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Buster Blader (Updated Profile 1) - yup, even if it [i]does[/i] get decided that you [i]don't[/i] need Red-Eyes Black Dragon with Red-Eyes Fusion, you'd still need the Dark Magician. Which is not present in this deck (at least when I posted this comment) by OkamiOfFire 2 hours ago.

Dark magician's Deck - :D Make Sure To like If you do! by saifmopc 13 hours ago.

Chaos Thunder Dragon Infinite Negates - Oh, you are here too? by Rei Crowley 14 hours ago.

Prank-Kids! Oct 2020 - Looks like a great deck for a long drawn out annoying duel! Great job! by ChaosUnrivaled 15 hours ago.

Unchained (blind 2nd) - Not op but Pegasus and omega are likely there to punish Dogmatika decks. Pegasus's effect synergies with the unchained self destruction effects in that match-up specifically. by CryptidYgo 16 hours ago.

EVIL TWIN (link 5) - I agree with The Holy Lord Himself above. by ChaosUnrivaled 17 hours ago.

SHAPESNATCH Control Deck - I noticed that you didn't give the deck a thumbs up. Is there something about it that I could improve to get that "like" from you? by bmike0787 18 hours ago.


Invoked Myutants 2020 - Been waiting for this one, I think the list has real promise due to just how strong Meltdown is with the Myutants. Will definitely be testing this once PHRA drops. by CryptidYgo 19 hours ago.

Duel Writing - What to consider when writing Duels - That said, anyone got any fanfic recommendations? by Kyca 19 hours ago.

BEANS MAKE YOU FART - i looooove making trash but funny i actually wanted to put a crystron engine in to it but thats the most trashiest thing ever but im not that trashy either way thank you your the first not to hate on me by sanwitch 19 hours ago.

Blackwing Deck - There's no Blackwings in this, fuck is this- by LordObamaHimself 19 hours ago.

Sunavalon Deck - If you look at the card picture they aren't. I don't know why it says L-1 on here by The07Fool 21 hours ago.

Reloaded Victors: Structure Decks - oh it's definitely a good one for sure, but Soulburner doesn't fall into the category of "Structure Deck R/Reloaded" by Renren 22 hours ago.

Chronomaly - Don't run call of the haunted, raigeki break, MST, or Night Beam. They're all really bad. by LordObamaHimself 22 hours ago.

MYUTANT NEW TCG ARCHETYPE DECK 2020 - The side decks are suggestions on what engines you can put in. by combofan 22 hours ago.

Adamancipator Excavation - [quote=qaz123 post_id=29522 time=1603447334 user_id=30607]nice[/quote] Nice Profile pic Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir. Cool card awesome Mythos. by Malsumis 1 day ago.

DRAGON LINK DRAGOON - I understand where ur comin from, but I doubt all 3 will be banned. But for ur point, most of these guys wont bother until they see the banlist. Then they will try to figure something out, or they'll ditch the deck and move on. by LifeHacks 1 day ago.

Shunping Xu Inspired Dragon Link Deck + Combo, 8 Interruptions - nice dude, we need dragon link combo without linkross, halqi, and elpy because they'll be banned soon by steve2704 1 day ago.

Crusadia Dragon link - nice dude, we need dragon link combo without linkross, halqi, and elpy because they'll be banned soon by steve2704 1 day ago.