Pure red eyes

Deck Information
Deck Type: Tutorial Decks
Deck Master: Bujin Hirume
Submission Date: February 25th 2018
Author: John Benedict Manangan
YGOPRODeck File Download

Figure it out IM NOT TELLING

Deck List
MonsterGearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight x3
Malefic Red-Eyes B. Dragon x2
Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact x1
Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning x3
Red-Eyes B. Dragon x3
Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon x2
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Retro Dragon x3
Red-Eyes Wyvern x3
Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon x1
Lord of the Red x1
TrapsRed-Eyes Burn x1
Red-Eyes Fang with Chain x1
Red-Eyes Spirit x3
Return of the Red-Eyes x3
SpellsRed-Eyes Fusion x3
Red-Eyes Insight x1
Red-Eyes Transmigration x3
ExtraHundred Eyes Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword x1
Red-Eyes Slash Dragon x1
SideLord of the Red x2
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