PUNK Swordsoul Tenyi

Deck Information
Deck Type: Master Duel Decks
Deck Master: Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign - Chengying
Submission Date: May 24th 2022
Last Updated: May 27th 2022
Author: DashJovis
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Swordsoul is a Synchro based Wyrm-Type archetype, basically more generic Wyrm synchros. It is capable of breaking boards quite easily in-engine going second, but is also able to put up incredible interruptions going first, and has decent grind game. I'd call it a combo deck, but a very midrangey combo deck, and I like to play towards that grind game. This list incorporates a small PUNK package, DPE, Halq+Auroradon shenanigans, and a pile of Wyrm and goodstuff synchro monsters.

So, for Punk monsters, I'm on a package of 7 cards. The idea behind this package is pretty simple - it enables Halq-Auroradon starts, or Verte follow-ups. The way it works is you NS Ze Amin, search Foxy Tune, discard Foxy Tune and pitch a card to special Madame Spider. Madame Spider searches the Trap, which is basically Imperm for most intents and purposes, then you go into Halq. The combo has 2 main routes - you either Summon Yazi and pop him to summon out a Swordsoul level 4, usually with the intention of making 2 8s or an 8 and a 10, or you make Baroness right away with Deskbot and the tokens, and then NS a Swordsoul monster to continue your combo from there. The real appeal to this package is Emergency Teleport - this allows you to make Halq (or occasionally Verte) without using your NS, and while it does require pitching a card, it replaces it with an interruption. 2 E-Tele is mandatory if you run this package - this is the best PUNK card. 2 Ze Amin are run just because of E-Tele - When you see E-Tele + Ze Amin you can summon another from your deck and pitch the one in your hand for free consistency and starts without a normal. Otherwise you'd run 2 Foxy Tune, which does still require your NS to do full combo, but also works as a sort of extender when you see your PUNK cards. The Spider and Dangerous Gabu are optional - you could run a third Ze Amin for more consistent starts, or you could replace the "bricks" in the main deck with 1 in the extra deck with the Fusion monster and run the Sharakusai instead of Spider, which will help you start more often. I don't have space in this version for Sharakusai in the extra deck, and I don't think Spider, a card that just plusses you by finding an interruption is that hard a brick - the trap with no real activation requirement beyond a monster being on your opponent's field is definitely not. This option mitigates the cost of discarding a card, and even helps you with consistency. Just don't be afraid to pitch the Spider instead of Normal Summoning it if that will make your end board bigger - the goal isn't to always search Gabu, Gabu is a nice bonus you'll find more often than not. However, if you don't like DPE you could consider Ogre Dance or Sharakusai in the package.

DPE bricks are here. You'll see Fusion Destiny often enough, and this whole package all together is insane, much more than the sum of its parts. DPE here can trigger Chengying, help recurr Ecclesia, the Draw 2 is actually very much appreciated. It also just does usual DPE things, being a good backup plan. I should note that you won't be adding DPE to your boards very often, and should consider the setups for it that you have available. For example, Chixiao could link with a Tenyi monster (not the link) into Verte, and while you'd just be "exchanging" an interruption, having the Draw 2 on the table is really sweet. Likewise, Omega is potentially great material for DPE. Interestingly, you can happily pitch a Destiny HERO monster to the PUNK engine in this deck, and just recover the HERO with Omega later, especially since you aren't reliant on DPE. Having said that, this is IMO the perfect DPE shell (at least, while Verte is legal - after that probably just Fusion decks I think).

I'm on Tenyis. 2 Adhara, 2 Vishuda. Used together, they can make Halq and go into the Auroradon lines. If you SS Vishuda and NS Adhara you can immediately make a Baxia to spin 2 cards. Also, both of the GY effects are super relevant. I'm keeping these packages small: Vishuda is great going second as a board breaking tool and Adhara enables combos and seriously helps with the grind, and they actually also enable Halq, DPE, and Baxia, so these are good. Nonetheless, I don't want too many Tenyi monsters clogging my hand.

