Predator’s Ambush

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon
Submission Date: September 8th 2020
Author: RedEyesCommando
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The Predaplants were used by Yuri/Ruri in Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V.

They mainly focus on summoning Starving Venom Fusion Dragon. Then, use poly #2 for Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon. Or summon chlamydosundew for counter surge. [(It's pronounced Chlamy-do-sun-dew.)Finally, a pronunciation!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] You could use destiny HEROES for this.

Toggle Deck List
SpellsPredaprime Fusion x3
Predapruning x3
Predapractice x3
Predaponics x3
Predaplast x3
Polymerization x3
TrapsPredaplanet x3
Predaplanning x3
MonsterPredaplant Banksiogre x3
Predaplant Chlamydosundew x3
Predaplant Cordyceps x3
Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra x3
Predaplant Drosophyllum Hydra x3
Predaplant Flytrap x3
Predaplant Squid Drosera x3
Predaplant Spinodionaea x3
Predaplant Spider Orchid x3
Predaplant Sarraceniant x3
ExtraGreedy Venom Fusion Dragon x3
Predaplant Chimerafflesia x3
Predaplant Dragostapelia x3
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon x3
Predaplant Triphyoverutum x3
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When it comes to cards, I am a King. (No gods cuz' what are we, Gladiator Beasts??) # Infernity 4 life and @ignister is a cybernetic superstar. Also, Sylvio needs more spotlight time. Some duelists (Like Alito) are under appreciated. Girag is awesome. (Mainly because of ponta, the spirit of his mythirian number-pon!) Also, most people think Morphtronics are useless, right? WRONG!!! They are quite useful with power tool and life stream dragon. Archetype Blendies make me sick unless the archetype combination make sense.

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