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Elemental Hero - Feel free to leave comments and feedback, especially if you have tried it out. I would love to discuss the deck and anything hero related. by Mattman97MV 1 hour ago.

U.A. 2019 - The extra deck isn't needed for the deck to work. by ANCAPtm 3 hours ago.

Blue-Eyes 2020 - no chaos max? by rudyfinksmells 8 hours ago.

BAMBOO STRIKER - Very interesting idea. Definitely good since Striker's been absolutely murdered by the banlist. Might try to make my own build based on this! by MPReviews 9 hours ago.

Super Quant - Consistent Negates (Master Rule 2020) - Good question. Legacy is mostly there to resurrect into a zone Blaster or Clotheep points to, however you can opt. to go for Monster Reborn too: it doesn't necessarily matter! by MPReviews 9 hours ago.

Pendulum Of Dark Magic - And that is supposed to mean what exactly? by MPReviews 11 hours ago.

SALAMANGREAT 2020 BANLIST - This should be labeled BUDGET by SoulKing13 1 day ago.

GLADIATOR BEAST power - died... by meta slayer 1 day ago.

Generaider - I've only just updated Hoarr, Generaider Boss of Rumbling to his new ID. If you edit your deck it should update. by YGOPRODeck 1 day ago.

True King Dino (TCG JAN 2020) - Seeing this makes me happy and sad at the same time... by Bill Viola 2 days ago.

Paleozoic & Phantom Knights Mixed Deck - Again if you find any good support cards for this deck, please put the name(s) of it/them down here by Yuva_Duelist 2 days ago.

ORCUST POST NEW TCG BANLIST JANUARY 2020 - I have question... Why not play the new performapal popup card that just came out in Magical Hero? Discard up to three draw up to three. by Yugibrawn 2 days ago.

Hero2020 - Yes hi comp yugioh player here, first HEROs are very consistent with breaking a board and against most decks, ash blossom is not necessary. It's a fine option, but I prefer to play it in the side. Second, I wouldn't play the shining in the main unless it was a super poly target, but you are already playing three good ones so that seems unnecessary. I would play a bubbleman (or liquid soldier now) and absolute zero instead. Just a flat out better omni hero and another name for dread decimator. The side is very generic, but good. Obviously you can just drop all three red reboot for other generic support. Also just in case you should play one Wonder driver in either the main or side, for those more grindy games. Thats all, other than that pretty much a staple HERO deck looks good. You can check mine if you would like to see my variant by Yugibrawn 2 days ago.

Lost World Dinosaur MR2020 - bye bye IBBBB :lol: :lol: by meta slayer 2 days ago.

Blue-Eyes - Yes as it allows you to basically be running a 39 card deck. This boosts consistency by allowing you to draw into your more useful cards just for the cost of giving your opponent 1000 lp. by Irongate97 3 days ago.

Danger! Zombie Horde - How do you feel about Card Destruction in this? by SkullGuardian 3 days ago.

Dangerous Plunder Patroll !! - Sorry about that. That's a bug that started last night. I've since fixed the issue and updated the deck for you. by YGOPRODeck 4 days ago.

Toon 2020 - Sorry about that. That's a bug that started last night. I've since fixed the issue and updated the deck for you. by YGOPRODeck 4 days ago.

shiranui banish - Bro of course its op because its banned in every way by stupidgamer51 5 days ago.

Zombie Horde - why no rivalry? by wyattwizard101 5 days ago.