Maya-Eventually It’ll Be Your Turn-Kashi

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Yuki-Onna, the Absolute Zero Mayakashi
Submission Date: October 27th 2021
Author: Unyubaby
YGOPRODeck File Download

Get Dakki and Hajun/Yuki-Musume out on the field and Synchro until you can't anymore, then Link into Yuki-onna (L2).

If you have Yasha in your hand you can then SS them to Link to the bigger Yuki (L4) with Dakki, Yuki, and Yasha.

REZD is moreso just filler and a card I've used in every Zombie deck since it came out, so you don't have to use them.
Vampire Fraulein is a good defensive option and can make going into L4 Yuki-onna easier if Yasha isn't available.
Doesn't really have answers to everything, but that's why it's a casual deck.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterYasha, the Skeletal Mayakashi x3
Shafu, the Wheeled Mayakashi x3
Dakki, the Graceful Mayakashi x3
Tsukahagi, the Poisonous Mayakashi x3
Hajun, the Winged Mayakashi x3
Yuki-Musume, the Ice Mayakashi x2
Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon x1
Vampire Fraulein x2
SpellsBook of Life x2
Mayakashi Return x2
Mayakashi Winter x2
Ghost Meets Girl - A Mayakashi's Manuscript x2
Zombie Necronize x2
Zombie Power Struggle x2
TrapsMayakashi Mayhem x2
Mayakashi Metamorphosis x2
Return of the Zombies x2
Haunted Shrine x2
ExtraRed-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon x1
Gashadokuro, the Skeletal Mayakashi x2
Yoko, the Graceful Mayakashi x2
Tengu, the Winged Mayakashi x2
Tsuchigumo, the Poisonous Mayakashi x2
Oboro-Guruma, the Wheeled Mayakashi x2
Yuki-Onna, the Ice Mayakashi x2
Yuki-Onna, the Absolute Zero Mayakashi x2
SideSynchronized Realm x1
Rivalry of Warlords x1

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