Marincess Deck Updated (July 2020)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Marincess Blue Tang
Submission Date: July 29th 2020
Author: GhostOgreTV
YGOPRODeck File Download

Marincess Deck focused on turboing Marincess Wonder Heart under Battle Ocean and Crystal Heart, making it basically immortal.


Toggle Deck List
MonsterGameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju x2
Marincess Blue Tang x3
Marincess Pascalus x3
Marincess Sea Horse x3
Sea Archiver x2
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Marincess Mandarin x2
SpellsCynet Mining x3
Pot of Avarice x3
Cosmic Cyclone x3
Called by the Grave x2
Marincess Battle Ocean x2
TrapsMarincess Wave x3
White Howling x3
Solemn Judgment x3
ExtraAbyss Dweller x1
Number 47: Nightmare Shark x1
Marincess Wonder Heart x1
Marincess Marbled Rock x2
Marincess Coral Anemone x1
Update Jammer x1
Splash Mage x1
Marincess Crystal Heart x2
Marincess Blue Slug x2
Marincess Sea Angel x2
SideNibiru, the Primal Being x3
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x3
Lightning Storm x3
Dark Ruler No More x3
Infinite Impermanence x3
Id#created by GhostOgreTV x1
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