Nordic Reincarnation

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Odin, Father of the Aesir
Submission Date: February 24th 2021
Author: RedEyesCommando
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I have 3 strategies that need Nordic Lights

Thor: Play tanngrisnir or tanngnjostr face-down and save from destruction. Switch to atk and special summon guldfaxe (I thought it was pronounced Gold-fax-e) and summon other nordic beast and synchro

Loki: Play mara and synchro using alviss and ljosalf for Loki. Keep some nordics in gy in case of death.

Odin: Play valkyrie and send 2 traps to gy for tokens and synchro for Odin.

If you play all 3 (In that order) make sure to special summon jormungardr and fenrir (In defense) and keep gy loaded

Toggle Deck List
MonsterSvartalf of the Nordic Alfar x2
Tyr of the Nordic Champions x2
Guldfaxe of the Nordic Beasts x2
Alviss of the Nordic Alfar x2
Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar x2
Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant x2
Garmr of the Nordic Beasts x2
Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts x2
Tanngnjostr of the Nordic Beasts x3
Mara of the Nordic Alfar x2
Mimir of the Nordic Ascendant x2
Valkyrie of the Nordic Ascendant x2
Dverg of the Nordic Alfar x2
Jormungardr the Nordic Serpent x1
Fenrir the Nordic Wolf x1
SpellsThe Nordic Lights x2
Nordic Relic Draupnir x1
Gotterdammerung x2
March Towards Ragnarok x1
TrapsGleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir x2
Nordic Relic Brisingamen x2
Nordic Relic Laevateinn x2
Odin's Eye x1
Divine Relic Mjollnir x1
Nordic Relic Gungnir x1
Nordic Relic Megingjord x1
ExtraOdin, Father of the Aesir x3
Thor, Lord of the Aesir x3
Loki, Lord of the Aesir x3
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When it comes to cards, I am a King. (No gods cuz' what are we, Gladiator Beasts??) # Infernity 4 life and @ignister is a cybernetic superstar. Also, Sylvio needs more spotlight time. Some duelists (Like Alito) are under appreciated. Girag is awesome. (Mainly because of ponta, the spirit of his mythirian number-pon!) Also, most people think Morphtronics are useless, right? WRONG!!! They are quite useful with power tool and life stream dragon. Archetype Blendies make me sick unless the archetype combination make sense.

4 thoughts on “Nordic Reincarnation

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    February 24, 2021 at 6:36 pm



    I forgot Gullveig! sorry

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    February 24, 2021 at 8:06 pm



    I do have some suggestions of cards you could include, but since you listed it as an anime deck I guess you want to keep the entire deck purely archetypal?

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    February 24, 2021 at 9:02 pm



    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: YES!!!! In case i forgot, i couldn’t find those “God Shackles” Halldor mentioned and forgot about gullveig.

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    April 28, 2021 at 12:35 pm



    Personally, I only blend archetypes when the combo makes sense

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