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infernoble - Credit goes to TSX1 and Pak Official Youtube by SoulKing13 13 minutes ago.

Hyper Librarian/Junk Speeder Synchrospam - What Hand did you have for that endboard? by DemmasterGames 14 minutes ago.

DragunNoid Lair - I really wanna build this! Mind if I ask why the Canadia??? by Nandokzeh 1 hour ago.

Prank Kids - I've pulled out one place and replaced it with instant fusion. It works the same as poly and ultra poly, but uses less resources by Stormageddon11 6 hours ago.

Superheavy Samurai?August 2020 - [quote="TECHWON"]you cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnot use spells unless they banish themselves from the grave with SHS deck. so galaxy cyclone cannot work in the deck you need handtraps instead[/quote]not all the superheavy samurai i play in this have that condition :) by TEAM YGOPRO 8 hours ago.

Undefeated Tournament Ready Dark Magician (100-0) - You can pull off alot of combos with this deck. EXAMPLES: -COMBO #1: Activate DM Circle, then activate Magician Souls from your hand, Special Summon DM from the GY; banish 1 card on the field. Afterwards summon Rod to search for Teacher And Student, then activate it to Special Summon DMG and set Burning Magic face-down. Activate Soul Servant to place E Soul on top of your deck, then banish it from the GY; draw 2 cards (because of DM and DMG = 2 draws). If your opponent tries to setup a XyZ Rank 1 spam for S0: Utopic ZEXAL on the field: Activate Burning Magic; clear their entire field in one wipe. Thats how I kept beating Eldlich and Utopic ZEXAL decks that easily. COMBO #2: SOUL SERVANT, ETERNAL SOUL, AND SHARED RIDE IS THE KEY TO EVERY DUEL. Spam DM on the field repeatedly to keep triggering Circles banishing effect. Discard a card then special summon Apprentice and use Teacher And Student to bring out DMG again except XyZ Rank them into Norito. Keep negating cards with Norito then activate both Soul Servant to draw 2 cards and activate Shared Ride to draw more cards when they keep adding cards and/or hit you with handtraps too so you can still have a fair advantage. That simple. You can keep recycling Burning Magic or BBTAS from the GY with Servant to disrupt/annoy your opponents. There's about 10-20 more combos to pull off with this deck. Its so insane. Pure DM is the greatest form of DM. If you notice I dont have no garbage hybrid cards in this deck, this deck is about Type. Keep it a Spellcaster deck, no other Types included. Hybrid cards kills DM decks and makes them bad. Timaeus as well. Fusion and Link monsters make DM bad. Too slow or unsearchable. This could be meta or Tier 1 if you seen how it's played. by jobe04051993 22 hours ago.

Qliphort Deck 2020 - Why is "Shining Draw" in the ED lol by Natsukashii 1 day ago.

Archetype Review: Nekroz - Are you going to make a followup with the dragma cards being released now in the TCG? by Nu3 1 day ago.

Dogmatika Eldlich (T1) - How we go for maximus I mean the only monster for almiraj is ash and that difficult :?: :?: by Mcthr 1 day ago.

Salamangreat?May 2020 - SchamderD I was thinking the exact same thing, as if people think you can just cut out Bufferlo... by Fujikid 1 day ago.

Danger! Dark World August 2020 - Ignore the side deck. I never really worked on it. You can play whatever you want in it by Ryan McCarthy 1 day ago.

gravekeepers 2020 - Hi, why do you use utopia beyond if you cannot summon it? And also, utopia double cannot perform its effect since there is no doubke or nothing in this deck. Why not other regular utopia? by cedaga 2 days ago.

madolche deck - I think you've got the wrong pot there mate. by Trox 2 days ago.

Marine Incest ( ?° ?? ?°) - Very cool deck! I love the combos! by Zombie Turtle 2 days ago.

Crystal Bell FTK - Accel sends Satellite Synchron to the GY to make itself level 3. by Chris28 2 days ago.

Gouki invoked - Sorry I accidentally tagged it as a meta deck this isn’t meta. It is just a fun\casual deck by Beckett myles 3 days ago.

Cyber Dragon deck - who is the user of this deck, i wanna know lol by Takurohanake 3 days ago.

Fortune lady (competitive version) - Basically, any link 2 that can let you link climb into Selene, mainly because she can give you so many options to deal with your opponent. The first thing that comes into mind is the link 2 water charmer monster that let's you summon a water monster from your opp's GY (if you're against atlanteans for example). Although needlefiber it's not 100% necessary, it only facilitates you to go for Accescode or synchro plays, that being said, you could just play any generic link 2 monster (knightmares) or a rank 1 xyz like princessprite or slacker magician. edit: Also, "Eria, the water charmer" can steal your opponent's needlefiber from their GY, so you can make either accescode or selene. by Elijah_tezuka 3 days ago.

Light Lockdown Anti-Meta Stun Deck 2020 - Hi, you could try pot of desires, but it may be risky since you will banish pieces of your deck, or maybe duality but it will lock your special summons for that turn. You could try upstart goblim and one day of piece (1 of each sin theyre limited) and then put a desires as the third draw option. I dont know how decks are in your local, but this deck is useful against good amounnt of decks, if you can get a lock. The only problem though is the going second of the deck, so you can consider swapping some traps for handtraps, like ash, nibiru, impemanence, evenly, or some removal/negate cards like raigeki, lightning storm, dark ruler no more, mst like cards, etc. by shadowring 3 days ago.

BLUE-EYES CHAOS MAX deck 2020 - Where are the Burning abyss and bujin cards? There listed in the Tags, but there not there in the deck? by Ren XVlll 3 days ago.