Tournament Pack: 2nd Season (TP2)

TCG 30 Cards Released 2002-10-01 $1,151.64 View in Search

Super Rare 4 Cards

Dragon Seeker
TP2-002 - $94.00Dragon Seeker
Giant Red Seasnake
TP2-003 - $120.97Giant Red Seasnake
Exile of the Wicked
TP2-004 - $169.92Exile of the Wicked
Call of the Grave
TP2-005 - $108.26Call of the Grave

Rare 10 Cards

Mystical Sheep #1
TP2-013 - $27.11Mystical Sheep #1
Warrior of Tradition
TP2-014 - $84.97Warrior of Tradition
Beautiful Headhuntress
TP2-011 - $67.39Beautiful Headhuntress
TP2-006 - $29.78Mikazukinoyaiba
Sonic Maid
TP2-012 - $73.57Sonic Maid
TP2-009 - $60.64Dokurorider
Skull Guardian
TP2-007 - $150.43Skull Guardian
Novox's Prayer
TP2-008 - $28.47Novox's Prayer
Revival of Dokurorider
TP2-010 - $20.05Revival of Dokurorider
Soul of the Pure
TP2-015 - $25.47Soul of the Pure

Ultra Rare 1 Cards

Morphing Jar
TP2-001 - $0.00Morphing Jar

Common 15 Cards

Crawling Dragon #2
TP2-027 - $4.26Crawling Dragon #2
Dancing Elf
TP2-016 - $11.79Dancing Elf
Dharma Cannon
TP2-018 - $2.57Dharma Cannon
Faith Bird
TP2-021 - $1.20Faith Bird
TP2-026 - $7.82Garoozis
Maiden of the Moonlight
TP2-023 - $17.27Maiden of the Moonlight
Parrot Dragon
TP2-028 - $8.35Parrot Dragon
Queen of Autumn Leaves
TP2-024 - $15.93Queen of Autumn Leaves
Sky Dragon
TP2-029 - $5.74Sky Dragon
Spirit of the Books
TP2-020 - $2.34Spirit of the Books
Stuffed Animal
TP2-019 - $2.16Stuffed Animal
TP2-022 - $3.18Takuhee
TP2-017 - $5.00Turu-Purun
Two-Headed King Rex
TP2-025 - $0.61Two-Headed King Rex
Water Magician
TP2-030 - $2.39Water Magician

They pushed forward with optimism, never thinking what would happen if they got to the end of these results.