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Orichalcos Rogue Deck - ca you make it downloadable for me thx!ps that would make it a lot easier!thx again! by helloandhibro2.0 6 hours ago.

Exodia FTK Meta - How do you use card of consanance in this deck? also would it speed it up to take out the toon blue eyes and toon tables? by vanlykin 17 hours ago.

Sekka Orcust Burning Abyss May 2019 - I would change the Sekka's light to more extenders or just have closer to 40 cards. It does nothing for you. If you use it turn 1 it turns off the traps for the rest of the duel. So then it would be a dead card turn 1 and you would only be playing with 4 cards turn 1 assuming you go first. Also if you do get full combo and set all the traps it would be at least your turn 3 before you could use it since you can only banish 1 fog blade per turn. by JParky 1 day ago.

Caballero-Gema - Any Ideas?? by Cosmo 2 days ago.

Budget Blackwing - Cheap with borrelsword hahaha by Kano2isi 3 days ago.

Gimmick Puppets of Quick Chaos - Thanks for the quick answer, but another thing is why is CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer in there? by Klamen 3 days ago.

Best Pure Metaphys 2019 - The deck doesnt have immediate negations so for a side deck it could be helpful to have anti spell or traps like MST or twin twisters. Maybe some effect veilers or lost wind as well to help with monster effects. Running 3 pot of extravagance would be best instead of the 2 pot of duality i have listed because you dont really use an extra deck at all but that would make the deck $200 because of just 3 cards lol by PureMetaphysFTW 3 days ago.

Blue-Eyes Deck - First, 52 cards is way to many. The highest I would personally go is 43 cards. In my opinion I see a lot of unnecessary cards in your main deck and not enough in your extra deck. **EDIT: BEWD is a great Beat Down deck. Your Main Deck should reflect your Extra Deck choices. When running BEWD it's advised to run 3 Twin Bursts, in my opinion it's the best of the BEWD fusions. It cannot be destroyed by battle, it can attack up to two monsters and if it doesn't destroy the monster it's battling after the Damage Step banish the monster it attacked. PLUS if you run 3 BEWD and 3 BE Alternatives, all you need to get out Twin Burst is have two "BEWD" cards on your field. Neo BEUD is a good one to run as well seeing as if it is the only face up card you control, after the damage step you can send a Blue-Eyes Fusion Monster to the Graveyard to attack two more times. For this I suggest having BEUD at 3 for fodder. Other than that at least one Azure Eyes and BE Spirit Dragon and whatever else you would want to add to you Extra Deck.** Below is the link to my BEWD deck. There's a lot to say here and I don't want it to sound like I'm standing on a soap box; so take a look and see how I like to run it and then use it as an example to fit your play style and fine tune your deck. If you have any questions about how I built mine I'd be happy to answer them. by Zangetsu877 3 days ago.

Fabled Fun - [quote="Wizkuriboh"]What do i replace the Danger! cards with if i intend to build it in OCG format?[/quote] Alternatives you could use: Rescue Cat to pull the fabled beast types / Lefty Driver & Righty Driver / Psychic Tracker & Psychic Wheeleder. by XiONDiGiTaL 4 days ago.

2019 April Shaddoll Dinosaur - How do you expect to get 100 likes if the most liked decklist on here has 30? And all for a few more combo tutorials? Nice decklist tho. :D by Pot_Of_Stupidity 5 days ago.

Pendulum Magician+Endymion - The one I have up was my first draft. I took out master endy, odd-eyes vortex and absolute and decided to go for synchro plays since I'm running harmonizing and destrudo. I have another endymion deck that has a lot of Lv7s in the deck. by Z-ARC 1 week ago.

Funny spam GY - DORA!!!! MONSTA KADO!!!! by SunBro0606 1 week ago.

TRICKSTAR DISCHARGE OTK - Love this deck by 4dante20 1 week ago.

DINOWRESTLER 2019 - Dinomist shouldn't be a tag for this deck. by William Boseman 1 week ago.

Is this meta ? - i would definitely say this this could make a good deck, just add a little bit more traps, then i think this could become not meta, but a good deck. by XD_Shyne 1 week ago.

AI_Crusadia - This is not a Duel Links deck. Please change the category. by YGOPRODeck 1 week ago.

CYBER DRAGON 1ST PLACE DECK - What's the point of having Toon Cyber Dragon if you can't even keep it on the field? by SunBro0606 1 week ago.

Deck Samurai Heavy - Where da link monster by Ish_Panda 1 week ago.

Toadally Nimble and Ra-some - That name tho by Crwatkins50 1 week ago.

Structure Deck: Yusei - I fixed that. by William Boseman 1 week ago.

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