New Warrior Deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Des Koala
Submission Date: October 21st 2021
Author: TJ Abaddon
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MonsterHyena x3
Des Koala x1
Rampaging Rhynos x3
Sword Hunter x2
Elemental HERO Bladedge x1
Penumbral Soldier Lady x1
Gearfried the Iron Knight x3
SpellsPoison of the Old Man x2
Enemy Controller x1
Soul Release x1
Raigeki x1
Monster Reborn x1
Upstart Goblin x1
Prohibition x1
Wave-Motion Cannon x2
Ground Collapse x2
TrapsNegate Attack x2
Judgment of Anubis x1
Threatening Roar x3
Success Probability 0% x1
Michizure x2
Sakuretsu Armor x3
Magic Cylinder x1
Adhesion Trap Hole x3

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