Tournament Pack 5 (TP5)

TCG 20 Cards Released 2004-11-01 $188.14 View in Search

Rare 4 Cards

Bazoo the Soul-Eater
TP5-EN007 - $0.78Bazoo the Soul-Eater
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
TP5-EN006 - $4.24Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Book of Life
TP5-EN008 - $1.97Book of Life
Trap of Board Eraser
TP5-EN009 - $0.25Trap of Board Eraser

Super Rare 4 Cards

Big Shield Gardna
TP5-EN002 - $37.87Big Shield Gardna
Needle Worm
TP5-EN005 - $31.81Needle Worm
Luster Dragon
TP5-EN004 - $27.13Luster Dragon
Magical Thorn
TP5-EN003 - $13.74Magical Thorn

Ultra Rare 1 Cards

Luminous Soldier
TP5-EN001 - $49.02Luminous Soldier

Common 11 Cards

Beastking of the Swamps
TP5-EN014 - $6.28Beastking of the Swamps
Goddess with the Third Eye
TP5-EN010 - $1.64Goddess with the Third Eye
Jowgen the Spiritualist
TP5-EN011 - $1.09Jowgen the Spiritualist
Mystical Sheep #1
TP5-EN016 - $7.57Mystical Sheep #1
Pyramid Turtle
TP5-EN017 - $0.61Pyramid Turtle
Versago the Destroyer
TP5-EN015 - $2.83Versago the Destroyer
Winged Sage Falcos
TP5-EN019 - $0.20Winged Sage Falcos
Tornado Bird
TP5-EN012 - $0.21Tornado Bird
Dark Designator
TP5-EN020 - $0.20Dark Designator
Curse of Royal
TP5-EN018 - $0.40Curse of Royal
Destruction Punch
TP5-EN013 - $0.30Destruction Punch

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