1 Deskbot, because it SS itself from the GY for Auroradon lines. If you're looking for a bigger combo, a single O-Lion or Coltwing would enable a lot without changing the list very much - if you work at it, big Denglong combos are possible, but IMO they involve too many bricks and are just "win more". Either they stopped you before that, they have Droplets, or you're probably winning anyway. You could also run a single Jet Synchron with a link monster to go into, which would allow you to do Auroradon combos using either Jet or Deskbot to make Halq, and Jet will be a 1 card Halq (more interesting if you aren't already on 3/4 PUNK NS).

Swordsoul Emergence looks like just another ROTA, but oddly enough it is one of the deck's main 1 card starters, and by itself it can make an 8, or a Yazi going second. Also, strangely, the usual benefits of running Rotas to pull combos together aren't really here, or at least not to the same degree. Still, this card is very good, and I'm glad I found space for all 3. Sacred Summit is fine as a 1 of - sometimes it can revive a Swordsoul Synchro monster, sometimes even turn 1 after linking it off, but its main purpose is activating both Swordsoul level 4 effects in the same turn, and it is important to your main combo lines. Taia is fine as a 1 of - you search it out or summon it from the deck, but don't want to see it very much otherwise, and you can recycle 1 copy because Omega should be banned. I'm on 2 of the rest - Ecclesia basically stands in for either level 4 Swordsoul, and can SS itself going second, and recycles itself off of DPE doing DPE things, Mo-Ye is just better Taia a lot of the time, making easy 8s and drawing a card (in a way that chain blocks the 8). We're only on 2 Mo-Ye because you need 2 copies in rotation for follow-ups to be smooth, you kinda don't want to see it that much - however, it is fine to NS, and just play Swordsoul like Konami and God intended. We're on 2 Longyuan because I think you do want to see this card a fair bit, this is the easy 10 added to a lot of boards, sometimes it helps make Baroness before you start your combo which is impressive, the burn is medium but has actually mattered in a fair few matches, and while you want to search it out you would rather search out Sacred Summit or the Blackout if you could.

So, Ash, Maxx "C", and Called By the Grave are pretty standard, but we're not on a lot of hand traps after that. Why? Well, Swordsoul abilities are great at breaking boards, and cards like Fusion Destiny really help create pressure as well. Vishuda also ends up being Imperm or better in a lot of situations (often much better). The lone Ghost Ogre makes the cut because we're low on E-Tele targets, and also this way E-Tele represents an interruption at best, and an information hazard at worst (when often, drawn late into the combo, it would be dead otherwise). If Vishuda is one half of Imperm, Gabu is the other half - it is here because it is searchable, nobody is running this over Lost Wind, let alone Imperm, but the card is good. We're on 2 Blackout - I really like this card, but here it is also our only backrow hate. I like relying on traps to answer backrow anyways - gets around IO and Secret Village. I feel like Solemn Judgment is really good here - you're often trying to create scenarios where you can protect Chengying in multiple ways while having a way or two to trigger him. Solemn is just a good solid negation effect that handles a lot of the board breaking cards that can help against us (including most hands with Droplets against generic decks).

So, Extra deck, real quick -

1 Monk of the Tenyi. I'd love a second of these, don't burn your Monk up if you don't have to. Remember you can turn your Tenyi's on with Swordsoul tokens, and only make Monk when you have to. Still, space is too tight for 2, and you absolutely need 1.

1 Verte with 1 DPE. You won't make Verte a lot, you're usually hard drawing the Fusion Destiny, but you'll get stopped and make DPE on occasion, and you should run it while it is legal. It also opens up new routes to different high-end boards (if you use your thinker).

1 Needlefibre, 1 Auroradon. These 2, always causing trouble. This combo is stupid, and tuner + any other monster is 5 zones filled and another effect on top of it? I still say Halq needs to be banned - Auroradon might be a problem without it, but I'd be inclined to let it operate alone, because whenever this card is a problem it is with Halq.

Yazi is insane going second, and part of the main Halq line, so this one is mandatory. It is easier to make than you'd think.

