Multi-language now available in our Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database + Support YGOPRODeck!

I’ve been hard at work these last few months overhauling the back-end of I finished this overhaul two months ago which has allowed me to proceed to the next stage of updates, language support!

So I can now present our Card Database in multiple languages!

The following languages are supported:

  • English (Default)
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Card Language support extends to the following areas on the database:

  • Advanced Card Search Page
  • Card Information Page
  • Random Card Search button
Example of searching in French

A default language of your choice can be set in the settings page.

On the advanced card database page you can change language using the drop-down language selector.

Language drop-down box

This automatically creates a new search in the language you have selected. This will also reduce the card-pool as the OCG exclusive cards (which we have translated into only English) will be omitted. There are also a couple of cards we are missing in general for translated languages but each language still contains over 9000 cards. This then updates the hyperlink to bring you to a translated card information page. An example French URL is:

Some notes:

  • The top level search bar is not yet language specific. More work needs to be done for this.
  • Card Images are not translated. This may be changed down the line but for now we only hold 1 card image for a card.
  • Similar Cards and Counter Cards hyperlinks are in English still. These scripts both need to be re-worked to work with additional languages.

You can track progress of this new feature over on github.

Support YGOPRODeck

I’ve also introduced an option to allow ads on our Card Database.

You can allow ads on the Database by setting the ads drop-down here to Ads On. This sets a variable in your local storage web browser to allow ads. As such, this is device specific and is wiped if you clear your session data.

By default, ads will always be disabled on our Card Database. This includes ad network requests.

We have ads off by default as a thank you to those who use without an ad-blocker.

For those who wish to support us further and hasten development of feautres in our card database, then we offer the ability to turn ads on in the database.

As a rule, only 1 ad per page will be enabled and it will only be enabled on the following pages:

  • Card Info Pages
  • Advanced Card Search
  • Pack Opening Simulator
  • Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution Card Lookup
Example of allowing ads on the Card Database
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