Para & Dox

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Gate Guardian
Submission Date: March 19th 2019
Author: AnimeDeckProfiles
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Paradox Brothers Deck Profile

Toggle Deck List
MonsterGate Guardian x1
Sanga of the Thunder x1
Kazejin x1
Suijin x1
Monster Tamer x1
Dungeon Worm x1
Shadow Ghoul x1
Labyrinth Wall x2
Wall Shadow x1
Jirai Gumo x2
Kaiser Sea Horse x1
Giant Rat x1
Cannon Soldier x1
Giga-Tech Wolf x1
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x1
Chow Len the Prophet x1
Anarchist Monk Ranshin x1
The Wicked Worm Beast x1
The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion x1
King of the Swamp x1
SpellsTribute Doll x2
Polymerization x1
Riryoku x1
Soul Charge x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Pot of Greed x1
Graceful Charity x1
Monster Reborn x1
Future Fusion x1
Magical Labyrinth x1
Fairy Meteor Crush x1
Invigoration x1
Mausoleum of the Emperor x1
Magical Mallet x1
TrapsNegate Attack x1
Judgment of Anubis x1
Labyrinth of Nightmare x1
ExtraLabyrinth Tank x3
SideRemove Trap x1
Dark Designator x1
Exchange x1
Guardian of the Labyrinth x1
Ganigumo x1
Beautiful Beast Trainer x1
Cost Down x1
Snake Fang x1
Mirror Force x1
Cemetary Bomb x1
Sakuretsu Armor x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Id12373 x1
12374 x1
12375 x1
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