Mythics Sphinxs deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Exxod, Master of The Guard
TCG/OCG: ocg
Submission Date: February 9th 2019
Author: sam50
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"Pyramid of Light" allows "Andro" and "Teleia" to be Special Summoned at a cost of 500 LP each, creating strong beat-sticks for no Tribute. While they can't attack the turn they are Summoned, they are strong enough to weather most attacks and survive until they can. Their effects allow them to inflict additional damage as well as that incurred by their sizable ATK points. These monsters cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard, so you will need to stop them from getting destroyed by your opponent's card effect


"Triamid", known as "Tramid" (Toramiddo) in the OCG is an archetype of EARTH Rock monsters that debuted in The Dark Illusion.



Toggle Deck List
MonsterAndro Sphinx x3
Chronomaly Winged Sphinx x3
Criosphinx x3
Exxod, Master of The Guard x3
Guardian Sphinx x3
Hieracosphinx x3
Sphinx Teleia x3
Theinen the Great Sphinx x3
Triamid Sphinx x3
Triamid Dancer x3
Triamid Hunter x3
Triamid Master x3
SpellsTriamid Cruiser x3
Triamid Fortress x3
Triamid Kingolem x3
TrapsTriamid Pulse x3
Dimension Sphinx x3
Pyramid of Light x3
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"Number" (Japanese: No. Nanbāzu, "Numbers") is an archetype of Xyz Monsters that are the focus of the story in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime and manga series. Each "Number" monster has a corresponding natural number included at the start of its name after "Number" (and occasionally a letter, such as C).

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