2 Baxia. This card is good removal, another tool to trigger Chengying, and a wild combo enabler in some very strange lines. You can also use 1 Rota to make Yazi, use Yazi to pop a card and Yazi, Yazi effect to summon another Swordsoul and make Baxia, remove another card (s if you used Taia), and you still have Baxia's other effect. I would run 2 - this card very occasionally comes up going first and is a crucial tool on every later turn.

Omega and Savage are a package deal. Omega does literally everything but ever affect the field - that's not technically true, it occasionally beats over a monster. But the card A) attacks the hand, B) can provide information, C) recycles banished cards into the graveyard (including face-down ones?), D) recycles cards in the GY back into your deck and E) because of a quirk of THAT effect can also function as GY hate? Oh yeah, and there's no HOPT on there. Anywhere. Why is this card legal? Savage is also extremely good, and unless you have something specific to recover you should be making Savage when Halq is in the bin, especially since that's a play that protects a potential Chengying.

2 Chixiao are in the extra deck. This card immediately plusses you on summon, and then is a half-decent on-field negate after that. You need 2 because you're making this card right away and need a second for follow-up. If you ever need more, you can use Omega, although Omega can only recurr so much.

1 Baroness de Fleur. Omni-negates are good. Popping cards is good, although popping your own cards doesn't come up in this build as much as I expected. The tag-out is also wild in this deck - for example, it revives a DPE that has been Kaijued, as well as potentially Yazi and/or Baxia with are both insane targets too in their own right. It also lets you repeatedly set up the negate.

I'm on 2 Chengying, because I love this card. The rule for this card is simple - you need at least 1 way to trigger him, 1 way to protect him (not Chixiao, we're talking Solemn, Baroness, or Savage)... and then at least 1 extra. In other words, if Chixiao is the only way to trigger him, but I also have Savage and Solemn, I make Chengying - if it's Blackout and Chixiao but no negate, I make Baroness. This card is nuts, it's almost a floodgate against a lot of decks, it is a crazy powerful interruption if you use your brain, and the card also beats over everything and is a decent wall in Defense Mode too... oh yeah, and also it has generic protection too, for reasons that are good. the card does a lot. However, don't play into Nibiru, it really isn't worth it. Oddly, Baroness is sometimes just flat-out worse than Chengying, so even though I've stressed this play pattern, I also want to point out, when you have a secure Chengying, freaking make Chengying, because at that point you're narrowing down the lines of counterplay even further.

Still perpetually tuning - changed the P.U.N.K. package around to try and reduce some of the frequency of those bricky hands. While they were very soft bricks, I just don't think a deck that runs Deskbot as a true Takatomborg, as well as Destiny Hero monsters for Fusion Destiny, can afford the Gabu package, even though it was typically pretty good at mitigating the disadvantage from Foxy Tune.

Forever tuning. After a brief foray into the Rose Dragon package, I ultimately decided to stick to just PUNK, Tenyi, Swordsoul, Halq, and DPE (that's enough pile IMO). I just needed some of those generic staples back into the main, and so this version is tuned to do a little better going second. It bricks slightly more often, but also has play way more often, so I prefer this version.

Toggle Deck List
SpellsEmergency Teleport x2
Fusion Destiny x2
Swordsoul Emergence x3
Swordsoul Sacred Summit x1
Cosmic Cyclone x1
Called by the Grave x2
MonsterNoh-P.U.N.K. Ze Amin x2
Noh-P.U.N.K. Foxy Tune x1
Noh-P.U.N.K. Ogre Dance x1
Destiny HERO - Celestial x1
Destiny HERO - Dasher x1
Tenyi Spirit - Adhara x2
Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda x2
Deskbot 001 x1
Swordsoul of Taia x1
Swordsoul of Mo Ye x2
Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous x2
Swordsoul Strategist Longyuan x2
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x1
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Maxx "C" x3
TrapsInfinite Impermanence x2
Swordsoul Blackout x2
ExtraMonk of the Tenyi x1
Predaplant Verte Anaconda x1
Destiny HERO - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer x1
Crystron Halqifibrax x1
Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon x1
Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing x1
Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing x2
PSY-Framelord Omega x1
Borreload Savage Dragon x1
Swordsoul Grandmaster - Chixiao x2
Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign - Chengying x2
Baronne de Fleur x1

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