Pharaoh's Servant (PSV)

TCG 116 Cards Released 2002-10-20 $119.85 View in Search

Ultra Rare 10 Cards

Buster Blader
PSV-050 - $10.72Buster Blader
Goblin Attack Force
PSV-094 - $3.79Goblin Attack Force
The Fiend Megacyber
PSV-100 - $2.08The Fiend Megacyber
The Legendary Fisherman
PSV-076 - $4.00The Legendary Fisherman
Thousand-Eyes Restrict
PSV-084 - $8.10Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Beast of Talwar
PSV-103 - $1.54Beast of Talwar
Premature Burial
PSV-037 - $7.10Premature Burial
Call of the Haunted
PSV-012 - $10.23Call of the Haunted
PSV-030 - $1.84Ceasefire
Chain Destruction
PSV-006 - $1.48Chain Destruction

Super Rare 10 Cards

Gearfried the Iron Knight
PSV-101 - $0.70Gearfried the Iron Knight
Parasite Paracide
PSV-003 - $0.61Parasite Paracide
Fairy Meteor Crush
PSV-063 - $0.50Fairy Meteor Crush
Limiter Removal
PSV-064 - $0.96Limiter Removal
Nobleman of Crossout
PSV-034 - $5.82Nobleman of Crossout
Backup Soldier
PSV-028 - $0.49Backup Soldier
Dust Tornado
PSV-011 - $4.25Dust Tornado
PSV-008 - $1.24Graverobber
Magical Hats
PSV-033 - $2.29Magical Hats
Mirror Wall
PSV-016 - $0.73Mirror Wall

Rare 17 Cards

Hayabusa Knight
PSV-086 - $0.31Hayabusa Knight
Mad Sword Beast
PSV-091 - $0.23Mad Sword Beast
Vampire Baby
PSV-090 - $1.00Vampire Baby
Morphing Jar #2
PSV-040 - $0.40Morphing Jar #2
PSV-069 - $0.16Dimensionhole
Monster Recovery
PSV-066 - $0.22Monster Recovery
Nobleman of Extermination
PSV-035 - $0.67Nobleman of Extermination
PSV-039 - $1.24Prohibition
The Shallow Grave
PSV-036 - $0.46The Shallow Grave
PSV-024 - $0.17Appropriate
Forced Requisition
PSV-025 - $0.25Forced Requisition
Gravity Bind
PSV-073 - $0.61Gravity Bind
Lightforce Sword
PSV-005 - $0.19Lightforce Sword
Magic Drain
PSV-071 - $0.30Magic Drain
PSV-051 - $0.74Michizure
PSV-067 - $0.24Shift
Skull Invitation
PSV-056 - $0.34Skull Invitation

Secret Rare 2 Cards

PSV-000 - $30.61Jinzo
Imperial Order
PSV-104 - $1.61Imperial Order

Short Print 12 Cards

PSV-046 - $0.00Kiseitai
Sword Hunter
PSV-077 - $0.00Sword Hunter
Bombardment Beetle
PSV-087 - $0.00Bombardment Beetle
PSV-089 - $0.00Gradius
Island Turtle
PSV-095 - $0.00Island Turtle
Thousand-Eyes Idol
PSV-083 - $0.00Thousand-Eyes Idol
Gift of The Mystical Elf
PSV-009 - $0.00Gift of The Mystical Elf
Minor Goblin Official
PSV-052 - $0.00Minor Goblin Official
Numinous Healer
PSV-023 - $0.00Numinous Healer
Solemn Wishes
PSV-055 - $0.00Solemn Wishes
The Eye of Truth
PSV-010 - $0.00The Eye of Truth
Time Seal
PSV-007 - $0.00Time Seal

