My Virtual World

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu
Submission Date: May 17th 2021
Author: nemhem773
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  • Always send Qinglong to grave when possible, to search card
  • Always send Niangniang to grave when possible, to special summon her late

Easiest combo :

  • Have one 6 stars and three 3 stars on the field ( 1 tuner 6 stars, and 1 tuner 3 stars ). Level up 3 stars for a 3 stars monster until u got 1 tuner and 1 non-tuner that are 6 stars. Then summon Tzolkin to summon Crystal Wing. Use two remaining 3 stars on the field summon Muddy Dragon, Muddy eff ss use Tzolkin as fusion material, summon Red-Eyes Dark Dragon

=> Final board Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon & Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

Toggle Deck List
MonsterFantastical Dragon Phantazmay x2
Virtual World Kirin - Lili x3
Virtual World Oto-Hime - Toutou x1
Virtual World Roshi - Laolao x3
Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu x3
Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan x2
Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji x3
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Droll & Lock Bird x3
SpellsVirtual World City - Kauwloon x3
Pot of Desires x3
Cosmic Cyclone x2
Called by the Grave x1
Emergency Teleport x1
Virtual World Gate - Qinglong x3
TrapsIce Dragon's Prison x2
Virtual World Gate - Chuche x2
Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu x1
Imperial Order x1
ExtraRed-Eyes Dark Dragoon x1
Ultimaya Tzolkin x1
Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen x1
Vermillion Dragon Mech x1
Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys x1
Cloudcastle x1
Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon x1
Virtual World Beast - Jiujiu x1
Coral Dragon x1
Muddy Mudragon x1
Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder x1
Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton x1
Number 39: Utopia Beyond x1
Virtual World Phoenix - Fanfan x1
Number 49: Fortune Tune x1
SideNibiru, the Primal Being x2
Dinowrestler Pankratops x1
Artifact Lancea x1
XX-Saber Gottoms x1
Stardust Charge Warrior x1
Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir x1
Constellar Ptolemy M7 x1
Raigeki x1
Harpie's Feather Duster x1
Dark Ruler No More x1
Dimensional Barrier x2
Anti-Spell Fragrance x1
Id#created by Player x1

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