Magic at the making

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic
Submission Date: September 28th 2019
Author: eonweazu256
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Use the magic

Toggle Deck List
MonsterArcanite Magician/Assault Mode x1
Endymion, the Master Magician x2
Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic x2
Reflection of Endymion x2
Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior x1
Disenchanter x1
Kiwi Magician Girl x1
The Tricky x2
Breaker the Magical Warrior x1
Chocolate Magician Girl x1
Crusader of Endymion x2
White Wing Magician x2
Apple Magician Girl x1
Magister of Endymion x2
Rogue of Endymion x2
Servant of Endymion x2
Arcane Apprentice x1
Lemon Magician Girl x1
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy x1
Berry Magician Girl x1
SpellsPolymerization x2
Spellbook Library of the Crescent x1
Spellbook Library of the Heliosphere x1
Spellbook of Knowledge x1
Spellbook of Miracles x1
Spellbook of Power x1
Spellbook of the Master x1
The Claw of Hermos x1
Magical Citadel of Endymion x2
The Grand Spellbook Tower x1
Bound Wand x1
One-Shot Wand x1
Spellbook of Life x1
Wonder Wand x1
Endymion's Lab x2
Spellbook Star Hall x1
Spellbook of Fate x1
Spellbook of Judgment x1
Spellbook of Wisdom x1
TrapsAssault Mode Activate x1
Hidden Spellbook x1
Pitch-Black Power Stone x2
ExtraQuintet Magician x1
Supreme Arcanite Magician x1
Time Magic Hammer x1
Nirvana High Paladin x1
Enlightenment Paladin x1
Arcanite Magician x1
Ebon High Magician x1
Alchemic Magician x1
Performage Trapeze Magician x1
Day-Breaker the Shining Magical Warrior x1
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