Picking Your Boss Fusion: Dragoon or Enforcer?


With the upcoming release of Burst of Destiny, one chase card will be Destiny Hero – Destroy Phoenix Enforcer. If the OCG indicates anything, DPE will definitely impact the metagame. However, the OCG does not have a legal Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon. The existence of both fusions creates a debate on which fusion will be superior for the TCG. Which fusion should you play? 

Stronger Monster vs. Stronger Engine

The Stronger Monster

On cardboard, Dragoon easily outclasses DPE. Being untargetable, indestructible, having the ability to destroy monsters and inflict burn without targeting, as well as omni-negation accompanied with an ATK boost is far superior to DPE’s abilities. But at what cost? Requiring two vanillas and a spell that may determine your only play is the sacrifice for a powerful monster. Of course, Dragoon is usually cheesed with Predaplant Verte Anaconda, but it doesn’t change the fact that two and a half bricks are commited to the deck. Drawing any engine pieces is not the end, but it dramatically reduces the quality of the player’s turn. On the upside, while DPE gains more value in the grind, Dragoon demands an answer almost immediately. Dragoon carries the benefit of ending games quickly due to his higher attack and burn damage removal. The pros of Dragoon outweigh the risks, but those bricks are unforgiving.

The Stronger Engine

On the other hand, the DPE package is so much more flexible that it is encouraged to run 3 Fusion Destiny. Unlike Red-Eyes Fusion, Fusion Destiny contributes to the endboard without relying on Verte Anaconda. And if one doesn’t open Fusion Destiny, or if it gets negated, guess what? Verte Anaconda is still there to help! Fusion Destiny’s weaker restrictions makes Destroy Phoenix Enforcer more accessible. Also, the “bricks” outclass Dark Magician and Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Multiple options exist for DPE’s fusion materials, but the most common ones are Destiny Hero – Celestial and Destiny Hero – Dasher. These cards offer extension as a Pot of Greed, a free Special Summon, or both. Other options such as Destiny Hero – Denier and Destiny Hero – Malicious fit other styles of play. These engine pieces provide more value than the wizard and dragon while summoning a boss monster.

Decks That Prefer One Over the Other

While both fusion packages are splashable due to Verte, some decks prefer using one over the other. For example, Tri-Brigade never plays the Dragoon package because it conflicts with Tri-Brigade Bearbrumm the Rampant Rampager. However, it is possible to play Destroy Phoenix Enforcer if the player activates Destiny Fusion before Bearbrumm. If Tri-Brigade Revolt is already drawn, Tri-Brigade can also Link into Verte. The weaker restriction on Fusion Destiny allows this engine to be live, and Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom is able return engine bricks to the deck. Technically, some aspects also apply to Dragoon as well, but Fusion Destiny is the main reason to run DPE over Dragoon. 

In addition, Sky Striker prefers DPE over Dragoon. DPE’s ability to clear the player’s own Main Monster Zone to continue plays outshines a lone Dragoon occupying the Extra Monster Zone. DPE’s effects reward the grind game, and perfectly fits the Sky Striker strategy.

Drytron allows either fusion package, so this choice is harder. Both packages are viable, but there is one interaction Drytron players must be wary of for DPE. If DPE’s revive effect resolves but is not in the GY by the next Standby Phase, the player is forced to summon one of the engine pieces and would result in shutting off Drytron effects for the entire turn. Dragoon may be the better option without the interaction and his ability to end the game faster.

I cannot analyze every deck and their options. However, one can grasp how to choose between fusion packages when building their deck. It can also come down to player preference.


Depending on the deck played, Dragoon or DPE fit as the better fusion. Dragoon offers power and fast wins, but with the price of bricks. On the other hand, DPE is slightly weaker, but offers incredible utility via his effects and fusion materials. Both fusion packages are amazing, and the TCG is unique for being able to play either one in the same format.

Which fusion will you play in BODE format?



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3 thoughts on “Picking Your Boss Fusion: Dragoon or Enforcer?

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    October 28, 2021 at 1:11 pm



    While they are very comparable, I think DPE will be the dominant card seeing play because of the much more forgiving engine when drawing their cards. Yes, Dragoon is the stronger card, yes, Verte makes the Dragoon engine much easier to deal with.

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    October 29, 2021 at 12:27 am



    I think Phoenix Enforcer has to put into account at least 10 facts about the engine:
    Benefits: You still have the Verte Anaconda to get to the boss monster but Destiny Fusion is much better at drawing than Red-Eyes Fusion;
    Has his basic De-buff effects, “infinite” pop effect, “infinite” summon effect back to the field;
    Within this pop effect we have that he can play around Nibiru and that he can destroy his own cards and many decks benefit from that and even Floodgate combo is possible with Artifact Scythe and doesn’t target the cards it destroys.
    If you banish him from the gy the opponent will at least have a body on the field like Dasher to make Link Climb. And speaking of engine bricks, one allows you to special summon in the draw phase if you draw a monster and the other is a pot of greed in the grind game.
    In Hero that no one is paying attention to it is even more absurd because you send the new level 3 support which is basically the third copy of Malicious every turn leaving the deck grind game absurd good with a lot of game volume.
    In summary the engine is very stolen outside of the hero and inside the archetype and I don’t wonder if after the YCS that was announced before the January Banlist this engine takes a heavy hit as the limitation of Destiny Fusion and banishment of Verte Anaconda.
    Not to mention that the existence of this card means that any deck that loses to a pop because normal summon is very important and there are decks like that will be completely left out because of that so less competitive decks will suffer a lot in the next format because of these generic engines.
    Overall the Phoenix Enforcer engine has more positive points to be explored by several decks compared to the Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon engine.

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