Common 65 Cards

Deepsea Warrior
PSV-079 - $0.12Deepsea Warrior
Drill Bug
PSV-078 - $0.11Drill Bug
Invitation to a Dark Sleep
PSV-082 - $0.09Invitation to a Dark Sleep
PSV-EN046 - $0.36Kiseitai
Sword Hunter
PSV-EN077 - $0.24Sword Hunter
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
PSV-088 - $0.134-Starred Ladybug of Doom
Bite Shoes
PSV-080 - $0.09Bite Shoes
Bombardment Beetle
PSV-EN087 - $0.16Bombardment Beetle
Bubonic Vermin
PSV-057 - $0.16Bubonic Vermin
Cyber Falcon
PSV-047 - $0.10Cyber Falcon
Dark Bat
PSV-058 - $0.10Dark Bat
Darkfire Soldier #1
PSV-043 - $0.10Darkfire Soldier #1
Darkfire Soldier #2
PSV-045 - $0.13Darkfire Soldier #2
PSV-099 - $0.07Dokuroyaiba
Flame Champion
PSV-041 - $0.19Flame Champion
Flying Kamakiri #2
PSV-048 - $0.17Flying Kamakiri #2
Girochin Kuwagata
PSV-085 - $0.07Girochin Kuwagata
PSV-EN089 - $0.42Gradius
Island Turtle
PSV-EN095 - $0.37Island Turtle
Mr. Volcano
PSV-044 - $0.12Mr. Volcano
Oni Tank T-34
PSV-059 - $0.14Oni Tank T-34
PSV-060 - $0.15Overdrive
Science Soldier
PSV-097 - $0.17Science Soldier
Skull Mariner
PSV-092 - $0.17Skull Mariner
Sky Scout
PSV-049 - $0.25Sky Scout
Souls of the Forgotten
PSV-098 - $0.15Souls of the Forgotten
PSV-081 - $0.17Spikebot
Steel Ogre Grotto #2
PSV-001 - $0.11Steel Ogre Grotto #2
The All-Seeing White Tiger
PSV-093 - $0.13The All-Seeing White Tiger
Thousand-Eyes Idol
PSV-EN083 - $0.49Thousand-Eyes Idol
Three-Headed Geedo
PSV-002 - $0.09Three-Headed Geedo
Twin-Headed Fire Dragon
PSV-042 - $0.10Twin-Headed Fire Dragon
PSV-096 - $0.14Wingweaver
7 Completed
PSV-004 - $0.157 Completed
Burning Land
PSV-061 - $0.16Burning Land
Cold Wave
PSV-062 - $0.51Cold Wave
Ground Collapse
PSV-070 - $0.18Ground Collapse
Insect Barrier
PSV-102 - $0.16Insect Barrier
Insect Imitation
PSV-068 - $0.16Insect Imitation
PSV-038 - $0.23Inspection
Rain of Mercy
PSV-065 - $0.12Rain of Mercy
Armored Glass
PSV-019 - $0.09Armored Glass
Attack and Receive
PSV-054 - $0.08Attack and Receive
DNA Surgery
PSV-026 - $0.65DNA Surgery
Driving Snow
PSV-018 - $0.06Driving Snow
PSV-014 - $0.14Earthshaker
Enchanted Javelin
PSV-015 - $0.23Enchanted Javelin
PSV-053 - $0.15Gamble
Gift of The Mystical Elf
PSV-EN009 - $0.30Gift of The Mystical Elf
PSV-017 - $0.07Gust
Infinite Dismissal
PSV-072 - $0.08Infinite Dismissal
Light of Intervention
PSV-031 - $0.20Light of Intervention
Major Riot
PSV-029 - $0.12Major Riot
Metal Detector
PSV-022 - $0.04Metal Detector
Minor Goblin Official
PSV-EN052 - $0.19Minor Goblin Official
Mystic Probe
PSV-021 - $0.09Mystic Probe
Respect Play
PSV-032 - $0.15Respect Play
Shadow of Eyes
PSV-075 - $0.13Shadow of Eyes
Solemn Wishes
PSV-EN055 - $0.64Solemn Wishes
Solomon's Lawbook
PSV-013 - $0.06Solomon's Lawbook
The Eye of Truth
PSV-EN010 - $0.21The Eye of Truth
The Regulation of Tribe
PSV-027 - $0.12The Regulation of Tribe
Time Seal
PSV-EN007 - $0.39Time Seal
Type Zero Magic Crusher
PSV-074 - $0.11Type Zero Magic Crusher
World Suppression
PSV-020 - $0.10World Suppression

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