pendulum monsters br

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: nenhu
TCG/OCG: tcg e ocg
Submission Date: May 24th 2018
Last Updated: May 25th 2018
Author: ismae66666
YGOPRODeck File Download

usar o odd dragon

Deck List
MonsterOdd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon x2
Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon x2
Performapal Partnaga x1
Performapal Silver Claw x3
Performapal Coin Dragon x2
Performapal Camelump x1
Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon x1
Performapal Swincobra x1
Performapal Lizardraw x2
Performapal Card Gardna x1
Performapal Parrotrio x1
Performapal Trampolynx x1
Performapal Odd-Eyes Synchron x1
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon x3
Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon x2
Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes x3
Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon x1
Odd-Eyes Dragon x2
TrapsWall of Disruption x3
Mirror Force x2
Kunai with Chain x2
The Golden Apples x1
SpellsPolymerization x2
ExtraOdd-Eyes Absolute Dragon x3
Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon x3
Performapal Odd-Eyes Metal Claw x3

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