Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Deus X-Krawler
Submission Date: July 24th 2019
Last Updated: January 26th 2020
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Follow the regular krawler strategy to swarm the field.

Try link summon krawlers from extra deck usingworm bait (or special summon 2 krawlers face up if you have world legacy in shadow) and use foolish burial goods sending world legacy's mind meld to the GY. Banish mind meld and special summon Deus x-krawler. These are the main cards that brings deus x krawler on the first turn.

If you begins first with Krawler Dendrite and crusadia krawler: send deus x krawler to the graveyard and then on your turn, link summon krawlers to auto-destroy by battle. This will trigger his effect to special summon. You can combo Setuppercut with Krawler Receptor or dendrite as well by adding deus x-krawler to the hand or GY and then, set Krawler Glial.

You can special summon lightningstrike kaiju on the opponent's field to battle against your own deus x-krawler, getting another kaiju from your deck. Then special summon it to your field and flip krawler spine. X-Krawler Qualiark will raise the attack of your kaiju if you have 2 krawlers. If you have link monster or deck master on the field, don't hesitate to give your opponent a kaiju.

Use world legacy pawns to flip down crusadia krawler to repeat his effect.

This deck if focused on deus x-krawler summon, use side deck as you please.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterThunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju x2
Deus X-Krawler x2
World Legacy - "World Armor" x2
Krawler Dendrite x2
Krawler Ranvier x2
Krawler Receptor x2
Krawler Glial x2
Krawler Axon x2
Krawler Spine x2
SpellsWorld Legacy Survivor x3
Foolish Burial Goods x3
Worm Bait x3
World Legacy in Shadow x3
TrapsSetuppercut x3
World Legacy's Mind Meld x3
Crusadia Krawler x2
World Legacy Pawns x2
ExtraX-Krawler Qualiark x3
X-Krawler Neurogos x3
X-Krawler Synaphysis x3
SideCalled by the Grave x2
Twin Twisters x1
Dark Bribe x2
Recall x2
The Huge Revolution is Over x1

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