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Naturia Magician 2021 - [quote=StalkingVengeance post_id=61110 time=1618144535 user_id=26181] Btw.: Any reason why you do not run a cheeky "Naturia Fruitfly" to snatch monsters and lower some beatdown deck stat-lines? [/quote] The idea is to use the most useful naturia like Sunflower and Rosewhip Also in the end only Antjaw and Marron remain (Marron to recycle in our turn and draw 1, since the others are tribute or used for Apollousa / Underworld Goddess... by Yuzu 25 minutes ago.

Dragon Rulers - The problem with Dragon Rulers is that they're very splashable, and that you gain advantage no matter where they are, whether that's in hand, on the field, in the grave, or even while banished. You don't even need to be using all of their effects in order to gain some sort of advantage, and many decks that use mainly 1 attribute of monster (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth) can easily just toss them in. Not to mention, Dragon Link is one of the best decks around right now, so giving that deck Dragon Rulers to play with would be absolute devastation to all who oppose it. I don't think any of the currently banned Dragon Rulers will be unlimited until Dragon Link is out of the format for good, and even then they're so strong that it'll take a while for powercreep to overtake them. by FeeshSlayer 45 minutes ago.

New Card: Level 7 Fairy - does this chain block? by yayuiooo 1 hour ago.

A Virtual World Without VFD: Can VW Still Dominate? - "V.F.D." is also a reference to the number of the beast, "Vicarius Filii Dei," in Latin. by FeeshSlayer 1 hour ago.

Fire-King Unchained 2021 - Could we stop any argument over likes, popcorn, movies and/or trash and get back to topic please? by StalkingVengeance 3 hours ago.

New Archetype: Despian - Yes! So pumped to see more Dogmatika lore by Kylgore 8 hours ago.

Competative Dragon Link Deck - homie what format are u playing by jjstoyreview 9 hours ago.

10 New Cards: Chronomaly, Doremichord, Gusto & Pendulum - Oh yeah oh yeah Chronomaly by Hero_Odet 9 hours ago.

Meta Dino's - tfw its not even legal by PinkZoneAmy 11 hours ago.

New Card: Pendulum - they're making up for Electrumite :heart: by PinkZoneAmy 12 hours ago.

Personal stardust - A full speed deck vs 1 vamoty boy by Kojiemon 13 hours ago.

BROKEN TIER 0 - the problem are handtraps. maybe infinite but that thing is too price for my wallet by Kojiemon 14 hours ago.

Despia (refined) - alright, I cut titan. I was dumb by BorgarTimeYGO 14 hours ago.

Sac's Going 2nd Shaddoll Invoked - What the point of upstart if you have 41? by callmecrono 17 hours ago.

Updated Gren Maju Deck - Cut Metaphys Tyrant Dragon, Ohka, Chaos Sorc, DDM, Bountiful Artemis, Chaosrider Gustaph, Layrad, Dimensional Alchemist, Senku, Royal Knight, Scout Plane, Sniffer Dragon, Witch Doctor, Herald of Purple Light, Dimension Jar, Anestarokket, Soul Absorption, D.D.R, Chaos End, Chaos Greed, Dimension Distortion, Misfortunite, Pot of Benevolence, Celestial Transformation, Grand Convergence, and Pot of Aceusictness. Play 3 Desires, 3 Extravagence, 3 Gizmek Orochi, 3 Necroface, 3 Golden Castle, 1 Terraforming, 1 Metaverse, and a Danger! engine. in it's current state, thsi deck is way too slow and has no ways to banish cards. by PinkZoneAmy 18 hours ago.

Sean and Stephanie's Atlantean Deck! - Ty! Yeah, you def can. I have all the stuff to make it Mermail Atlanteans, The OGs with Poseidra and the entire Atlantean squad is just a lot of fun for me! by Sean and Stephanie! 18 hours ago.

Dogma Invoked Eldlich D.I.E - thx for your reply gonna give it a try but 2 Gamma works better for me instead of 3 less brick and enough to draw it on turn 1 by Ryuro 18 hours ago.

Gusto 2021 new support - 3 vreeze 3 tailwind 2 rapim pilaca by amorphage 18 hours ago.

4K WOLFRAYET TURBO - ok by juvenile 18 hours ago.

Utopia deck 2021 - Cut the mirror force, Avarice, Time Thief Hack, and 2 of Double or Nothing. Play 3 Ash, 3 Imperm, 3 Desires. by PinkZoneAmy 18 hours ago.