MAGO: Wallet-Friendly Reprints

Maximum Gold or MAGO is just right around the corner! How about we take a look and explore some of the neat reprints that are nice for your wallet. Most of the cards listed here were driving crazy prices before this! For convenience’s sake, let’s have a quick rundown of what are the ones to look out for that were previously costly.

Feel free to look at the full setlist here.

Gate of Babylon

Anti-Magic Arrows starts the MAGO reprint train on a high note! This card has popped up every now and then competitively for its devastating effect that can trample control decks!

At the small price of losing your Battle Phase, you disable all their Spell / Trap-related threats with no worries. A good tool to have when dealing with the likes of Subterror, Eldlich, Altergeist, heavy trap Invoked Dogmatika variants and many more. While it may not completely win on its own, it helps a lot in picking apart their board.

Unlike many other Spell / Trap hate, AMA shines in the fact that neither player can respond to it. With this in mind, traditional ways of stopping it such as Solemn Judgment won’t work at all.
In a pinch, it can also stop Evenly Matched if your opponent tries to blindly enter the Battle Phase. As a result, they’re also locked out of Spells and Traps for the rest of the turn as a bonus.

Caution must be exercised though, as you’ll also be locked out for the turn after you use it.

Harpie’s Feather Duster is also in the set if you need a cleaner option in your arsenal.

Golden Arrival

Eldlich himself joins the party, shinier than ever! This is good news for anyone who wanted to pick the deck up, as Golden Lord sold for wallet-breaking prices.

Whether it be its own deck or an engine, the Golden Lord remains one of the best contenders in the meta. The core is splashable in almost anything! Examples include Invoked, Ancient Warriors, Dogmatika, or even Synchro Piles.

Reprinting Eld serves as a way to make it accessible to players at the end of the day. A surprise for sure, but a welcome one at that.

Dragonmaids at your Service!

The playerbase can now rejoice as these two pricey Dragonmaid cards will now be affordable! Kitchen and Nurse were demanding outrageous prices, and the MAGO printing will serve as a nice way to make it more accessible.

Kitchen is one of the most important monsters, allowing high amounts of GY setup and toolboxing with her ability to fetch any Dragonmaid monster. Nurse is part of the many resource loops the deck is capable of and is also a nice recovery target for the grind game!

Feel free to check out this article to find out more about these classy dragons!

Hand Dwellers

Hand traps are an abundance in the set, with the ghost girls, Imperm, Nibiru, Lancea, Droll, Phantazmay, and many more.

All of these cards have good utility and are always reliable choices to get that can fit in many decks. While some of them don’t shine in certain formats, their high applicability makes them timeless additions.

Ghost Belle is an underrated pick that can go in hard against some of the more popular decks and cards right now. Belle griefs Prank-Kids, Zoo, VW, Eldlich, and Ice Dragon’s Prison for example.

Impermanence in particular, who has been leading the highest price out of these bunch, should hopefully see a cost down for the aspiring duelist wanting to get their hands on it.

Nibiru, Ash, and Droll are also great to have, as they’ve been ranging in an awkward territory in terms of your wallet’s health.

Old Faces

Mirage and Hootcake reached dizzying prices and could only be found in old print sets.

Stormwinds is the priciest of the statues and only showed up in Cyberdark Impact. All the other statues also join it as nice choices depending on the attribute of your deck.

Mirage is a strong extender and that can be abused by going into Saryuja Skull Dread. After doing that, you pivot into Hundred-Eyes Dragon to banish it and copy its effect for more summons! That’s not all, Leviair the Sea Dragon is then another follow up that can loop Mirage yet again! Infernity fans have something to look forward to with new support on the way!

Hootcake is a neat combo piece that goes hand in hand with the rest of the Madolches. After MAGO, the deck becomes a strong budget option that can go toe to toe with the meta.

Fan Favorite Xyzs!

MAGO continues to deliver with these funky Xyz monsters included in the set!

Toadally Awesome was quite the Secret Rare that wasn’t the easiest to get, only being in INOV and MP17. A number of decks that have access to level 4 water monsters can get results out of the BahaToad play. Examples include Fluffal, Plunder, or Water Good Stuff.

Its own native deck likes it, making Paleozoic Frogs a lot more affordable for people who want to try these level two lads out.

Zoodiac Chakanine is a powerful piece of the Zoo deck. Chakanine’s key trait is that its revival effect is only a soft once per turn, so you’re able to go through multiple and go to town on the opponent!

Beatrice is a staple of the Burning Abyss strategy, which has been given some nice buffs with the semi-limiting of both Cir and Graff, plus TGU being put to three.

Virtual World Units

Stardust Charge Warrior and Utopia Beyond can be used in some decks, but their true calling lies in Virtual World.

SCW is a simple Level 6 non-tuner Synchro for VW. The free draw is a nice bonus when climbing into bigger plays. It pairs well with Ravenous Crocosaur for another extra draw while going into VFD.

Utopia Beyond is one of the deck’s finest Rank 6 choices. It allows crazy OTK pushes and beats over nearly anything thanks to its first effect.

You can soon get these two for a relatively cheap price in MAGO! They were not only hard to get but expensive too.


And that about does it for our review on some of the killer reprints you’ll be able to find in Maximum Gold! There’s still a lot more we haven’t got to talk about, but it may be better if you check it out for yourself!

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    last time i checked TCGplayer, imperm was like $25. Still cheaper than the other printings

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    Nice. I have opened heaps of these packs from prizes from tournaments and WOW they are some good cards.

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