Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Schuberta the Melodious Maestra
Submission Date: August 25th 2020
Author: chaoticshrew
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Melody testing

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MonsterSolo the Melodious Songstress x3
Sonata the Melodious Diva x3
Opera the Melodious Diva x3
Serenade the Melodious Diva x3
Mozarta the Melodious Maestra x3
Shopina the Melodious Maestra x3
Elegy the Melodious Diva x2
Aria the Melodious Diva x3
Wingweaver x3
SpellsPolymerization x3
Fortissimo x3
TrapsSpirit Barrier x1
Coffin Seller x1
Melodious Illusion x3
Gift of the Mystical Elf x3
ExtraSchuberta the Melodious Maestra x2
Bloom Prima the Melodious Choir x2
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