Tournament Pack: 3rd Season (TP3)

TCG 20 Cards Released 2003-03-01 $660.77 View in Search

Rare 4 Cards

Patrol Robo
TP3-008 - $2.33Patrol Robo
Kwagar Hercules
TP3-007 - $4.98Kwagar Hercules
Axe Raider
TP3-006 - $7.39Axe Raider
White Hole
TP3-009 - $1.74White Hole

Ultra Rare 1 Cards

Needle Worm
TP3-001 - $464.95Needle Worm

Super Rare 4 Cards

Black Skull Dragon
TP3-004 - $0.00Black Skull Dragon
TP3-003 - $81.56Mechanicalchaser
Anti Raigeki
TP3-002 - $46.98Anti Raigeki
Horn of Heaven
TP3-005 - $40.24Horn of Heaven

Common 11 Cards

TP3-020 - $0.00Bladefly
Dark Elf
TP3-018 - $1.41Dark Elf
Little Chimera
TP3-019 - $0.27Little Chimera
Darkfire Dragon
TP3-016 - $4.28Darkfire Dragon
Karbonala Warrior
TP3-015 - $0.00Karbonala Warrior
Spirit of the Harp
TP3-013 - $0.23Spirit of the Harp
Elegant Egotist
TP3-017 - $0.25Elegant Egotist
Final Flame
TP3-012 - $0.79Final Flame
Goblin's Secret Remedy
TP3-011 - $0.45Goblin's Secret Remedy
Pot of Greed
TP3-014 - $2.57Pot of Greed
Dragon Capture Jar
TP3-010 - $0.35Dragon Capture Jar

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