Millennium Format Core Set Part 1

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Dark Magician
Submission Date: May 19th 2020
Author: meepmoto27
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The Millennium Format is a new way to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Aiming to capture the power level and feeling of the anime and Speed Duels while being guided by strict design principles, Millennium Format is a much more retro way to play the game.

To find more info on the format, join our discord!

This is the first part of the cardpool for the Millennium Format Core Set.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterDoom Shaman x1
Dark Valkyria x1
Gemini Lancer x1
Knight Day Grepher x1
Future Samurai x1
Blazewing Butterfly x1
Lucky Pied Piper x1
Goggle Golem x1
Blue-Eyes White Dragon x1
Seiyaryu x1
The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave x1
Kaiser Sea Horse x1
Element Dragon x1
Twin-Headed Behemoth x1
Exploder Dragon x1
Red-Eyes B. Dragon x1
Meteor Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon x1
Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact x1
Red-Eyes Retro Dragon x1
Black Metal Dragon x1
Black Dragon's Chick x1
Paladin of White Dragon x1
Paladin of Dark Dragon x1
Dark Magician x1
Trance the Magic Swordsman x1
Dark Magician Girl x1
Defender, the Magical Knight x1
Blast Magician x1
Blue Dragon Summoner x1
Legion the Fiend Jester x1
Copycat x1
Summoned Skull x1
Buster Blader x1
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight x1
Curse of Dragonfire x1
Obnoxious Celtic Guard x1
Kuriboh x1
Black Luster Soldier x1
Magician of Black Chaos x1
SpellsGearbreed x1
Supervise x1
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade x1
Order to Charge x1
Dark Dragon Ritual x1
White Dragon Ritual x1
Stamping Destruction x1
Sage's Stone x1
Thousand Knives x1
Dark Magic Twin Burst x1
One-Shot Wand x1
Spell Wall x1
Black Magic Ritual x1
Black Luster Ritual x1
Spiral Spear Strike x1
Multiply x1
Mystic Box x1
TrapsRed-Eyes Spirit x1
Magical Hats x1
Lightforce Sword x1
ExtraSky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion x1
XY-Dragon Cannon x1
XZ-Tank Cannon x1
YZ-Tank Dragon x1
XYZ-Dragon Cannon x1
VW-Tiger Catapult x1
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon x1
B. Skull Dragon x1
Meteor B. Dragon x1
Five-Headed Dragon x1
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x1
Dark Paladin x1
Dragon Master Knight x1
SideX-Head Cannon x1
Y-Dragon Head x1
Z-Metal Tank x1
V-Tiger Jet x1
W-Wing Catapult x1
Leng Ling x1
Union Hangar x1
Frontline Base x1
Unauthorized Reactivation x1
Machine King Prototype x1
Machine King x1
Sergeant Electro x1
Helping Robo for Combat x1
Nanobreaker x1
Cyber Raider x1
Id#created by meepmoto27 x1
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A self-styled scholar with a minor in history. I played the game from its beginnings until 2008 and started again in summer of 2015. Since then I have been devouring as much Yu-Gi-Oh! history and theory as I can and hope to share that knowledge with all of you!

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