consider it koaki adamancipator since it's running 2 pieces from the archetype, that's not how a hybrid deck works or how saying a deck isn't pure by henrystick 3 days ago.

Enforcer Tri-Brigade - [quote=henrystick post_id=99838 time=1653401695 user_id=29373] [quote=amorphage post_id=99833 time=1653398568 user_id=41837] How much do you want to get all that happened post banlist is he literally took out his verte and kept the rest of the extra the same! [/quote] who exactly are you talking to? [/quote] Itís an open question. by amorphage 3 days ago.